This is a disclaimer to the 'Goose Girl' and 'The Books of Bayern.' Unfortunately they belong to Shannon Hale the author with the gift of people-speaking.

There will be one,

Who can speak all the tongues,

Of wind, of fire, of ice,

She is of grace and of love,

These words she'll learn and master,

But when that day comes,

Remembered throughout the lands

This young girl's life so close to death,

And thoughts of this young girl won't rest.

The wind speaks to stone,

And the river to tree,

Rabbits to wood and birds,

As all spoke to one another,

This girl brings together,

A world full of unity,

The darkness snapped, a family of four rushed out of their house seized by bloodthirsty soldiers. Chased over the hills and miles on they reached the forest. An area where one could be lost just as easily as one could in the dead of night. On the back of a frightened mare, the mother held her daughter close; they rode on towards the dwellings of family in the next land over. Though her hair dark brown and the horses too, the pursuit of soldiers didn't cease. The girl only four could not comprehend what was happening. But sensing fear in her parents and her brothers fitful cries of terror brought her to tears.

Then suddenly there was a rush of heat, a gust of wind and a yell ending with a gargle. The hoof beats quieted and by the time the moon sat high in the sky. The tears of terror and fright turned into tears or exhaustion. She fell asleep in her mothers arms as her mother sang.

Hush my little baby

Hear the winds a whispering

Lay upon the grass

And hear the blades communing

When the young girl awoke in her blanket the next morning she was being carried once more. A fire with a scent of fresh bread brought the young girl awake. She looked around and realized she made it to her family. She looked and asked 'Is Mother and Father sleeping? Are you Uncle Rhianno? Where are we again? Where is Tusk-Tusk?"