The Ghost In The Machine

Click, Click, Click

Her fingers flew across the keyboard, she was in, she had him exactly where she wanted him, his whole career was in her hands and he could not stop her none of them could stop her; she was the ghost in the machine. To them she was invisible a dark power that no one wanted to recognize but could bring them all down with one tap of a key and one click of the mouse. She had no name except the ones that people gave her. She was Ghost to the government officials and the police officers that locked her up for fraud and hacking (or as she liked to call it internet espionage) and then released her to be a spy and monitor the secret workings of the shadier side of the World Wide Web, and she was the Moneymaker to the mob bosses who hired her to crack into the bank and company soft wares in order to grab the money that was hiding behind password encryptions and firewalls. But now she was working on her own project, something that might make her a lot of money or a very powerful enemy. An enemy that was well known in the city of Gotham, an enemy that no one really ever saw but was always there, always lurking in the shadows. She was breaking into the greatest company in Gotham, the company that ran the city almost as well as the mob bosses she worked for.

She sat back in her luxury black leather chair and thought very hard about what she would do with what she was finding out. If she kept it to herself she would only gain one thing self-preservation if the mob bosses knew what she knew then they would torture maybe even kill her in order to find out, no not maybe they would kill her after she told them it would be a bullet to the temple for her all her hard work. But if she told the bosses she would be on the wrong side of the shadow she was trying to avoid, true if she told the bosses they could protect her but with the way the bosses were having their thugs and even themselves, beaten to a pulp by the shadow she was not so sure. They would also pay her handsomely even though she did not need it, they already gave her more than enough money; she lived in a small but pretty well furnished apartment, the apartment was not a filthy place but it was no pent house building just nice enough so that she was comfortable but not too nice that she would arouse suspicion. Most people if they were given a small fortune almost every year would be living the high life but not the Ghost, nope; she used almost all of her money on her computer a model that really should not even exist, it was technically a prototype that she bought and put the finishing touches on it herself. It was an engineering marvel, sleek, black, the hard drive of a small super computer, and even an ergonomic keyboard and mouse pad.

No she would not tell anyone, she would keep this a secret from anyone. She went back to her screen her keyboard pad forming to her wrists.

Click, Click, Click

Yes she was hacking into the Wayne Foundations data base. Into the secret life of Gotham cities own Dark Knight.