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The bleach-red suns of a distant planet shone their brilliant, bright beams down to the surface, a small Guapo bird whose skin was as deep as blood-red rested within the brightly coloured forest. They sang rather out of tune as the spring breeze drafted through the air. It was something of a speciality... its inability to sing made it different from the other birds on this planet.

Their eyes were over-sized which made them perfect for being able to see great distances. It was something that played to their strengths and a way of escaping before their predators would capture them. Being as plump as them acted as a disadvantage, especially as it meant that escape was slow, and if those beings snuck up on them, then they knew they had no chance.




Three beats of the tribal drums of their predators caused their chirping to stop, thus making them cautious of the surroundings. Though plump and a rather primitive looking species, the Guapo birds had advanced minds, minds which almost matched that of their captors. But one thing stopped them from being the most advanced creatures on this planet, and it wasn't fair. Natural selection was a bitch. Advanced minds in primitive bodies made the Guapo Birds weak and made them struggle in the games of competition. They held no chance thus resorting to running away tactics.




Another three beats of the drum and the birds began to scatter. The plumpest of them all stood still and stared into the distance. He looked on to see a large gathering of the scarlet red creatures. This was something that he knew wasn't going to be good. It meant they were up to something, and he was hoping it wasn't going to be another great hunt of their kind. While he sat on the tallest tree, a young chick approached. He chirped towards it as he nodded his head and leaped off the top of the tallest tree. While they were still chicks, they were able to fly without using their special powers, powers of which were too strong for their bodies and often caused themselves to end their lives at an early stage. This meant that by the time they grew up into adults, they could only fly if they wanted to end their lives, or as a last resort.


Elroy the chick soared throughout the sky; the power of falling and surfing the sky was the power of greatness and strength in the eyes of the Guapo kind. He dodged the tall, yellow trees' every branch as he could have sworn they were going in for an attack. It wasn't long before he reached the tribal grounds of his enemy. He hid in a green fluffy bush as he watched his nemesis gather in a small group. This small group was all that was left of these cold hearted beings; they too were destroyed and purged by a race much stronger than them. In some ways Elroy could tell that their captors were just like them once upon a time ago,yet he remembered it was worse back then. In rare cases, the Guapo birds died, but when it was the time of the Great Purge, many of their enemies were destroyed when they were purged.

He watched anxiously as the leader of his enemies floated to the top of a stone altar. For once it made the one metre long creature look tall. He was standing above others of his kind. Like the Guapo birds, their species were red, yet it was a darker shade of red. The Guapos' were on the borderline between pink and red with large golden crowns resting upon their heads. Unlike the Guapos', their enemies had a more human body, complete with arms and legs which they used when their powers were being used for other things.

The leader raised his arms in the air as the rest of their kind cheered, his yellow stripes down his body glistened under the hot suns. His neon pink bands across his wrists glowed, radiating a much softer pink light of them. As he slowly moved his arms down, silence began to fall.

"Recent intelligence has informed us that those responsible for the Great Purge of our kind, have survived their own genocide. They have sought solace on another planet...," he roared as Elroy listened eagerly. He felt a sigh of relief knowing that their plan wasn't going to involve the rest of his kind. "We must go to war with Planet Earth to gain our vengeance... We must destroy them and those helping them, we can't let the blood of our families go unanswered for... We must destroy them and their allies!"

Another one of the short, red creatures stepped forward. Instead of pink bands, he held onto grey ones which showed youth within their kind. "How will we destroy them when they are more powerful than us?"

Their leader paused, thinking of what had to be done to put a stop to the killing machines. The rest of his kind erupted in yells and screams, they took the leaders silence as though he had no idea on what had to be done. In some ways they were correct. Elroy gulped, for he already knew the answer. Without waiting around to hear it out loud and possibly get caught, he waddled away, gaining a safe distance before he threw his body up into the air and flew away.

"SILENCE!" the leader roared, and it was immediately granted. "There is one way to destroy a more physically capable race than us like Saiyans... and that's to destroy their minds."

A small discussion was carried around the rest of his kind before they all fell into manic laughter, knowing that their leader was right. Death was on the march to the last of the Saiyan kind.

Three years later, Planet Earth

Gohan sighed heavily as he listened to the teacher rant on and on. He knew most of the stuff anyway. Life had just been so... boring since his father beat Buu.

He lusted for the action; the fun and the excitement which he found while Buu -the evil one- was around. Everything just seemed dull, duller than during those seven years after he had defeated Cell and before he started high school.

Things had been going well, sure, he was glad to have his dad back; and the two often had a light sparring match -sometimes on the weekend, sometimes after school- but there wasn't much else to do. It was so routine now; he'd wake up every morning, go to school, come back, perhaps do some homework, and then sleep.

Even crime fighting had hit an all time low, both in fun and in frequency. Ever since Buu, people were ridiculously scared to step out of line. More so in Satan City where Hercule- the defeater of Cell and Buu- lived, and where Saiyaman attended high school.

Literally; he was sure that every thug on the street would rather hide their heads from sight rather than look him in the eye.

Of course there was the occasional criminal, but they hardly provided a challenge.

Videl- well to say that she wasn't fun would be a downright lie- seemed to be getting bored of it too. Although he wasn't sure if it was because she'd rather try doing that... dating thing with him than fight crime.
It had been about a month since the World Tournament and the whole Buu ordeal, and he'd tried going out with Videl... key word being tried. Almost every time it ended up being some overly formal and awkward meeting of some sort.

So they settled for just having fun; rather than going out to see new movies, they'd fly around in the skies. It was cool and fun... but getting boring too.

As the bell rang and all the students rushed out of the class, Gohan absentmindedly decided that he needed to visit Bulma to get one of her gravity machines. That way he and his dad could go at it without his mum getting mad at them.

As the wind struck her face at ridiculous speeds, she attempted to pry an eye open. Every single bit of her body felt as it was in pain and... was that blooddribbling down her chin?

"It's nice to see that you're awake, Ms. Satan." As her vision came to, she saw Saiyaman's iconic face- complete with the helmet, surprisingly.

"G-Gohan? … is that you?" a dazed Videl asked.

"I am the protector of all things good, the savior of the good; nightmare to-"

"Cut the crap, Gohan." Videl said lamely. "What happened?"

She couldn't remember a thing. In fact, she was having trouble recollecting what she'd had for breakfast that morning... she just felt tired.

"I guess your head hit that building pretty hard after all," said Gohan. "Just remember to be careful."

"Wait... what?" She wasn't sure if she was in more pain or more confusion at the moment.

"You were in a situation with five of the Red Shark Gang's most notorious criminals andtheir henchmen. I'm guessing that you got caught up in the explosion after a rocket or two hit. And judging by the size of those launchers, you're quite lucky you're not at a hospital right now."

"And I take it the great Saiyaman swooped in and saved the day?" Videl asked smiling, the pieces starting to come together.

"... I was a little late. If it wasn't for that Senzu bean I had on me, which I split up, I'm sure there'd have been more than a few casualties on our hands."

"Oh..." Videl said solemnly, "At least everything's alright now, though."

"Yeah I guess... I was wishing for a little bit of action earlier, but this was a little too close for comfort." The demi-Saiyan sighed.

"Don't worry too much about it, everything worked out in the end, after all." Videl gave him a small encouraging smile, before laying the side of her head down in the arms -which were still carrying her- and falling asleep once more.

As they touched down a mere metre or two away from the Son household, Gohan gently shook Videl awake. When her eyes opened, he placed her on the ground.

"I promised that that we'd have a spar after I got back from School. Although I think it's best that you sit this one out... Maybe you can watch with Goten?" It was more of a pleading question than a suggestion.

Videl nodded to Gohan's surprise. He didn't really expect her to forget about a sparring match that easily, but he shrugged it off. After all, this was Videl; she was full of surprises.

"Big brother! Big brother!" aloud voice yelled as a small orange blur suddenly came into view.

Said orange blur quickly stopped on the spot and backed away in horror. "Ewww! Are you two playing that kissy-kissy game again? That's gross! You know girls have cooties!"

Both Videl and Gohan quickly stepped away in embarrassment, muttering in denial. However, much to Gohan's chagrin, the the little boy continued his verbal tirade against girls and cooties.

"I think you've embarrassed your brother enough for today, Goten. Let's go eat dinner quickly, and tell ya what? If you leave your brother alone for the rest of the day, I'll let you join in when me, him and Videl spar." Goku stepped out from behind the couch, giving Gohan a slightly suggestive smirk.

"Uhhh about that dad. I think we should let Videl sit this one out... there was a small situation, but she's better now, right?" Gohan asked, glancing at his classmate. He'd forgotten to ask her how she was coping, but he didn't let his guilt eat him up for that. No. His faith in Videl was stronger; she was a tough-one.

"Yeah, I reckon I might need a little rest. And boy, I sure could use some of Chichi's fantastic cooking." Videl chuckled, and the rest of them soon joined in; there wasn't a time when you couldn't use some of Chichi's delicious food.

"It's a good thing that I made a little extra then!" Chichi called out as she stepped to join the gathering of four. "I heard all the noise and figured that I'd need to get you all myself. Now come on, we don't want the food getting cold, do we?"

About ten broken plates and a lot of dirty dishes later, Goku and Gohan were standing face to face surrounded by several trees.

Goku noted that Goten had opted to sit this one out for whatever reason. He supposed that it might have been a punishment of some form from Chichi, but nevertheless the young half-Saiyan was still watching from afar along with his mother and Videl.

"Are you ready, son?" Goku asked grinning face to face as his arms swiftly slid into a martial arts stance.

"More than ever!" Gohan replied, assuming the same pose. "Let's give them a show to remember."

"Here I come." No sooner had the words left Goku's mouth before he was in front of his son, the two exchanging fists, blow for blow.

Being the veteran fighter that Goku was, he noticed an immediate gap in Gohan's form after mere seconds. And being the veteran fighter that Goku was, he also demonstrated the gap to his son by sending him sprawling twenty-feet into the air towards a humongous tree.

However he was a fraction of a second too slow when his son countered by jumping off of the tree's abnormally large trunk with his feet before slipping into a punch, sending the older man crashing into the ground.

But Goku got up mere seconds afterwards, grinning like crazy. He then phased out and appeared behind his son moments later, with a cocked back fist that was preparing to make contact. Goku didn't expect the fist to be suddenly clasped and thrusted over Gohan's shoulder however, and paid the price in full when his body followed suit.

Deciding to quickly catch his breath, Goku back-flipped a few metres away.

"You've improved Gohan," Goku said proudly. "But let's kick this up a notch!"

Clenching his fists, Goku drew upon his aura and let out a large scream. In a flash, his hair had become golden and his eyes an eerily distant teal. Suddenly a large golden aura erupted from his body, lightning crackling around his body.

"If you say so, dad." Gohan said before letting out a blood-curdling yell, trying to muster all the energy that he could.

Suddenly his aura flared brightly, changing from its silver colour to a faded light blue. His eyes were much more serious, Goku noted and crackling lightning -even more than the amount around Goku himself- was scattered around his body.

Goku's observation of his son's transformation were cut short, because within seconds, Gohan was onto him. Dodging a rapid combo of punches, Goku kneed his son in the gut before punching him in the chest with enough force that it sent him flying into the nearest tree.

"Heh, good one, dad," said Gohan as he wiped off a little bit of blood trickling down his chin.

"Than-" Goku's words were cut short by a Ki-blast that found itself near his face.

The young boy smiled, before once again he launched his body towards his father. His right fist collided with his fathers left hand as the two began exchanging more and more blows. Goku attempted to dodge, yet the speed Gohan was going at was too fast for him to keep up. It wasn't long before Gohan kicked him in the crotch, sending his father to the ground, clutching it in pain.

"Sorry dad." He quickly added as his hand moved behind his head and he let off a goofy smile. Goku smiled as he pulled his two fingers on his right hand to his head and then he disappeared on spot. "Shit!"

"GOHAN, LANGUAGE!" Goku remotely heard his wife scream for a distance, and saw Videl laughing when he looked towards the sidelines. Gohan was so going to get an ear full from her as well as a beating from him too. Goku watched Videl's bemused reaction when he appeared behind a searching Gohan and knocked him to the ground.

He stood up, a snarl stretched across his face as he turned around to see his father leaning up against a tree eating an apple. "You need to pay more attention to your surroundings son."

"That was a cheap sho-"

"Just like your one."

A few seconds later, Goku appeared by Gohans side, his fist collided with the boy's left hip as Gohan swung his body around and counter attacked his father. He jumped in the air and swung his foot into his father's face with enough force for blood to spurt out of his father's mouth. A smile returned on his face as the two men disappeared on spot. Videl and Chichi had trouble keeping up with them as they watched a bunch of bright lights from when they collided together with enough force.

"Those two will make a pretty firework display," Chichi muttered under her breath. Videl smiled as she nodded her head in agreement. She wished she could move that fast, perhaps sparring with Gohan would be more fun if he didn't have to hold back for her sake.
They watched a golden light zoom down towards them at a great speed in front of them Gohan re-appeared in their sight as he moved into a defensive stance. The golden light collided with the small out-house building, crushing it to bits.

"Oh no," Videl gasped, noticing that Chichi wasn't happy. The mother of two stamped towards the broken out-house. She was fuming, in fact this was the angriest Videl had seen her. Goku just layed in the rubble, Chichi approaching already letting off screams which the full blooded saiyan blocked out. She was just a few feet away from Goku when he ignored her yells and flew at a great speed towards Gohan.

"GOHAN AND GOKU, GET DOWN HERE NOW!" she roared, stamping her feet angrily as the two men ignored her and carried on fighting. Now they saw a blue light disappear as Gohan was kicked with great speed by his father.

From the distance, Goten, Chichi, and Videl heard a loud roar as the ground below them began shaking. They watched shocked and worried, as a far away cliff collapsed.

This time, Chichi's angry cries were answered as the full blooded saiyan flew slowly down, her feet stamping increased with every second he wasted, but it wasn't long before Goku joined them.

"Where's Gohan?"

"Well last I saw of him, he landed in that cliff and then it crumbled so it trapped him below. He's still alive though, if that helps."

"If that helps, IF THAT HELPS! Our baby could be hurt, he needs to look respectable for when he goes to university. I don't want him to go with his face all smashed in! They would think he is a trouble maker and then our baby will get nowhere in life and end up just like you!" she screeched, both videl and Goten held onto his ears for protection.


Goku sighed as he put two fingers o on his head. He disappeared shortly, only to reappear a few seconds later with a bloody Gohan in his arms.

"It's okay Chi, I have some senzu beans to fix him up."

"Seriously, you two are going to be the death of each other."

Gohan flew in the sky while Videl flew next to him. Dry blood was across his body as they moved at a relatively normal flight speed. Gohan's hand stretched out to Videls as she grabbed onto them. Then he powered up ever so slightly, causing the newish flier to squeal in delight. Moving at this speed was just spectacular, though the only issue was that her eyes were still not used to it and they began to water.

Gohan scooped the girl into his arms, as she felt him increase his speed several fold. She closed her eyes and when she re-opened them, she was in Gohan's arms on her bedroom balcony.

He walked slowly towards the already opened door as she stared into his eyes. Today was fun, even though she had been beaten fairly badly by the Red Shark Gang, she enjoyed watching the fighting, and especially eating the food.

It was when Gohan reached her king sized bed, his head lowered towards hers, she leant in to kiss him when all of a sudden he threw her on the bed and turned around.

"I hate you," Videl muttered with a grumpy look on her face. "Seriously, was that even necessary?"

"I love you too, Videl.."

He turned back around slowly as Videl watched him while lying in her bed. His onyx eyes were just spectacular, his face looked neatly chiseled, but he wasn't just handsome, he was cute in her eyes. "And yeah, it was."

"Goodnight Videl," he softly said as he appeared by her side, he placed his lips down onto hers and they shared a passionate kiss. After a few seconds, he pulled back to see her face smiling. "Sweet dreams."

"Goodnight Gohan," she whispered as her eyes became heavy. As they shut she saw his shadow disappear, and it wasn't long before she was in the world of dreams. The last thing she heard was a gruff voice which sounded rather cold.

'You will be spared... for now.'

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