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The dimness hid the room from the rest of the night; a fire in the corner provided the only light seen. Swords lined one wall and huge hammers and anvils and rock hugged the floor. In the middle of the room a wooden table stood, papers covered every square inch. Feet away in the dead center of the room was a giant kiln, she noted this was where the metal lay to be melted. Where moulds are made, where all the action is. Near the fire along the right wall were small pliers. There were many sizes, several moulds, and small wires. She noticed that side was for jewelry.

This room was large, a door near the entrance led to another room identical to the first, similar in size and set up the same. There snug in the corner hidden by shadows was a door, she wandered in. It was a storage room; one half was full of a variety of weapons. Shields, swords, maces, arrows. Though the other half very neat and organized held jewelry. Necklaces line the wall, shelves held earrings, rings, bracelets studs. This room was the same size as the forges put together. This room lit by candles and the fire in the two double sided fireplaces.

She wandered to the table, Derek watched from afar and marveled at how comfortable this girl felt. His hair covered his eyes urging him to look away from this beauty, and to show her his station. As an apprentice to Lord Siris the Master Blacksmith it was his responsibility to care for the forge. Derek left, but not before he gave her instructions and warned her to keep the forge neat. He made his way his way to his room.

'She burns, you burn. Both burn?' it ended with a question. 'You burn more, you see her, you burn hot.' it spoke to him and guided him to his room in the darkness.

'He is kind to show me here, all these tools so familiar, like home.' she thought. She neared the table and realized all the papers held lists of items in demand.

• Twenty Swords

• Fifty Spearhead

• Fifty Arrowheads

• Ten Body Shields

• Ten Shields

• Fix Pot

• Five Glass Vases

• Watering Can

• Two Buckets

• One Wheelbarrow

• Seven Shovels

Each one had lists of several items. She supposed that she should help. Mira headed over to the stock room and grabbed enough metal to make all the weapons. In three hours she made all the sword, spearheads, arrowheads, and fixed the pot, made vases and the buckets. Once her deeds finished she stumbled to bed near the first dong of the morning.

Morning felt like she was carrying the world upon her shoulders. She made her way down the cobblestone towards the dining hall where food was waiting for her. She stuffed a roll and an apple into her apron and stumble to the pen that held her herd of fifty plus geese.

The geese gathered slowly around Mira. Brown patches of grass dotted the field welcoming the young summer. The geese followed her into the shade of the forest with the cool mist from the stream strolling along behind them.

Around noon a broad-shouldered man walked up, his tan slacks and orange dyed shirt common to the citizens of Bayern. His sooty clothes and blackened hand smelling of fire showed her this mans profession.

"Lord Sir." she said calmly and bowed slightly out of respect.

"Goose Girl." he said gruffly. "Prince Tusken spoke of your request. Sir Derek hasn't stopped talking about you. So I came to speak to you personally about your interest in blacksmithing."

"Uh, Lord Blacksmith—"


"Lord Siris, I would love to work in your forge. But I have duties to the Queen and her geese. I would love to come after. Around dark?"

"That would be fine. I guess I can have Derek finish our list of requests done while I teach you to forge items. Yeah?"

"Yes, Master Siris. Thank you." Mira smirked and showed he unnaturally white teeth.

"Same. Tonight at dark." she nodded in assent.

Behind Lord Siris, Derek came forward. A questioning glance passed from him between his Master and the Goose Girl. Siris spoke quietly into Derek's ear and he turned to follow his master to the East Forge.

Mira sighed, leaning against the wild oak tree. Chicks danced around on her peach skirt and eventually found a nap. Mira watched these tiny creations. Midday welcomed sleep to the Goose Girl. She listened to the tree whispering its rhythmic life. 'Water, earth, food, ants. Creatures consuming, eating me, crawling inside. Water..." her breathing slowed and soon the time came and she realized it was time to herd the geese back into their pen.

Dark came quickly, due her slightly long nap. She wandered to the forge in the dark, the gravel now grey in the silver moonlight. The dim glow of the open forge doors, smoke billowing out of the three chimneys.

Three? Three chimneys Mira noticed. Mira entered the populated room; two men worked each on one side of the room. The room to the left contained three men, two making weapons, one making jewelry.

Master Siris looked up, his face orange in the reflection of the fire. He waved Mira over to his table and smiled. Silent as the moons glow but just as peaceful he loomed over the sword. Hitting his mallet repeatedly over the bright red weapon he forgot quickly about the young woman by his side. Mira slipped over to the table once more, a new request sat on top. Not touched yet she snatched it and took it into her responsibility. It must be finished by the end of the summer, by the time of the Summer Festival.

Derek spotted her; he came over with the materials needed. "I saved that request for you. I thought it would be good for one so highly skilled. It says on the paper the measurements for each of the Royal Family, even the Princess."

"Derek, who is the lost Princess? What was her name? And if they are still looking for her, it could be near impossible. There are so many girls in Bayern, each one with brown hair and brown eyes."

"Mira, the one and only princess of Bayern has a secret mark. One no one knows 'cept the royal family... and well their closest, most trusted friends."

"What? A birthmark? So they've been on this hunt, every year they send out a search. It's been for the Princess? I always though they were checking the borders." Mira responded in the same whisper they had been speaking in since the beginning of the conversation.

"The mark is—"

"Derek! Stop flirting and fire up the kiln!" a voice echoed though the forge. She stood up straight and finished the rough draft of the Kings Crown; she wanted to get a crown done in about three weeks. Then she'll have them all done by the beginning of harvest season.

"I will talk to you later, Goose Girl." Then he ran off towards his mentor. Mira thinking through all she knew about the Royal Family. 'They have so many secrets, not even people on the Castle grounds know about!'