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CHAPTER5 – Problems never come alone

Next morning the students were shaken awake by their teachers. The sun had just begun to rise, which meant that it was still early, around 5 in the morning.

"Why are we up so early?" asked tiredly Aito.

"For training." grinned at them their Knight teacher.

Everyone's eye widened, but other than a sigh no one complained.

"Great! Now that everyone is up, run 20 rounds around the camp."

"WHAAAT?!" yelled everybody.

"Unless everyone ran these 20 rounds, you won't get any breakfast. Instead everyone will get a punishment. And before you try to cheat, I make Kurosawa responsible for task being carried out. This means she will have to run everybody's remaining rounds. If, for example Mizunashi and Shingetsu cheat with 7-7 rounds, then Miyuki has to run plus 14 rounds."

"WHAAAT?!" yelled everybody once again. Now there was even bigger disbelief.

"Now if you want to have any breakfast, get going. Oh, one more thing. Everybody has to finish their laps in 1 hour or the first one finishing his or her rounds will be punished as well." with that Rin went away leaving 11 gaping, 1 sleeping and 1 glaring student behind.

"W-what s-s-should w-we d-d-d-do?" panicked Miyuki.

"W-well... let's just run." suggested Dan with his brother nodding with sweat already forming on their face.

And with that everybody was running. Aito was the first who finished his laps in 30 minutes. After him came Makoto, Jungo, Aya, Dai and Dan, Amaya, Miyuki, Ayame, Chidori, Kaname and Kenta. They had 6 minutes left and Choji had still 3 laps.

Suddenly Aito run to the nearly collapsing Choji, grabbed his hand and began to pull him. Soon Aya and Makoto helped him as well. After catching her breath Miyuki was about to help them when Rin was suddenly in front of the struggling boys.

"Your time is up. And it looks like he couldn't finish it. Well then... Aito your punishment will be-"

"C-Chotto m-matte, s-s-sensei!" shouted Choji which supprised everybody. "Hah, hah... h-he... hah... j-just h-helped... hah... me! H-he didn't d-do... hah... anything w-wrong! If you has to p-punish s-someone... hah... t-then p-punish... hah.. m-me!"

"What are you talking about Choji?! I couldn't bring you back in time! I'm the one to blame!" shouted Makoto.

"You guys... You are all wrong." said quietly but still hearable someone. They looked at the source of the voice and were surprised to find out it was Miyuki. "I was responsible for everybody here. So I'm the one who should be punished!" finished the said girl.

Before this could turn into an argument Rin spoke up. "Alright. You all have one extra chance." There was a stunned silence and the exorcist continued. "But I'm warning you, it will be very difficult. You can say you don't want to participate, but then you'll get a more difficult task. And so you can't say I was unfair, I'll tell you this: If you fail, you will be dumped from Cram School and it will be forbidden to you to become an Exorcist ever again. So if you don't take this extra chance, raise your hand."

After no one raised his hand the blue-haired knight smiled. "Alright. First of all, let's eat. After breakfast I'll tell you your tasks." And with this everyone went to the camping table and began to eat the already ready food.

-After breakfast-

The students and all of the teachers were sitting at the table. The blue-haired exorcist began explaining to the nervous students.

"As you already realised this forest is home for many low-classed demons. Your task will be to kill 200 of them in 60 minutes. If you're finished come back here."

"Ano, sensei..." began Ayame and Rin looked at her signalling that he was listening to her. "How will you now the amount of the demons we killed?"

"It's good you asked. I will explain it to you." answered Yukio instead of his brother. He got a some thing out of a large case and showed it to them. It was something which looked like a digital wristwatch, just instead of showing the time it showed nothing. "This is a counter. You'll have to put it on your right wrist. With this machine," now he gestured to a computer. To it a pencil was attacked with a wire, "we can read of the counter the amount of demons which were killed by its user. I'll hand out to everybody one and you have to put it immediately up." As he said this he began to hand the counters out to the students who did as they were told and put it up.

After everybody had his counter on they were activated by the strange pencil by just touching the divice to the other one. When everybody had the device activated and their weapon they were sent into the forest. Yukio switched on the computer and checked if everything worked. He looked at the students' current location and was content that they figured the main goal of this test out. They were in small groups who were quickly killing the demons. After all, the teacher hadn't said each one of them has to kill 200 of these demons. They killed 50 as a group. Or so they were trying to do.

Suddenly Yukio's phone began to ring and he quickly answered it.

"WHAT?!" was his sudden answer after listening to what the person on the other end of the line said. "Yes, I understand. I'll tell him." By then all of the teachers were looking at him. Rin was about to ask what was wrong when Yukio answered his unsaid question.

"Amaimon is here. Or at least is on his way. He came because of it again, most likely." With these simple 3 sentences every question were answered for the group.

"Where is he right now?" asked Rin rather calmly.

"He is in the northern part of the forest." answered Yukio.

That said the blue haired exorcist got up from his sitting position and said, "Alright. I'm taking care of this. You take care of the students."

Everybody knowing that everything will be alright just nodded. Yukio went to the computer to look at the students' location. There were 19 red dots and several little black. They knew which dot belonged to who, because the red dot with a white X on it indicated to those who were wearing the counters.13 with the X mark on them were the student's, 5 without it, the teachers' which made 18 red dots. The 19th belonged most likely to Amaimon, Yukio figured. But that wasn't the problem. The problem was the location of this dot. It was very close to a group of esquires.

"Nii-san!" he quickly called out for his brother before he could go too far, thus stopping everyone else in their task. "He's too close to the esquires!"

"What?" exclaimed the whole group of exorcists. Rin quickly made his way towards the younger Okumura and looked at the computer. After 5 seconds he memorized the position of the students and began to ran to save them. He was quickly followed by Yukio and Bon. Shiemi was left behind to wait for the others to return and Izumo went to get the other exorcists-in-training.

Rin was running as he hadn't before when his inhuman hearing picked up a scream. It belonged most likely to Miyuki. He picked up his pace and ran in the direction of the voice.

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