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First off, I'm not sure if this is a one-shot or not. Obviously there's room to keep it going on for a bit with smutty-goodness. Let me just say that I'm of the opinion that the whole Eleven/Amy/Rory relationship was an attempt to show a polyamorous relationship onscreen. Since its a family show they had to sort of back off a bit. But I think if this was a cable show as opposed to network, Amy's Choice would have been choosing both of them. When she says, "My boys" she really means it. Hope you like it, please read and review.

Come And Knock On Our Door


Despite the seemingly endless interior of the TARDIS, the Doctor's voice always managed to reach me wherever I was. I didn't mind it, loved it actually, when he bellowed for me. Oh sure I'd take the mick out of him and he'd serve it right back but I really did love it. It gave me a bit of a thrill really. We're like that, the Doctor and me, always battling each other for power. Sure he's the Oncoming Storm and all that but I can make him blush. I can make him stammer. I can make him hard.

It's been four weeks or so since I asked him. Rory had stopped at home to take care of practical Rory things. The TARDIS isn't always accurate and she can't always promise to get us back to Leadworth before the light bill is due. Occasionally we have to stop off and take care of ordinary non-Time-Lord companion things. Anyways it was just me and the Doctor, alone on that great big ship.

After I'd told him what I wanted we found ourselves in a position very similar to after the crash of the Byzantium. This time I had him pressed against the wall in the console room but he still had that silly look on his face.

"Not a bad idea, yeah?"

"Amy..." he sputtered. "I thought we'd been through this."

"We have been through it over and over and over again and the way I see it the sexual tension isn't exactly...going down." I punctuated my last two words with a light squeeze of his cock, the outline of which I could see through his tweed trousers.

I worked fast and almost had too many hands for him but he finally got ahold of them and stilled my movements. Still, it didn't escape my notice that even with two hearts his cardiovascular system was working overtime.

"Amy, you're married." he said pressing his lips tightly together.

"I know. We talked. He's on board."


"MmHm. Anything else?"

"I'm married, to your daughter!" he blurted out as if it had only just suddenly occurred to him. Thinking this might stop the conversation in his tracks he looked at me with a triumphant gleam in his eye.

"In an alternate timeline that's since been wiped clean. In this world, it never happened." I said just inches away from his lips. And then he let me kiss him. I know he did. He let go of my hands and I pressed my body against his. He relaxed against me and it wasn't long before I felt his hand on the small of my back.

"I want you, Doctor, right here and right now." I whispered into his ear.

"I do not for a second believe that Rory the Roman would go along with this." he responded...unconvincingly.

I rolled my eyes.

"For a 1200 year old Time Lord you sure do miss some tricks. You think I keep the Kiss-O-Gram outfit for my health? It's at Rory's insistence along with the closet full of other costumes he likes. He's got quite the list of kinks! You should see the kind of toys that boy likes to play with."

I tried to kiss him again but he broke away from me.

"I need to think about this, Pond. Long and hard."

"Said the actress to the bishop."

He backed slowly out of the control room, as though he wasn't sure what I might do if he turned the other way. I giggled, which I admit may not have been the best reaction. And then he was gone.

That was over a month ago. The next time I'd seen him he'd acted perfectly normal. Well as normal as the Doctor ever acts, nattering on about this planet where everyone is evolving from humanoid form into pure energy so as he said, "Occasionally they'll just blink out on you like the power was cut. But you just have to be patient and wait for them to come back because anything else would be the height of rudeness. Takes awhile to get the hang of transforming into a completely different being...I ought to know."

That was that. I mentioned it to Rory but his only response was "Well Amy, you probably terrified him. The Doctor isn't used to such things."

"What you're trying to tell me that after being alive for almost a thousand years he's never had it off?"

"Of course not it's just-"

But even that conversation had gotten cut short, that time by a message from the Judoon about a planned takeover of Tesseroc 4 because of a violation of Shadow Proclamation Edict 8. Or maybe it was a takeover of Tesseroc 8 for violation of edict 4...In any case as I bounded into the console room today to answer his call I had pretty much given up.

"Pond, there you are. Just in time."

"Time for what?" I asked

"Time for a flying lesson." he said flashing that brilliant smile. He seemed to be in good spirits today, cheerful and God was that man handsome.

"Flying lesson? You're going to teach me how to fly the TARDIS?"

"Why not?" he said clapping his hands together as he approached me. "After all I trust you. Not to mention it's always a good idea to have a few extra hands around just in case. That's why I always keep a spare. Well I used to then it sprouted legs and ran off with a blonde. Doesn't matter. So, what do you say. Want to take her for a spin?"

"Uh..yeah, I'd love to. Oh my God, I'm going to fly a time machine."

"Yes you are. Amelia Pond, taking flight. Hopefully it'll work out better for you than a certain other Amelia. OK, put yourself right here."

He motioned to the central spot in front of the mass of controls and I eagerly moved into position.

"All right, what do I do." I asked with a grin.

I was surprised when I felt him move behind me, pressing his body into mine. The Doctor ran his hands down my arm until his palms eclipsed mine.

"Well, I'm going to have to show you."

"Oh." was all I could manage to say. He was so close to me I could feel his breath tickling my ear.

"First off, you see that lever there?"

I nodded, barely listening, mostly captivated by his changed demeanor.

"Pull it."

I did as he asked and felt the TARDIS accelerate with a hum.

"Very good, Amy. Very good."

"Thank you." I responded surprised at the timid sound of my own voice.

"So, Pond, been thinking about your proposition." he began and a moment later I felt his hand brush my hair away from my neck. "Decided to take you up on it."

"You did?" I responded, not quite believing what I was hearing.

"I did. Mash that button right there, hard as you can until the light stops blinking."

I did as he said even though I was finding it a bit difficult to catch my breath. I'd never seen the Doctor act like this before. He was always intentionally weird with his fezzes and Stetsons and wibley-wobley-timey-wimey, and he was always unintentionally attractive with his floppy hair and that smile and the way he smelled when he brushed past you in that ridiculous tweed jacket. But this was different, this was on purpose, this was the Doctor being sexy, with me, his Amy.

"Tried this once before of course, long time ago. Stopped in to see Caligula and got wrapped up in a very complicated orgy thing. Lots of togas and women. Somehow managed to avoid wine. Bacchanalias aren't all they're cracked up to be."

"So, you know what we're proposing then?"

He grinned against my shoulder before planting a kiss there.

"You're proposing that I share you. Or perhaps not just you, maybe Rory too. Maybe we all share each other. Done that before as well. Long time ago, always meant to pick it back up again. Never been short on offers mind you it's just that the timing was always wrong. Not to mention I like being the pretty one in the relationship and that's not going to happen with someone who once was and will be called The Face of Boe. So if Rory's in play, as it were I'm game for that too. Never done that in here before, might set the cloister bell off. Won't Shakespeare be jealous?"

"Doctor," I said breathlessly "You're babbling."

"That's a fair cop."

I tried to turn around in his arms but he held me in place.

"Oh no no. See I have a mind of what you want to do. You think you'll spin about and we'll suddenly be on equal footing, partners in this whole matter. Not just yet, not after all the teasing and flirting and the flitting about in these oh so short skirts. I won't have all the power mind you. I rather like it when you get all...how did you once put it? 'Heel, boy.' But make no mistake for right now, for this moment, I'm in charge."

He deftly lifted my skirt until it was around my hips and put his hand just above the waistband of my underwear.

"I know how you see me, Amy." he continued. "Poor old Doctor. Hasn't had a rise since the universe was young. Two hearts, no dick?"

"No, I didn't think that...well not exactly. I just thought maybe there was some sort of Time Lord rule against it." I wasn't even sure what I was saying anymore, all I knew was that I wanted him to touch me, just put his hand between my legs and take me where he wanted. Just like I was his blue box.

He chuckled softly behind me and I wasn't sure if maybe he'd heard my thoughts.

"No, there are no Time Lord laws against it and even if there were..." he trailed off.

I put my hand over his trying to force it downwards, trying to force it into my knickers but he was immovable.

"I would think that the girl who waited might have developed a bit more patience than that."

"You're going to drag this out, aren't you Doctor." I whined impatiently.

"As long as I possibly can. Amelia, I have pleasured more women, across more galaxies for more centuries than you could possibly imagine. And rest assured, I know precisely how to handle you."

He whispered those words into my ear slowly, hotly and I went a bit weak-kneed in anticipation.

Still I wanted to challenge him, to play with him, that was half the fun.

I reached my arm back until my fingers were in his hair, giving the slightest little tug I said; "Somehow I imagine you'd be a little less chatty in this situation and a bit less know-it-all."

In response to my tug I felt his teeth nip at my neck, I moaned in response.

"You don't think I hear you and Rory at night. Or you alone. Those cries ping-ponging back and forth. Oh Doctor, Oh Rory, Oh Doctor, Oh Rory-"

Finally and unexpectedly he moved his hand downwards and smoothly into my underwear. When his finger brushed my clit my breath caught in my throat. My body pitched forward and with one hand I grasped the railing for support, the other I put on his wrist to hold it in place.

"Oh Doctor..."

"Precisely. While you're up there, Pond, flip that sensor to your left."

I did as he instructed, powerless to do otherwise. The Doctor hadn't stopped his ministrations and I found my body jerking in response to every delicious touch. It was happening, my ultimate fantasy was coming true. I heard the Doctor groan behind me and felt his cock pressing against me. All that was separating us was the material of our clothes. He slipped a finger inside of me, teasing a bit before he found my g-spot with laser like precision, still using his dextrous thumb to massage my clit just about signaled curtains for me.

My face felt red hot and my lips parted as I felt all that delicious pressure rising up in me.

"Doctor...I'm coming."

"So you are, but you might want to turn that crank just in front of you or else we'll end up punching a hole right through the Renaissance and that wouldn't be good for anybody."

I put both hands on the railing, squeezing tight around his finger inside of me and grinding against his hand as I came.

"Never mind, I'll do it myself." he said a smile in his voice.

I was left breathless, weak. Rory, bless, had never quite found that spot. Not that I'd ever been unsatisfied by him, but this was...well as of yet I didn't have any words for what this was.

The TARDIS hummed around us but the sound I heard most clearly was the mingling of his breathy gasps for air and my own.

Slowly he removed his hand from me and I cried out in protest. Holding a long and glistening finger in front of my face.

"Oh look, a wet Pond."

I smiled and taking the invitation I extended my tongue and licked his finger. Then growing more bold I grabbed his hand and took the whole finger in my mouth, sucking it lustily.

"You bad, bad girl. Who ever taught you such things?" he asked with a sexy smirk.

"I learned how to improvise from the best. Think of this as a preview of things to come, Doctor." I said before returning to my work.

He groaned with approval as his free hand crept beneath my shirt to cup my breast and bring the nipple to a hard, pink peak. I liked eliciting these sounds from him, the unexpected gasps and grunts. I didn't want to rush the moment, didn't want to rush anything but I was getting so impatient and so damned hot.

Eventually I pulled away from his finger and wriggled out of my underpants leaving them in a pool on the floor, hanging about one ankle. Leaning forward on the railing I pressed my bottom against him, clearly stating my invitation.

"Please Doctor..." I begged, peering at him over my shoulder, not quite able to ask for what I needed. It was funny but not surprising to discover that even now, he left me speechless. I was his, always had been and I had total faith that my Doctor would give me exactly what I needed.

The face that looked back at me was hungry, eager and not quite in that perfect, Gallifreyan mask of control. This was raw and unchained, it frightened me and made me eagerly wriggle my toes.

I heard the rustle of material as he unfastened his pants and freed his cock.

"Please, what?" he growled.

I pressed my lips together in delighted frustration.

"Please, Doctor, now, right now..."

He whispered just one word, "Amy." so lovingly and so softly I barely heard him and then he was inside me. The only way to describe it was perfect, he felt perfect, his size was perfect and I let out a breathy squeal as he finished the first thrust.

Having him inside me, finally inside me was like the soothing of an age old ache and I pushed back against the bar to a near standing position and turned my head so I could see just a bit of his face. He was so open, so vulnerable, so old and young, so sexy and sweet. And the way he was looking at me was the way I'd always wanted him to see me. We shared a slightly awkward kiss that left me gasping for breath.

I bent my knees to take more of him and he groaned and muttered something in a language I didn't understand that sounded like a swear. He was good, he wasn't kidding, he was really, really good. Every place I wanted his hands, his lips, his eyes, every place I need to be touched his hands found it, sometimes before I even knew. There were more than a few times my knees went a bit jelly and it was only his hands that held me up.

"We're almost there, Pond." he whispered in my ear never breaking his rhythm.

"I know," I breathed. "Doctor...you're...amazing..."

"Never get tired of hearing that. But try and hang on Amy, it's so much better if you coincide it with the landing, trust me."

I heard the wheeze of the TARDIS engines begin and I watched him throw one last sensor but I couldn't stave it off any longer. I came, possibly probably louder and harder than I ever had before. As I was still riding that wave the Doctor's hips began to work erratically and I heard him moan as he held me tightly against him.

The TARDIS landed and we stood there sweaty, straining for breath, still enjoying the jerks and jumps of tired muscles, satisfied bodies and pleasure flooded brains.

I was the first to pull away but only so I could turn and face him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him softly a gesture he returned with eagerness.

"Amelia...Amelia..." he said again and again the words getting lost against my lips, my neck and my hair.

We stood like that for maybe a moment or so, maybe minutes, maybe a half an hour. Eventually we were startled by a knock at the door.

"Um, hello." came Rory's voice from outside. "I think I left my key inside. Sorry, I know I'm not supposed to do that but can you let me in anyways. I'm ready to get a move on."

The Doctor smiled at me and I grinned back.

"You'd better get yourself sorted out." I said gesturing to his state of undress.

"And you'd better pull your knickers up, your husbands outside."

We got dressed quickly but without embarrassment and I smoothed down my hair and his jacket as best I could.

I opened the door and saw Rory's face immediately change from sheepish to dismayed.

"Amy!" he said peering past me to look at the Doctor. Heaven only knows what look he had on his face.

"What?" I said suddenly worried, not having expected him to notice so quickly and certainly not expecting this reaction.

In exasperation he threw his hands into the air.

"Look at you. You started without me!"

Rory approached me and put a hand around me waist. To my surprise he jerked me to him and claimed my mouth with an unusually passionate kiss.

Looking at me with a sly grin he soon turned his gaze back to our friend who was leaning casually against the console.

"Doctor, can't she ever just wait?"