Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at a fan thoughts would be appreciated.I always have ideas but i don't really know how to create so in the end i'd thought i'd give it ago. This story is slight au and will have one pairing but i,m tossing between two characters at the acrobaleno are all in their adult forms but they still will be the holders of the thanx to anyone that gives this ago.

I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn it's all done by the genuis Amano akira.

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Chapter one.

Reborn knew something wasn't right when he got to the Sawada residence.

To an normal person looking at the household it looked totally normal,a normal night time,where the house was quiet and looking peaceful. But no Reborn wasn't normal-he was the world's greatest hitman, and his senses were telling him that something bad had happened.

Rushing through the gate he made his way to the front door, grasping onto the handle, once again his hitman senses picked up-since when did Nana leave it unlocked,especially at midnight.

Now normally Reborn wouldn't visit this late at night,he was actually supposed to go to the house tomorrow but while he was in his hotel room something was telling him he had to go to the Sawada residence and when Reborn has a feeling he knows not to ignore it.

Entering into the house he came upon three things. 1. it was dark was too quiet and lastly there was a high scent of blood in the air.

"Leon" Reborn called his trusted chameleon who was perched on his fedora,Leon knowing what his master wanted turned himself into a CZ75 1ST gun,Reborn silently walked through the house being mindful of potential threats,uponing arriving at the kitchen he couldn't believe it-no his mind knew there was going to be a casualty,with all the blood he could smell and see,his years of expereince told him it was going to be too late, but in his heart he was hoping for a different outcome.

Laying on the floor in a pile of blood was one Nana Sawada,shot at point blank range.

Cruel world Reborn thought Nana was too kind to deserve this.

Reborn's alert levels were now on high, if Nana was shot there was a good chance that Yume Sawada was shot.

Feeling a hostile presence to his left,Reborn immediatly took a shot toward the kitchen pantry.

"Argh" someone screamed,

"You have 3 seconds to come out before i start putting more bullets in your body" Reborn growled.

Slowly the grunt crawled out, afterall Reborn had just shot his kneecap.

"Name your reason's for being here?" Reborn demanded.

"Why should i tell you,your just gonna kill me anyway"

"Why yes,but it depends if you want to die quickly,or if you want to do it slowly~afterall you should know who i am?Reborn replied while he shot the man in the other kneecap.

"argh!f..k b...d!

"Now answer me,"

"Fine, i knew this was a sucide mission from the start,my mission was to wait for the Vongola heir to come out of hiding"

"Carry on," Reborn glared at the man,his patience was running thin, if what this man was implying then Yume was still alive.

"Our Boss ordered the attack on the residence to kill the heir, but when we got here the mother had already hid the child somewhere, so we tried to get the information from her but she refused so she was shot, i was told to stay behind and wait for the child to come out of hiding and finish the kill, but..."

"But you didn't plan for me arriving."Reborn finished.

"Yes,well we were told that the child was unprotected"laughed the man

"Well i thank you for the information"Reborn said sarcastically and shot the man dead.

Reborn quickly headed up the stairs,calling out for her,"Yume,Yume,can you hear me it's Uncle Reborn"

Reborn headed to the child's bedroom,it had been turned over where the men were trying to locate her.

"Yume it's Uncle Reborn,your safe now,come out"He pleaded in a soft tone.

"Uncle Reborn" cried a small voice.

Turing to the direction of the voice Reborn saw it was coming from the wall,

Reborn made his way to a picture on the wall of the Sawada the picture off Reborn saw a high level security look, good thinking Iemitsu,you knew to keep her safe.

After managing to open it, the wall opened revealing a door, and another through this one,the door opened up and there sat Yume.

"Yume,"Reborn whispered,

Looking up the small five year old girl, with brown soft locks to her shoulders and big brown eyes that were normally warm and brown,but were now dull and tired from crying too much.

"Uncle Reborn," she cried and jumped into his arms,"sniff... sniff...i was so scarred Uncle Reborn,"

"Shh,shh"he whispered whilst rubbing her back, " didn't i tell you i would always protect you."

Nodding she buried herself into Reborns chest."okaa san" she cried.

"I'm sorry Yume, your Mama has gone,"

"sniff sniff,Mamaaaaaaaa!" she wailed whilst crying so hard that Reborn's Armani suit had become soaked.

Picking her up, Reborn kept her close to his chest," keep your eyes closed Yume,do you understand, no matter what don't open them."Feeling a nod,Reborn walked out of the room and heading downstairs,than out of the door.

Picking his phone out of the pocket he dialed his Bosses number.

"Hello Reborn,what can i do for you?Asked Vongola Nono on the other line.

"Nono,Vongola is going to war"