Chapter 4

Akie Arakaki (Girl #2) stared into the face of Shogo Kawada (Boy #8). Akie realized she may have made a mistake in shooting at Shogo. She'd never be able to redo that though. She didn't realize that Shogo also had a gun. Now, as opposed to being confident, she was filled with fear. She had just seen Shogo kill Akito, so she knew he would have no problem killing her. But she wouldn't die without a fight!

She let out a scream and fired another shot. Shogo jumped out of the way of the bullets, but it still grazed his shoulder. He fired the gun of his own. He let out several shots, all of them hitting their mark. Just like that, Shogo's kill count was two. It was easier than he thought! But he had bigger concerns now. Shogo quickly grabbed Akie's gun from her hand and ran off in search of Keiko Onuki (Girl #13).

39 Remaining

Chishin Yoshitomi (Boy #3) was still hiding outside the school, despite the fight that had been going on close by. He had to wait for his friend Daijiro Ryusaki (Boy #10). He had just seen Yuuko Hiraki (Girl #9) leave, so he knew that Daijiro would be next. He checked in his pack to see what his weapon was. He found a pen. "Fuck," He muttered under his breath and stuffed the pen in his pocket. He supposed it might come in handy. Some things were useful in a less obvious kind of way.

When Daijiro exited the school, Chishin called him over. Daijiro quickly ran over to where Chishin was, and the two ran off. They made sure to be as quiet as they could. The two boys reached the downtown area in a decent amount of time. There were a ton of buildings around. The two decided on one that was particularly big (well, only three stories but that was big for the area they were in).

Chishin quickly opened the door and then closed it behind Daijiro. Now that they felt safe in the building, they decided they could talk again. "What weapon did you get?" Asked Chishin.

Daijiro quickly opened his pack and began searching around. "A boomerang," He said sadly, as he pulled the curved piece of wood out of his bag.

"We're fucked," Said Chishin. The two decided to go up to the third floor and hide there. They supposed they would be safe, but if someone did break in, they might be able to attack them if they from higher up. But hopefully it wouldn't be somebody with a gun.

Akoto Nosaka (Girl #5) opened the door when she had heard the footsteps going upstairs. How could those two morons have forgotten to lock the door? She shut it quietly and locked it. She decided to stay on the first floor (she didn't want to risk walking up the stairs and being heard). She prayed that she, Chishin, and Daijiro would be the final three. She wanted to go home! She unzipped her pack and took a sip of water. She was a fairly smart girl; she knew she needed to conserve it. She checked to see what her weapon was. She found that it was a sickle. That wasn't too bad. Not as bad as a joke weapon at least. Some of the weapons on this show were just a complete joke. She didn't feel quite so bad about her chances of survival. She would win this thing the easy way.

Hinako Ariwa (Girl #12) was the last one to leave the school, besides Ryouta Nogi (Boy #13) so she was really scared. She was afraid she would be shot right as she left the school. Fortunately, she wasn't. Hinako quickly ran. She didn't want Ryouta to walk out of the school and kill her because she was dawdling.

Asano Akiyama (Girl #18) had stayed relatively close to the school to possibly kill people. But when she found that her weapon was a jar of sand, she knew she didn't stand much of a chance. But now she heard footsteps. Her prey, whoever it may be, was getting closer. She braced herself. She saw Hinako running through the thicket.

Asano chuckled. It was only Hinako, she was completely harmless. Asano was ready to get her first kill.

Hinako stopped when she heard footsteps behind her. She quickly reached into her pack and pulled out her weapon; a gun. She pointed it toward the direction of the noise, her hands shaking. "Who's there?" She called out. Asano knew she couldn't outright attack Hinako. Not while she had the gun. Asano wanted the gun, no, she needed the gun. Asano decided that she would play nice until Hinako's guard was lowered.

"It's just me," Said Asano as she forced a smile on her face.

"Oh," Said Hinako, obviously released.

"Good, she's not onto me," Thought Asano. "I'm so scared," She said, "My only weapon is this jar of sand. Hinako, I know we don't know each other very well, but, can I stay with you?"

Hinako barely had to think before she responded. "Sure!"

"Oh thank you so much," Said Asano. "Wow, some people really are naïve. Don't you know, never trust someone you don't know. Not in The Program at least."

Riko Tsukino (Girl #8) and Tomiju Mazawa (Girl #6) were both walking close together. Riko was in the front, holding her loaded crossbow. Tomiju walked behind her, with her gun at her side. She really didn't want to have to kill anybody.

The two girls were best friends and always had been, even from a very young age. The two had a lot in common. They were both generally nice, they both loved the same TV shows, and they both liked the same guy; Masajun Kaza (Boy #11). Although that last thing had almost torn their friendship apart.

When Riko had found out that Tomiju liked Masajun, she was furious. The two girls bickered and yelled at each other. But finally, Tomiju realized they were both being stupid. They couldn't let their friendship be ruined by one guy. They had agreed that neither of them would pursue him. But Riko didn't care.

She had always resented Tomiju since that day. Riko had always considered herself a girl who preferred relationships over friendship. Riko had always hated Tomiju for liking the same guy as her. Riko would've asked Masajun out had it not been for the agreement they had made. Riko never broke a promise, that was the thing about her. But she did always have a liking for revenge. Revenge in the most extreme forms. A fun way of revenge was murder. Sure it was twisted, but the game itself was pretty twisted. This was a perfect opportunity to get rid of Tomiju. In fact, that's what Riko was supposed to do! It was the name of the game.

She grinned to herself. She just needed to wait for the right moment to strike.