Everything Changes

Chapter Twenty One

"I thought Nicole was supposed to meeting us here?" Tara overheard Gemma ask Clay as she snuggled up to her husband as they listened to the band on the stage.

"Jax was pretty vague but he made other plans for her. She's safe."

Tara was now officially worried. Jax had made sure she joined Gemma at the fund-raiser. At first she had just thought he was trying to encourage her and his mother to bond, which was never going to happen not now anyway. Not after what she had read. But of course Tara couldn't say that, so she went along with her Old Mans orders and joined Gemma. But hearing that he Jax had gone out of his way to make sure that Nicole was safe this was obviously more serious than she had originally thought. Tara just wished that Jax had made other arrangements for her as well because the last place Tara wanted to be was stuck with Gemma and more importantly Clay.

Gemma knew about the letters or at least had suspicions about them and what was written in them, Tara could kind of handle the Queen, but the King she wasn't so sure.

Gemma and Clay were close, and from what she had read in those god damn letters they were close enough to plot Gemma's first husbands demise. So it didn't take a genius to figure out that Gemma would have told Clay about them. And that scared her, he scared her.

Even when she had first started dating Jax when they were in high school Clay made her nervous, and at that stage she had only met him briefly, and then when he became a more permanent fixture in the Teller family Tara always tried to keep her distance from him. Jax had always told her that she was being stupid and that Clay would never hurt her.

She didn't think that statement was true anymore. Especially if he knew.

She needed now more than ever to get out of Charming. She didn't feel safe anymore and considering that Jax was constantly making sure she was protected- Rat had become a regular at their house- she didn't want it any more and she didn't know how much longer she could wait for Jax to come through. She loved him and would always be there for him but she had to think about her two sons. Their safety was her number one priority.

Happy let himself into the cabin. The night had been a complete waste of time. The only thing they had achieved was recovering the bodies to the heads that had been dropped on their doorsteps that morning. Everyone was pissed but Jax was livid and he was on the phone straight away to Clay.

Happy could tell that Jax was starting to re-think this whole deal especially now he could see where it was leading the club. This was why he voted no to this Cartel deal. He knew it would never end well, drugs always ended up dirty he seen it in the neighborhood he grew up it. But he couldn't think like that, the vote had passed and they were in this together as a club whether he like it or not. He would never turn his back on the club.

As he walked inside he was encased in darkness, apart from the small amount of light coming from the TV.

Resetting the alarm. He toed of his boots and made his way towards the light. He saw Nicole curled up on the crappy sofa he had fast asleep-he made a mental to move her later- walking back on himself he headed to the kitchen and grabbed himself a beer from the fridge before returning to living room where she lay.

He took a seat on the arm chair next to the couch. His eyes briefly flicked to the TV where the credits of whatever film she had chosen- well if she had made that far- rolled up the screen. He took a swig of his beer as his eyes raked over her. She looked like she had been crying again and that pissed him off. Chibs had filled them in on what happened and it took all of his willpower to keep his feet planted to the ground because as soon as he heard that that prick had touched her he wanted to kill him. Leaning forward and if he squinted he could just make out the red finger marks on her wrist. He winced at the memory of how he had left his own finger marks on her. He promised himself that day that it wouldn't happen again, he wouldn't lay hands on her and he wouldn't allow any other fucker to either, she'd already suffered enough of that shit. But he couldn't just up and leave Charming on a 6 hour ride to LA, so the prick would have to wait.

Draining what was left of his beer he placed the empty on the coffee table and picked up the control shutting off the TV before standing to his feet.

He was tired and knew that after tonight tomorrow was going to be an even busier day than they had first thought. Shrugging off his cut he draped it over the back of the couch followed by the bullet proof vest he was wearing.

He easily picked her up from the couch. First time he saw her he knew she had lost weight so he wasn't surprised by how light she felt, but he was surprised when she curled up against him, her arms wrapping around his neck. He froze for a second afraid that she would wake but she didn't.

He used his foot to kick back the covers before placing her down gently. He carefully unbuttoned her jeans and started to remove them, when he realised that they were the thing he hated the most, skinny jeans. Sure they made her ass and legs look great but they were a mother fucker to get off and that when the girl you were stripping them from was awake it got a hell of a lot more difficult when she was asleep and you were desperately trying not to wake her. But Hap did like to think of himself as some what of an expert when came to undressing her, this wasn't the first time she worn them and if to prove himself right he removed them without her even stirring.

Folding the jeans up and placing them on the his dresser he made his way back to her and grabbed the covers pulling them over her, happy that she was settled he went to head to the kitchen for another beer when he felt her catch his wrist between her petite fingers.

When he looked at her, her eyes were still shut which he found amusing.

"Jay?" He knew it was a question.

"He's whole." She smiled sleepily and dropped her hold on his hand as she curled back into herself, falling straight back asleep.

Happy hoped that she was going to be okay. It had been a rough couple of days for her. First Clay and then the Prick and Happy knew how she dealt with things like this and normally it wasn't very well. She could be tough as nails one minute then a wreck the next. Happy wasn't go to let her go there though.

The club was becoming more fucked up by the day. Piney was butting heads with Clay, Bobby had called a vote for change of leadership after he had heard about what had happened with Nicole at the warehouse, Juice was freaking out, Tara had been attacked and to top it all off they were now in the middle of a war between two Cartels. No one could handle if Nicole went on one her downward spirals, Jax had his hands full as it was already. Happy knew he would have to keep a close eye on her.

Juice knelt beside the unmarked grave where Miles lay. He hadn't been able to sleep since he had killed him. Everything was wrong, everything he was doing was wrong even though this had all started because he tried to do the right thing.

What an idiot?

After handing over the sample of blow to Roosevelt he arrested him. But that wasn't the worst of it.

He thought getting the sample was it, a one off thing. But it wasn't. Juice was locked in now and according to Roosevelt if he didn't continue to help the law by giving them dirt on Samcro word would be leaked to the underground that he was working with the feds. Which meant he might as well have confessed to taking the blow, because either way he was going to be killed but at least Miles wouldn't have had to suffer and Nicole would never have been dragged into this whole mess.

And then there was Nicole.

She was onto something. She was starting to put the pieces together and when she did, when she realised that he was putting her family lives on the line to save himself she would tell them.

No, there was only one way out of this mess. One way that put an end to all this and put a stop to any more innocent people getting hurt.

He wrapped the chain link around his neck, took a deep breath said a prayer and jumped off the branch of the tree he was perched on.

Yes this would all be over, no one else would get hurt because him.

Jax walked into his house. His eyes found Tara almost immediately where she sat at the kitchen table. She looked tired, stressed and the way she was looking at him Jax dreaded what was about to happen. Nodding knowingly at her he ran a hand over his beard turning his attention to Rat, the prospect who had now stood from his seat on the couch upon Jax's entrance.

"Go." Jax ordered coolly. Sensing the tension that had manifested in the seconds that Jax had entered the house Rat never answered instead deciding it was best just to leave as quickly as possible.

Watching the front door close behind him Jax took a settling breath and carefully walked into the kitchen sliding into the chair sat opposite her.

That sat in silence for god knows how long, both just looking at one another neither one of them wanting to start this inevitable conversation that had been hanging over them for days now.

"I need to know everything Jax." Tara finally spoke. Her voice was strained. She was smart always had been, it was a trait Jax had always loved and admired in her. She was everything he wasn't. She was a good person.

He remembered what a lucky bastard he felt when he first got together with her. She was a straight A student and a teachers pet, she was going places and it always baffled him as to why she even gave him a second look but she did and he wasn't going to try and second guess that because she was something special.

They lasted 3 years way longer than anyone, including himself had ever predicted. Jax had always felt love from his family and brothers and had always returned it but it wasn't until 9 months into his relationship with Tara that he really felt what it was to truly love someone, it was overwhelming at first in fact it scared the shit out him and almost had him running from her but when he realised that she loved him back that fear disappeared. On her 18th birthday he marked her with his crow something she willingly accepted.

Again against all the doubts Tara had kept up her school work and passed High-school with straight A's and as Valedictorian. Jax remembered how proud he was of his girl.

But after one of the best summers of his life everything changed. And he was faced with one of the most difficult decisions of his life. Tara or the Club.

He knew that if he tried, really tired he could have made her stay but what kind of a man would that make him. Making his girl give up on her dreams, give up on everything she had worked so hard for. She wanted to become a doctor, to save lives and he didn't want to take that from her even though the thought of losing her was tearing his heart into pieces.

But he'd be lying if he said that the club wasn't a factor. He loved the club, his brothers and his place within it. After his fathers death he had clung to the club, in a strange way, it was like being part of the club was keeping his dad alive and he wasn't ready to give up on that yet, he wasn't ready to step away from that.

But that was 12 years ago.

They had found their way back to one another 10 years after Tara had left Charming. And as soon as they had laid eyes on one another he knew that nothing had changed, he still loved her and she him. It had taken just weeks of them being back within the same town for them to re-connect and they hadn't looked back.

Sure it hadn't been easy there had been some major fucking bumps in the road but they had survived, and they had become a proper family like he had always imagined even at the young age of 18.

And after his recent stint in Stockton he came out with a new out look on life. Being inside away from his family he realised that he didn't want that anymore. He didn't like the fact that he was missing so much especially as he could easily find himself in this situation again because of his association with Samcro.

12 years ago he had chosen the club but as soon as he had stepped out of Stockton prison he had chosen Tara.

Tara and his boys were his life now. He didn't need the club like he had when he was 19 he needed Tara, his kids. He promised her that he was getting out and they could finally have a life together away from the club.

And although he hadn't changed his mind it was proving to be a lot harder to get out than he had originally thought. And looking at the love of his life sitting opposite him she to was feeling the strain.

He didn't want to tell her about the Cartel, he knew she wouldn't understand it, would think that it was to dangerous and after everything that had gone down today he would have to agree with her. But this was their way out and she needed to understand that so he would answer her question.

"That deal I told you about when I first got out the deal that was set to make us a lot of money." A slight movement of her head told him that she remembered so he continued. "It's with the Gallindo Cartel." He watched her eyes shoot to meet his. He gathered she knew what a cartel was. "We're muling their coke..."

"Jesus Christ..." She blew out a breath as she looked away from him.

"I din't know that the drugs were part of the deal, I thought it was just guns."

"Was that Clay?" Jax nodded. "He can't be trusted Jax." She was looking at him again. Hate clear in her eyes. It unsettled him for a moment, was the hate for him, Clay or the situation. He didn't know but he didn't like her looking at him like that.

"Look I know its a shitty deal but we need this babe. This deal is our out."

"And how long do you think we can survive this. I'm not stupid..."

"I know."

"The shooting today, what if the boys..." She trailed off at the thought. Jax shook his head.

"I'd never let that happen." And Jax meant it. He would throw his own life on the line before he let anyone hurt his family.

"You can't say that Jax..." Her voice was quiet and he could hear it falter. He knew what was coming because he had heard that voice once before. "I'm sorry...I have to go. I have to get them out of here." And just like last time he knew he couldn't stop her. So he nodded as he was unable to speak for the lump rising in his throat. And it was his silence that told Tara that she was doing the right thing.

She could see it written all over his face. Regret and failure. Wiping her tears she found the courage to continue.

"There's a conference up at Providence Hospital in Oregon, the day after tomorrow...There interested in me." More tears fell as she watched a proud smile spread onto Jax's face. She was telling him she was taking his children and leaving and he was he proud of her. This is why she loved him with her whole heart and why this was just a temporary solution she would never leave him again.

Reaching across the table Jax took her hand that she was using to wipe away her fallen tears, and brought it up to his lips, kissing her hand lightly before taking it in his other hand.

"Take Neeta with you. Stay there till things calm down here." Tara wrapped her hand over the top of his hands that were clutching hers. More tears falling.

"I love you so much..." She confessed with a shuddered breath. He brought both her hands to his lips again.

"I love you to." Jax got to his feet and pulled Tara from her chair, his arms encircling her as she willingly went to him burying her head in his cut. "I promise you, I'll get us out of this."

The next morning Nicole stirred feeling surprisingly rested and content. She knew any other normal person would be heartbroken by the fact that their engagement had crumbled, and even though she had shed a few tears last night, this morning she was actually feeling okay.

Although it hadn't gone like she had wanted it to, the facts hadn't changed. She was going to end things with Liam because she finally saw what probably everyone else had from the start, they weren't right for one another, they didn't fit. Liam had always been a means to an end. Of course she loved him he was a great guy, kind, giving, loving but there was a massive difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. And Nicole had never been in love with him.

She was fine with going along with everything, planing a wedding with him but that was before. Before she came back home and before she realised that her life was and always had been in Charming. That feeling was proven by how good she felt settled comfortably in the tattooed arm that was currently wrapped underneath her.

Shifting her body, she turned so that she was facing him. He was flat on his back lying above the sheets. He was shirtless and sockless but his jeans were still on. Shame. She thought to herself with a small smile on her lips.

She was under no illusion that the man across from her would never take an Old Lady and she didn't want to be one. Being a Niece, Cousin and surrogate daughter to most of the Sons was more than enough pressure she didn't think she could handle the Old Lady title as well. In saying that though she couldn't stop admiring the man beside her. She remembered exactly how his hands felt on her skin. The mere thought of it made her stomach flip. But then came the guilt. It hadn't even been 12 hours since her engagement to Liam ended and here she was wanting another man to touch her. I'm a horrible fucked up person. Nicole mused.

Flipping back the sheets she swung her legs over the edge of the bed. She was a little surprised to find herself missing her jeans, she looked over her shoulder at Happy, he must have taken them off because she couldn't remember doing it. Ignoring the thought of Happy undressing her Nicole made her way over to the adjoining bathroom.

As she sat on the toilet her eyes did a little scope of the room it was exactly like every other guys bathroom messy. She shook her head as she flushed the toilet. After washing her hands and giving herself the once over in the mirror-where she realised she looked like crap and no matter how much she pinched her cheeks she was still going to look like shit-she started searching for a towel to dry her hands not surprised when she found it on the floor. Bending down she picked it up but as she dried her hands something fell from the towel. Discarding the towel on the edge of the bath Nicole grabbed the shirt that had fallen. Holding the garment in front of her she took an intake of breath by what she saw.

The once white wife beater was now covered in blood, so much it was sickening. But it wasn't the blood that was bothering-living with Jax and Clay, Ryan even had gotten her used to seeing and cleaning blood stained clothes- what was bothering her was who the blood belonged to because from the view she had this morning Happy was injury free, thank god.

Opening the door shirt still in hand she prepared herself to wake him, but she was surprised to find him wide awake propped against the headboard staring at her. His eyes never left hers and Nicole held his stare before letting her eyes fall to the shirt in her hand, Happy's eyes following hers.

"It's not mine." He spoke his voice even more gravelly than normal.

"I gathered." Her eyes went to his perfect unharmed stomach. "Is it a Sons?" Happy shook his head.

Nicole actually felt herself relax as she released the breath she had been holding since picking up the shirt. No one was hurt, well none of her family anyway, she couldn't be sure about the other guy who's blood was currently smeared all over the shirt she was holding. She should have questions, and she did but she was just happy in the knowledge that the blood didn't belong to anyone she loved. Plus it was to early for all this shit.

"Okay." Nicole turned back on herself and dumped the shirt in the laundry basket. When she came out she headed for the dresser where she had spotted her jeans. As she pulled them on she could feel Happy looking at her and she tried to ignore it but was finding it very difficult.

Happy watched her getting dressed, trying to figure her out. Last night he had been worried that she wasn't handling shit but as he looked at her now she seemed okay, even after having found his bloody shirt she seemed fine. Sometimes he just didn't get her. Like he expected her to have more questions about the blood on his shirt. But nothing.

"You want some coffee?"

"Yeah." Nicole nodded and disappeared out of his room. He tilted his head slightly so he could watch her ass disappear down the hall. He knew it was probably a little too soon but he wondered if she would be up for reinstating their little arrangement, because he was dying to feel her again.

Grabbing a clean t-shirt from the dresser Happy made his way to the kitchen where he could hear her pottering around, obviously trying to find the things she needed. When he reached the kitchen he saw he leaning on her tiptoes as she tried to grab the mugs from the top shelf. She was such a short ass. Smirking he stepped up behind her and easily grabbed the two mugs she had be trying so hard to get to.

Nicole felt him before she saw his arm reach pass her and grab two mugs. She took a deep breath as he pressed himself against her. Nicole couldn't take much more so she turned her body around hoping that when she faced him he would put a little distance between them but she was wrong and facing him didn't help as she came face to face with his bare chest.

"Thanks." Nicole managed to utter as she tried hard to keep herself composed but the way Happy just smirked at her Nicole almost lost it then and there and jumped him, but then he backed away and pulled on his shirt. She was slightly relieved and slightly disappointed. Nicole shook that from her head and continued her task of making the coffee.

Happy found himself looking at her again. But this time he was looking at her differently. He found himself thinking about her and the prick. As long as he had known her she had always gone for guys the was somehow club related or knew of the life because Nicole whether she liked it or not was was SOA born and bread, even when she tried to distance herself from Samcro with her first boyfriend Micheal she didn't get very far. His dad was King of the Nords so he knew the outlaw kind of life. But this prick was different. He was clean cut and Happy was pretty sure the guy had never even seen the inside of a prison cell in his life or broken any kind of law. He looked like he wasn't short of a few bucks if the posh clothes she'd been wearing and all that designer crap was anything to go by. Was that why she was him, his money keeping her in the good life? Then he found himself wondering if he had even managed to fuck her properly. He doubted it if the way she had just been blushing was anything to go by. At that thought she turned to face him offering him a cup.

"Thanks." He mumbled before taking a sip of the coffee made exactly how he liked it.

"So how's Juice doing?" Happy stopped drinking his coffee and stared at her. Nicole knew asking Happy about Juice was probably not the best idea but she still couldn't get that shit out of her head. He was up to something and she was dying to get answers where ever she could.

Happy didn't like that Nicole was asking about Juice. She was a smart girl meaning that she was probably putting shit together, like he had. None of his other brothers seemed to be voicing their suspicions or even showing any signs that they were having any about Juice but Happy was. Ever since that day at the warehouse where Miles had been revealed as the person who had stolen the blow and Juice had shot him Happy had reservations. Something to him just didn't add up. He wouldn't say anything yet not until he was sure but if Juice was doing what he thought he was the last thing Happy wanted was Nicole to place herself in the middle of that shit. Juice may have already put her ass on the line once and that didn't sit well with him.

"Why you askin'?" Happy asked after taking a sip of his coffee. It annoyed the hell out of him when she shrugged at him. "Well.."

"Just with the shooting an all he hasn't killed like that before..." Nicole knew she was clutching at straws and she knew by the way he was looking at her that he didn't want to be having this conversation. This was a bad idea. She turned her head away from him as she placed her coffee on the side but was shocked when she felt him in front of her again. She really did hate it when he did that. With no other choice Nicole trained her eyes back to his. She couldn't make out the look that was in his eyes, but she swore he looked mad.

"That's club shit. I want you to stay away from Juice, he ain't your problem." Happy lent in closer so that their bodies were practically touching again. He could see that he was making her nervous and maybe he was coming on a little strong but he was doing it for her own good. "You getting me Nic?" Nicole nodded her head.

Happy knew. She wasn't sure what that meant giving that she didn't know what Juice was up to, but either Happy did or he was suspicious just like she was and all this, the unfaltering look in his eyes as he stared at her, the urgency in his tone. He was trying to protect to her, he was always trying to protect her.

"Okay." Before she could think about what she was doing she was pressing her lips against the corner of his mouth. "Okay." She said as she pulled back.

Happy fucking felt hard and it was taking all of his will power not to press her up against the counter and fuck her especially when he caught a whiff of that damn perfume of hers.

"Will you drop me off at Piney's cabin?" Her random and sudden question brought him from his dirty thoughts.


"Thanks." She smiled and Happy watched as she grabbed her cup and tried to move pass him. He thought about blocking her path but again reminded himself that this was to soon for her. Although he wasn't sure how much longer he would last especially if she pulled a stunt like that again. Again he turned to watch her walk away from him as this time she disappeared back into his bedroom. Happy decided to stay put following her into a room where there was a perfectly good bed probably wasn't the best idea.

After getting herself ready-the best she could considering she didn't really have anything to help her- she found Happy still standing in the kitchen expect now he had his phone pressed to his ear. Coughing lightly to announce her presence she watched Happy look over his shoulder at her before looking away and saying a quick parting to whoever he was on the phone to before he pocketed his cell and turned to look at her properly.

"Gimme a minute."

"Okay." True to his world Happy was back in no time and they were heading out the door.

Thirty minutes after leaving Happy's place they were pulling up outside Piney's cabin. Happy kicked down the kick stand and cut the engine. She was pulling off the helmet when Happy finally started talking to her. He hadn't said a word since he told her to give him a minute.

"I'll wait out here for ya." Nicole cocked a brow, she hadn't expected that. Easing herself from behind him she moved beside him so that she could look at him.

"You don't have to."

"Clay's holding church at his house in an hour Jax wants me to drop you there." Ah so it was Jax who had called. That didn't surprise her. She nodded her head and handed him the helmet. "You want me to come in?"

"Nah I think I can handle the old man." This time it was his turn to nod.

"So what's with the guard dog?" Piney asked glancing out the window at Happy as he passed. Nicole smiled as she took the cup of coffee he was offering her. She took a sip and choked when she realised that it was a Piney special. "So?" She looked up from her mug at Piney who was now sat across from her sipping on his own special brew of coffee, his eyes fixed firmly on her.

"He's just my lift Piney." She didn't miss the roll of his eyes.

"Not to sound ungrateful but what's this all about darlin?" Nicole decided to take another sip of the coffee, this time already knowing what to expect she didn't choke, in fact she enjoyed the warmth of the coffee combined with the slight burn of Whiskey.

Piney eyed her curiously. He wondered why she was here, wondered if this was going to turn into Teller argument number two. He hoped not because he wasn't sure if he was up for that.

"You were right Piney." She looked up at him and saw the raised brow on the old mans face. "I should have listened to you when you came to LA, I should have come home when you told me that Jay needed me. You were right I was being selfish."

"Sweetheart I never..."

"No Piney you were right I can see that now."

"This have anything to do with Clay pulling you out on that missing brick?" Nicole just shrugged. She still didn't know what to make of that and so far she had avoided any conversation she could about it.

"Yes." She answered honestly. "What happened at the warehouse not just with me but Miles and Juice...Shit like that shouldn't be happening. Clay is losing it the whole club is."

"The vote yesterday, Bobby is pushing for change of leadership."

"That doesn't surprise me. How does that stand now after the shooting?"

"It's been pushed back till all this shit has been dealt with".

"I want to help Piney." She was surprised when he started shaking his head. Weeks ago he had come to her in LA and pretty much begged her to come back to Charming and help, and when she was finally ready to do that Piney didn't want her to she didn't get it. "Piney..."

"I was wrong sweetheart, this isn't your mess to clean up and the way things are I don't want you getting caught up in all of this."

"But you said yourself I'm the only who can get through to Jay." Nicole moved from her seat and came to kneel in front of Piney taking hold of one of his hands. "Please Piney. You have to let me help I can't just sit back and watch my family fall apart."

Piney smiled down at the young woman in front of him. He loved the girl like his own. He remembered when she first came to live with John and Gemma. She was a shy, timid little thing but that wasn't surprising after what she had suffered through. But she came through it fighting and Piney had watched her grow from that little girl who wouldn't say boo to a ghost into a beautiful young woman who could handle pretty much anything life could throw at her and all with a smile on her face. Her love grew as well over the years, after her fathers poor treatment of her towards the end he wondered if she would ever be able to love someone, but she did. She may find it hard to accept love but she gave her whole heart to her family and she was proving that now.

The love she had for her family was the reason Piney went to her for help but he realised now that it was wrong of him. She loved her family too much. Getting them out of this Cartel deal was going to be hard, Clay would dig his heals in and he realised that she should never be put in the middle of that. And not just because of her love for her step Uncle but because Piney had a horrible feeling that Clay wouldn't hesitate to put her harms way.

"I was wrong to ask you to get involved." He ran a thumb over her cheek. "This is club business sweetheart. Plus trust me I have this under control."

"Under control?" Nicole asked skeptically, an eyebrow raised which made Piney chuckle.

"I may be old darlin but I still have some uses."

"That I don't doubt." They both laughed before Nicole went back to being serious. She stood to her feet but stayed positioned in front of Piney. "Just do me one thing."

"Sure darlin."

"Be careful, Clay he's...he's losing it he's getting in to deep with them." By them she meant the Cartel. She stepped back as Piney got to his feet. His arms pulling her into a hug.

"Will do sweetheart. Will you do one thing for me?" Nicole nodded her head against his chest. "Make sure Jax remembers who his real father is, what he stood for." Nicole lifted her head so she could look at him.

She loved John he had been a surrogate father to her and she had always done her best to honor his memory but that was before Jax had told her about what had happened in Ireland, before she knew about Maureen and Trinity. When she heard all that she had seen a different side to John a side that she wasn't comfortable with especially after witnessing the hurt that that truth had caused Jax.

"I love John always will, but he messed up Piney. He bailed on everyone, his club, his family and for what some piece of ass. He had a kid with her Piney. He betrayed Gemma and Thomas. I'm sorry I don't think Jay can forgive that and I'm not sure anything I say will change that." She pulled out from his embrace. Her arms folding across her chest. "And I'm not sure I want to." Piney was about to respond when a knock on the door interrupted them. She watched Piney's eyes move to over her shoulder. She didn't need to turn around to know it was Happy. She was actually glad that he was interrupting them because she didn't want to continue this conversation. Leaning up on the balls of her feet she placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Be careful old Man."

"You too sweetheart." She returned his smile before turning on her heels and heading over to Happy who was waiting by the door for her. "You look after this one." Piney shouted after them. She watched Happy nod his head and she rolled her eyes at him making him smirk.

"Come on, take me home."

"Sure thing Kid."