To Dull the Pain

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He could not believe it; she had dumped him after he had caught her making out with Adrian Montague. She had said that he had gotten boring. Daphne Greengrass had dared to dump him.

Theo downed the glass of champagne in his hand and then grabbed another from a passing waiter's tray, accidentally spilling some on his grey dress robes. He cursed himself silently, but then realised that Daphne had forced him to wear these, so it did not matter if he ever got the stain out—he did not care, just like she no longer cared about him.

Theo was glad that this was a masquerade ball and no one knew who he was, as he was becoming drunker by the minute, even though he knew that the drink was not helping him. Suddenly he saw the woman standing in the corner, nervously picking at her nails. The woman was wearing a flowing, green diamante dress with a silver mask covering her face, and she looked truly beautiful.

Downing the champagne in his glass once more, he found himself walking over to her. She had completely captivated him. He slowed as he approached her. Theo smiled at her, and she returned his smile with a nervous grin of her own. Suddenly he grabbed her and began kissing her—roughly, at first, but then he softened the kiss. Her lips tasted of an exotic fruit that he failed to name as he deepened the kiss.

She showed no signs of pulling away, which surprised him. It helped dull the pain in his heart for a few seconds, and he was enjoying this, but he knew it couldn't last. He let her go, which caught her off guard. He said nothing and stared at her for a second, looking her over, before he stalked away in search of another glass of champagne.

Astoria lifted her mask, shakily; she felt slightly out of breath. She stared after him. She had no clue who that rogue thought he was, kissing her like that, but she could not deny that he was a brilliant kisser.

Author note: This drabble was written for the two prompt drabble challenge on HPFC forum hosted by Cheeky Slytherin Lass who asked me to write Astoria/Theo with the prompts Grey and Pain. I would like to thank laughableblacktorm for betaing this fic for me. I hope you have all enjoyed reading this. Please read and review, I would really appreciate your comments.