I know I just made a new story but this idea is REALLY getting on my nerves and I just have too. Anyway, this is my new story "The Phantom Games" I really hope you enjoy!

Also, the idea of the name was created by "Teameida Creator"! Thank you again :3

Normal POV

It was a normal day. Well normal for Danny and his friends. But that all changed. When the day Vlad came, they never knew it would be the last day they would have a normal day.

It all started on a Saturday afternoon. Danny, Sam, and Tucker went to Sam's house to have a movie marathon.

"So you ready?" Danny asked as he came down his stairs and into the living room where Tucker and Sam were standing.

"I been ready since we got here." Sam replied sarcastically. Danny then rolled his eyes.

"Lets just go." Danny said. But just then Jazz came.

"Ooh! Hi Jazz!" Tucker said with excitement.

"Hey Tucker. Where are you guys going?" Jazz asked.

"We're going to Sam's to have a movie marathon!" Tucker replied happily.

"Ooh! Can I come?" Jazz asked.

"No/yes." Danny and Tucker replied in unison.

"So is it a no or a yes?" Jazz asked.

"A no." Danny replied.

"Danny please? Can Jazz go?" Tucker pleaded.

"Danny its my house and me and Jazz are getting really close. So I think she can come." Sam said.

"Fine." Danny said defeated.

"Yes!" Jazz and Tucker said in unison.

"Why are you so happy that my sister is coming Tuck?" Danny asked.

"Uh, oh, um because…, because um… we're close too?" Tucker replied.

"O…kay," Danny said. "Well lets go." Then they left Fenton Works and headed to Sam's.

Meanwhile Vlad was planning an attack. The attack was so.. Deep. What he was doing was so crazy. He was going to kill Danny. Literally. Vlad was going to win. No more Danny Phantom and his sidekicks. He was going to rule the world.

During the movie, Tucker and Jazz were in comfy chairs, sitting next to each other. And on the couch, Danny and Sam were sitting really close to each other, that their hands were slightly touching. They kept glancing at each other. And when their eyes finally met, they couldn't look away.

'Wow. Sam has the beautiful eyes I ever seen' Danny thought.

'Oh my god. Danny's big blue eyes are so beautiful. I just.. Can't look away.' Sam thought. Soon they were leaning towards each other. Looking at their lips and then their eyes. But when they closed their eyes and their lips were an inch apart, Danny's ghost sense went off. Danny and Sam pulled apart quickly.

"Uh.. Going ghost!" Danny yelled as he was pulled out of his daze. He then transformed into Danny Phantom and phased through the ceiling. Sam, Tucker, and Jazz ran out the door to see if he needed help.

Danny then came face to face with the ghost who interrupted his movie night. And the ghost was Vlad.

"Oh. Hey Vlad! I'm guessing you want my Mom's phone number?" Danny joked.

"Oh Daniel I got other things to do. Like destroy you and rule the world." Vlad said.

"Oh I thought you wanted me as your 'son'." Danny joked again.

"Yes, yes I do. But destroying you is always an option." Vlad replied grinning.

"Yeah, well why won't you just go home and feed your cat." Danny said.

"Nope. The cat is fed and I got better things to do like watching you and your friends die." Vlad said.

"Wait what do you mean-" Danny was cut off by Vlad.

"Ah, well. Now lets get on with it shall we?" Vlad asked as he captured Danny and his friends in a ghost proof (and human proof) net. They then vanished in the air.

When Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz woke up, they were in the middle in the woods.

"Where…. Are we?" Sam asked. Just then a big TV appeared in the sky. Vlad was in it.

"Well you are in the Games. The Phantom Games."

CLIFFHANGER! Lol. Do you like, hate, or love it? I don't think anyone will read this, am I correct? XD Anyway, what will happen? What are the Phantom Games? Are they going to survive? Find out in Chapter 2!