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Chapter 14.

Nono sighed, never in all his 70 years of living has he seen this much destruction in the mansion and he's lived through 2 generations of Vongola plus all the attacks and attempted assassinations that he knows are well in the three digits and not to mention that one time Brow Nie decided to bake brownies.

Looking at the damage reports that began piling on his desk he sighed again and rubbed his temples,the reports stated.

25 maids injured,

60 subordinates injured

all 6 of his guardians injured,

2 children injured

over 3 million euro's worth of damages on the property and that list is still growing,

sighing for a third time he put the report down and took a long sip of his whiskey, he only had one thought running through his mind and that was when Yume takes over as Decimo he is definitely not going to be around for this carnage, afterall this damage only happened after the meeting of one Mukuro Rokudo Mist guardian and Hibari Kyoya cloud guardian.

Flashback to earlier that day.

Everyone was sitting at the dining table for breakfast-those attending was all of Nono's guardians,(Nono was currently at Cedef with Iemitsu)Yume,Mukuro,Hayato,Xanxus,Ken and Chikusa.

Since Mukuro has arrived he has began training more with his illusions with Mammon and the three children have joined Hayato and Yume on their school lessons at the felt it would be wise for all the children to feel a strong bond together especially if two were declaring themselves as guardians and also he wanted them to still have some normalcy in their lives so aswell as their mafia lesson they were currently being taught on what other children in private education would receive.

Also Hayato was currently receiving small lessons from Coyote on how to be a responsible right hand man.

"Yume isn't today the day when your guests arrive from Japan for the week?"Inquired Coyote looking over at Yume who was looking at him with a really happy look to her face.

"Yes,"she nodded, "I can't wait to see them again,I miss them so much."

Xanxus and Hayato sat there quietly,they had both heard of Kyo nii and Takeshi many times.

Mukuro on the other hand was confused,"oya oya,who are these Kyo nii and Takeshi,I've never heard of these before"

"They're my best friends from Namimori,Takeshi was in the same class as me and his Papa runs a sushi shop,me and Mama would sometimes get dinner there,it was the best ever,and Kyo nii, he's seven he protects Namimori from all the bad people,he's really strong"she said with a blush as she mentioned Kyoya which didn't go unnoticed by anyone in the room

The adults in the room all thought the same thing oh looks like Yume has a little crush on this Kyoya boy,I hope Iemitsu doesn't realise this.

Xanxus started to feel over protective like a big brother does but he thought he'd watch the boy for now.

Just than a maid enters and announces that Yume's visitors have arrived and are coming up the driveway. Yume squeals and runs pass the maid before anyone can blink.

Hayato like always is next, never letting his beloved Juudaime out of his sight for more than five seconds,"Juuuuuudaaaaaimmmmeeeeeee wait for me!"he screams.

Meanwhile with Kyoya and Takeshi.

The two boys were currently in the black armored limo. Takeshi was looking at the scenery with big curious eyes,never leaving Japan before he was looking at everything with great wonder-it was so different to him,he couldn't believe how different it was to his home.

Meanwhile Kyoya was napping,with his trusted Hibird sitting on his chest,he didn't care what Italy looked liked it was nothing compared to the beauty of Japan and especially his beloved Namimori, he was also tired from having to put up with the herbivore that was in the car with him.

He was glad though that he didn't have to tolerate too many crowds,they went on a private jet and were given a private limo with two bodyguards in the car with them,not that Kyoya thought they needed the two herbivores 's father couldn't leave the shop so Takeshi came alone,Nono and Fon did promise Takeshi would have full protection,and Tsyoshi knew from his days as a freelance hitman that Vongola would keep Takeshi safe. Fon arrived with the boys to Italy but he had to meet with some contacts first so would meet up with the two later at the mansion.

"Nee Kyoya Senpai?"asked Takeshi breaking Kyoya from his nap,he opened his eye to glare at the herbivore,"hn"

"Yume chan,will still think of us as her friends right?"

Kyoya closed his eyes again,stupid herbivore and his herbivore thoughts,Takeshi continued to stare at Kyoya waiting for a response.

"That herbivore doesn't know how to be unkind,"Takeshi smiled,"of course,Senpai,I was silly to even think that."

"Think it again and I'll bite you to death"Takeshi chuckled quietly."ah we're here."

Back At the mansion.

Yume stood in the foyer with Hayato by her right side,when the door opened revealing Kyoya and Takeshi. Yume squealed in delight and ran up to the two,she embraced Takeshi in a hug first,"Maa maa Yume Chan it's nice to see you too,"he said hugging his best friend.

"Hehe Takeshi,I missed you loads,can we play baseball later,oh did you bring any sushi?is your dad training you yet,we have lots of milk in the kitchen..."she rambled in excitement.

"Woah slow down there,"he chuckled, "aren't you gonna say hello to Senpai"

Blushing, she mumbled "of course I will but you know he likes his space."

Letting go of Takeshi she walked over to Kyoya who had remained as far away from Takeshi as he could.

"Herbivore"Yume grinned and gave Kyoya a big hug,who once again had an visible blush on his face"Kyo nii,hehe gomen I know you don't like crowding but thank you for coming to see me."

Kyoya ruffled her hair,"hn"

It was at this moment that the other children entered the foyer minus Xanxus. Mukuro feeling his playful side appear decided to let the teasing begin,"Kufufufu looks like the little bunny has tamed a skylark"

Kyoya twitched at the voice,he doesn't know why but somehow his instincts was telling him that the owner of that voice was going to get on his nerves and kyoya always trusts his instincts. Letting go of Yume he looks at said owner of the voice,"Hn what did you say pineapple?"

Mukuro also twitched at the name calling,"Oya I don't see how you can see a pineapple,"

"hn"grunted Kyoya.

Before anyone could blink Kyoya and Mukuro had both whipped out their weapons ready to attack each other when a voice interrupts them,"oi trash?" everyone whips round to see Xanxus on the stairs.

"Yume,Dino's on the phone for you" Xanxus says.

Yume nods ,"ah ok Xan Nii i'll go and speak to him,"Turning to the others,"wait right here" and she scuttles of into the mansion,Xanxus seeing that she is well out-of-the-way speaks to the group,"Trash now you can fight"

And thus the two boys lunged for each other,trident hitting tonfa.

"I'll bite you to death herbivore!"

"Oya are you gay?"

A twitch of one of Kyoya's eyes showed his annoyance,he pulled his other arm forward and aimed a tonfa at Mukuro's head,only to be blocked by Mukuro's arm.

"kufufufufu,did I hit a nerve birdie."

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