The Snake and the Flower

Hi, my name is Redbayly. I usually write fanfictions for Avatar the Last Airbender, but I've decided to do something a little different. This is one of those 'sister fics' but not in the way you would expect. Now, to wrap this up (no pun intended) I do not own The Mummy.

The Warning

Thebes. City of the Living. Crown jewel of Pharaoh Seti I. Home of Imhotep, Pharaoh's High-Priest, Keeper of the dead; and the home of two young women who would risk their lives to keep him safe.

"You shouldn't keep this up, brother," the elder girl said. She was very tall, had long black hair that fell down her back in waves, warm brown eyes, and currently wore a very concerned expression on her face.

"My Cobra, you worry too much," her younger brother replied confidently.

"I am looking out for our family. If you are caught, and it is learned that Netikerty and I were aware of what has been going on..." She couldn't bring herself to finish what she had been saying.

"Sister, you do not understand. I love her."

"We all have to make sacrifices, Imhotep."

Sitre-meramun, for that was the name of the woman, knew as well as anyone what was demanded of her in order to keep those she loved alive. The blue dress she wore reminded her every day of the fact. The eldest of the three siblings turned to the youngest, who had been staring down at the courtyard, observing a young Medjai as he was greeted by the Pharaoh.

"Netikerty! Will you stop daydreaming and give me your assistance?"

The younger girl turned at the sound of her sister's voice. Netikerty, though young, was very wise, and very beautiful. She was not as tall as her siblings, and was of a much lighter build, but she was strong. Her ebony black hair was long and straight, but curled slightly at the edges. Her eyes, unlike those of her siblings, were green as the leaves of a papyrus plant.

"I believe she is right, brother. Do you even comprehend the danger you are putting all our lives in? We will keep this a secret because you are our brother and we would do anything for you, but please stop this before it goes too far. It is already a crime against the gods."

"My Lotus Flower, you have nothing to worry about. All will be well."

If only their brother had heeded their words. As soon as it was made apparent who it was who murdered the Pharaoh, the two girls were dragged away to be tortured simply for the fact that they had known everything but had kept silent. The last time Imhotep ever saw his sisters, the only family he had, they were bound in chains before him as two Medjai guards restrained him. Sitre-meramun's nose was broken and bleeding profusely, she had horrible bruises all over her skin and a nasty gash over her left eye. Netikerty, once so beautiful and full of life and happiness, was unrecognizable; her soft skin had burns on it, her delicate features had been marred through some barbaric means that those who saw her shuddered to think about, and the worst thing of all was that her hands, that had played such beautiful music that it could make gods weep, had been broken and the fingers reset at odd angles. Imhotep was not the only one appalled by the sight. Princess Nefertiri, who had cared about the two girls as if they were her own sisters, had turned away at the sight and was weeping bitterly.

"You have brought this grief upon your sisters," the head Medjai said in a cold voice. "They will not suffer the fate we have in store for you, but they will die." The Medjai drew out a sword.

Sitre-meramun looked her brother dead in the eyes.

"Our blood is on your hands."

With that, she and Netikerty were silenced forever. Imhotep then watched as the bodies of his two sisters were thrown into a pit of fire so they would never be able to exist in the Afterlife. Imhotep knew what was in store for him. The Hom-dai. But, even in his torment, he promised that, should he ever rise again, he would find a way to bring back not only his beloved Anck-sun-amun, but his sisters as well.

Ah, first chapter done. Dark, isn't it? The names I chose are actual Egyptian names, Sitre-meramun means "Daughter of Re, beloved of Amun" and Netikerty means "She who is excellent".