Dani would have been lying if she said her relationship with Matt hadn't become awkward and strained once the news of her pregnancy spread. He had been angry, understandably, about the turn of events. And where a once easy flowing working relationship once stood there was silence and thick, angry, tension. But now as she looked through her sweat matted bangs at the sweet man telling her to push she couldn't help but feel that their friendship had taken a turn towards healing. "I am breathing!" She wheezed out and tightened her grip on Matt's hand. "Urg!"

Matt winced when he felt several of the bones in his hand crack but he didn't let go. Just because he thought the whole situation was unfair didn't mean he was going to leave her to do this alone. "Is Nico on his way?" He asked once she lay back, panting, against the pillows of her hospital bed.

"Unless there is an airstrip on the roof of this hospital then no Nico isn't on his way." Dani felt it terribly unfair that Nico wasn't here but he had been called out of town just two days prior to deal with a situation concerning a new draftee's family and the situation had yet to be resolved.

"Does he even know?" Matt racked his brain trying to remember if he had seen Dani call the wayward father-to-be at any point since this whole ordeal began. "Please tell me you called him." He practically begged then groaned at the scathing look she shot his way. He began to fish around in his pants pocket with his free hand for his phone. "He might not kill you but me on the other hand..." He searched through his contacts and dialed the only number he had for the teams fixer. Once he heard Nico's voice pick up on the other end he hurriedly explained what was going on and knew better than to wait for an answer when a moment later the line went dead. "He's on his way." Tucking the phone back into his pocket he continued with his coaching duties. "Just keep breathing you're uh doing fine." He encouraged with a strained smile.

Dani huffed and focused on her breathing just like she had been taught but it wasn't helping and all she wanted to do was push. "How much longer?" She directed the question to the the nurse monitoring her vitals. She groaned when she didn't like the answer. "Hours? You must be kidding me?!"

Matt shook his head and extracted his hand from her grip. "I'm going to go and update your family. Try and get some rest okay?" With that he slipped out of the room.

"Get some rest?" Dani rolled her eyes in exasperation. "He should try resting when a watermelon trying to exit through his yoohoo." She grumbled but slipped off into a light doze all the same. When she awoke again it wasn't Matt by her side but Nico. "How long have I been out?"

"Not very long." Nico ran a wet cloth over her sweaty forehead then took her hand. "Doctor said it won't be long now. You're almost ready."

Dani sighed ready for it to be over. "How'd you get here so fast? Pennsylvania isn't that close."

Nico shrugged. "Perks of having the team helicopter at your disposal. I was in the air just minutes after Donnally called. Speaking of..." He gave her a look.

"Things happened quickly. One minute I'm in a meeting with Coach and Terrance about his rehab reports and the next my water is breaking and Matt is rushing me here." Dani motioned around the state of the art hospital room. Being an employee of the Hawks really did have it perks but each and everyone of them were earned through blood, sweat, and tears. "I just forgot and then I figured you wouldn't be able to get here in time so why make you worry?" That's one thing she had found out about Nico during the course of the pregnancy; he was a nervous nelly. Always worrying about her health and the health of their son.

"You should know by now that I would move heaven and earth to be here. That come hell or highwater I would witness the birth of this child; our child." Nico chided as gently as his temper would allow.

The doctor picked that moment to walk into the room and announce, after checking, that it was time to have the baby. "Alright folks are we ready to meet your son? He's an impatient one and I imagine it won't take long at all for him to make an appearance." Smiling he got into position. "Alright Dani I want you to do as I say. Push!" And with that said the final moments were underway.

Dani pushed when the doctor said and stopped when he commanded. The pain was overwhelming at times but not unexpected and soon a welcoming, angry, cry pierced the chaotic room.

Nico couldn't help but grin when he cut the cord and got the first look at his son. But the precious bundle was whisked away before he got a chance to hold him and he found himself pushed from the room as a frantic doctor began barking orders. Something was wrong. He didn't turn knowing he'd come face to face with a waiting room full of well-wishers. The celebration would have to wait until he knew what was wrong.

"Yo tall, dark, and broody whats the what?" Terrance, T.K, King asked from a chair in the corner. To his left and right sat the Santino mini's. On the small loveseat sat Matt and Coach. And across from them in another chair was Angela, Dani's mother.

Before Nico could attempt to answer the doors to the room opened and the doctor stepped out. "You can go in now Mister Careles."

Nico stepped in preparing himself for the worst. "What happened?" He asked the doctor that had followed him back inside.

The doctor patted his shoulder. "There was some bleeding but we were able to get that contained quickly so no damage. I have to tell you in all my years delivering babies this rarely happened." He let out a hearty laugh and motioned to the bed where Dani was holding not one bundle but two. "Your son wanted your daughter to be a surprise. It's rare that we don't detect the second baby at some point through the pregnancy but it would explain some of the readings we were getting that were abnormal. No need to worry all three of them are fine." He excused himself then.

"Twins." Dani breathed when the room was empty except for them. "This is unbelievable."

"Unbelievable is right." Nico stepped up to the bed and took the pink bundle from her mothers arms. "Two babies." He was still getting used to the idea of one and now there was two. "Hello there princess." He mumbled as he stroked a finger up and down his daughters rosy cheek.

Dani motioned with her head to the bedside table. "They left the papers there to fill out. We need to give them names before they go to the nursery." She was sore but the shock of their surprise was overriding the worst of it.

Nico rocked, gently, back and forth. "Nicholas David as we decided." He looked down at his sleeping daughter drawing a blank on what to call her.

"Adah Grace." Dani offered. "Adah means beautiful addition and Grace is pretty self explanatory."

"Adah Grace?" Nico tried the name out several times and found himself liking it. "Adah Grace and Nicholas David it is." He filled out the necessary papers stopping every once in a while to rock the fussing Adah.

The room quickly filled with impatient friends and family. The twins were passed from one person to the next with Ray-Jay and Lindsey cooing over them the longest. T.K announced himself honorary uncle and even disappeared for a bit only to reappear with the entire baby section of the gift shop in tow. No one could chide T.K for his excitement since it was his fault, after all, that the twins came to be.

It was quite late when everyone left the the babies were taken to the nursery. The two new parents were exhausted and soon both were sleeping. Their hands tightly linked. And smiles on their faces.

Authors Note

Well what did you think? This chapter was a pain to write and this is like my 3rd draft and I know its not going to get any better than this. For all intents and purposes it's finished. But if the mood so strikes me I'll do an epilogue so keep watch for that. But no promises.