Title: Countdown

Pairing: FredLysanderDominique

Notes: Sorry I've been away for a while - I haven't posted anything new in weeks! However, I am back, with an onslaught of poetry and one-shot-shaped angst-fests so... I hope you enjoy, and on with the show!

Fred Weasley II

10. Come now, Freddie dear. Chin up; it's all a matter

9. of opinion, after all, and you've always had those

8. haven't you, my darling? Don't lie, Freddie dear.

7. All you have is your pride and...

6. your name; Fred Weasley the second.

5. Though, when you're with him,

4. names just don't matter.

3. How could they,

2. Weasley and

1. Weasley?



Dominique Weasley

10. Come now, Dom dear. Don't be afraid of the dark.

9. Don't hide away from the world, under your bed,

8. where you think the monsters can't reach you.

7. Your prince is locked in the closet;

6. your teddy bear can't defend you.

5. The monsters of the cupboard

4. are coming out, out!

3. Don't blink, dear...

2. They'll catch

1. you.



Lysander Scamander

10. Come now, Ly. Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

9. With its jaws and claws that'll rip you apart;

8. tear you limb from limb, and love it.

7. After all, Little Red Riding Hood is...

6. indisposed, and the huntsman can't help.

5. Choose, little one, or you'll

4. get eaten; what's the

3. time, Mr Wolf?

2. It's decision

1. time.