"How far along are you?" Nico asked once he and Doctor Santino, Dani, were alone in the room; the others had left at the conclusion of the meeting.

Dani blinked slowly and turned her head to face Nico. "Pardon me?" She inquired stupidly. It honestly didn't surprise her that he knew but she wasn't ready to give it up so easily.

Nico tilted his head and dropped into the chair right beside hers; the one recently vacated by the still pining Matt. He gave her a look clearing saying he wasn't buying it. "How far along are you in your pregnancy?" He elaborated when she sat silent and unyielding.

Out of them all Dani knew it would be Nico to figure it out. Even her own family didn't know and frankly she had no idea how to tell them. Then there was the small problem of Matt. She had loved Matt. She really did. But news of her pregnancy would crush him seeing as they broke up because she didn't want anymore kids. It was best to just the bullet, so to speak, when it came to Nico. "Eighteen weeks." She mumbled as she reached down and pulled her purse onto her lap from the floor.

"St. Louis then?" Nico sat back in his chair and regarded the good doctor. He was entering uncharted territory now.

"Yeah." Dani fiddled with the strap of her purse. St. Louis. The faithful trip that left her in this condition. They'd been chasing T.K after he flipped his car and fled the scene. Nico because it was his job and Dani because T.K trusted her. How or why he ended up in St. Louis was still a mystery but they had found him in a hotel and it took them over two weeks of threatening, Nico, and reasoning, Dani, to get him to agree to come home. But in that time something happened between the Doctor and the Fixer. It lasted a single night and might have involved heavy amounts of alcohol; she was still fuzzy on the exact details.

Nico nodded and steepled his hands on the conference room table. "And you didn't tell me sooner because it slipped your mind?"

Dani rolled her eyes. "I didn't tell you because I don't expect anything from you. We were both stressed and drunk and out of our minds."

"So you're just going to shoulder all the responsibility? Without even giving me the option?" Nico frowned. "That's terribly unfair of you, Doctor Santino, to assume that I'd want nothing to do with our child just because the night of its conception is a little...hazy."

"Are you telling me you want to be in our sons life?" Dani confused. She was so sure that he'd want nothing to do with the baby that she never let herself consider the possibility.

Nico paused. "A son? We're having a boy?" This was a lot to take in but he had know she was pregnant for a couple weeks now and had gotten used to the idea.

Dani couldn't help but smile. "I had my ultrasound a couple days ago and we are, indeed, having a little boy." She dug around in her purse and pulled out a black and white picture which she handed to Nico.

Taking the picture Nico stared at the crystal clear image. "A son." He was literally speechless.

"You can keep that one I have more." Dani leaned over and pointed out the different features that were clearly defined. After seeing the look on Nico's face she felt bad for not telling him. "I'm so sorry I didn't tell you."

Nico waved off her apology as he tucked the precious picture into his jacket pocket. "Your actions were understandable. But now that I know I expect to be kept in the loop at all times. Clear?"

Dani nodded. "Crystal." Sensing an end to the conversation she pushed herself to her feet, pulled her oversized sweater down, and gathered her things to leave.

"Would you like to have dinner with me today?" Nico asked out of the blue. It was pushing eight o'clock and he wasn't ready to part company just yet.

"I'm actually free all evening so I'm all yours Mister Careles." Dani told him with a large smile as they left the conference room and then the stadium together.