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The Phantom Games

Chapter 18



Danny and Jack just stared at each other. How could this be true? His family, not captured by Vlad? How did they survive? How did they even escape? Danny didn't believe this one bit. Vlad must be in disguise.

"Vlad, you can't fool me. Now get out of my Dad!" he shouted. Jack looked confuse.

"Danny-boy, its me. Dad, remember?" Jack reminded. Danny still wasn't buying it.

"Vlad, I swear if you don't get out of my dad right now, I swear I'll-" he was cut off by Jack covering his mouth with his black gloved hand.

"Son, its me. I'm not Vlad. Vlad's in that door and if we don't go in there quick, your mother is going to die." Jack explained. Danny wide-eyed in fear. Jack then lifted his hand off Danny's mouth, and let it fall to his side. Danny let go of Sam's hand, and hugged him. He hugged back.

"I… missed you dad," Danny admitted. "I thought you were going to die…"

"Me too, boy. Me too." They then separated as the others appeared around the corner.

"Mom, Dad!" Sam exclaimed. She ran over to them with a huge grin on her face, which is strange for a Goth, and hugged her mother and father. They smiled and hugged her back.

"Oh Samantha, we were worried about you," Jeremy sobbed. "We thought we'd never see you again."

"Same goes with me," Sam admitted. "I missed you guys."

"We did too, Sammy-kins." her mother and father said in unison.

Tucker's Mom, Angela, and Tucker stared at each other. They knew they lost someone. Someone who they loved oh so very much. And right now, him and her is all they really had. Angela held out her arms wide, and Tucker ran into them. They sobbed together silently.

"Oh, my baby! I'm so glad you're okay," Angela choked out.

"I'm here Mom, and I'm not going anywhere." Tucker promised. Angela sobbed harder.

"You're so much like your father," she admitted. "Please, don't leave me, baby. I love you very much. You know that right? Mommy loves you?" Tucker looked up at her and saw her red puffy eyes that matched his. He then nodded, and pushed his head back on her shoulder.

"Yes I do Mom, and I love you too." he admitted. Angela squeezed him one last time before letting him go. They then looked at Jack who was ready for action.

"You guys ready?" he asked the crew. They all nodded. "Now, here's what I need you all to do…"

"Madeline!" Vlad sang.

Maddie woke up to see she was still in the cage on the solid floor. She sighed and got up. Vlad was in front of her cage, staring into her soul.

"What?" Maddie asked harshly.

"Visitors are coming," he replied.

"Who are the visitors?" she asked. Vlad grinned.

"In a few seconds, you'll know." He then vanished in the air.

Maddie was confused. Who were the visitors? Were they monsters… ghosts? She didn't know. Maddie kept her violet eyes on the door, never looking away. She waited until it opened, ghosts flying everywhere and soon they would attack her. But that didn't happen. What did happen made Maddie beam with joy. It was her family. It was her family! They survived! She knew they could do it.

"Mom!" Danny and Jazz cried.

"Maddie!" Jack exclaimed.

"Kids! Jack!" Maddie called. Soon, her three loved ones flew in front of the cage in a flash. Danny then transformed to Danny Phantom. He turned intangible and lead his mom a hand. Maddie was going to take it when a black midnight gloved hand covered her mouth and pulled her back. It was Vlad, and he was holding her head-locked with a knife. He flew out of the cage and towards the screen where the Games are watched.

"Move any closer, or she dies." he threatened. Danny and Jack narrowed their eyes.

"Let her go." They demanded in unison. Vlad grinned.

"Make me."

Jack had enough. Messing with him, okay. Kidnapping his friends and family and making their kids go in a deadly game and let the parents watch? You die. Threatening to kill his wife? You might just want to say run, or you're going to die slowly and painfully. He ran to Vlad as fast as he could with Danny and the other screaming his name to stop. He didn't listen. He had enough of the nonsense. Its time to put an end to this horrible story.

The others watched as the knife that was held to Maddie's neck start slowly coming towards her neck. If Jack didn't stop, then he would put his wife in danger. So much danger that she'll die. And I mean literally. Die.

Jack finally was close enough to Vlad to reach him. Everyone thought this was the end of Maddie. Maddie was going to die. And it would be Jack's fault.

But Vlad mesmerized everyone. He rapidly let go of Maddie's neck with the knife still in hand, and made it's way toward Jack's chest. He stabbed him. Blood splattered against his jumpsuit. The others looked stunned, jaws dropped. Sam held on to Danny's arm tightly, comforting him in someway. Danny just stood there like a rock. He didn't even breathe. He was about to go help his dad, but Sam didn't let him.

"Sam, let go! I need to help my dad!" he shouted.

"No, Danny. If you do, Vlad…" she couldn't even finish. Danny frowned and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Sam, I promise I'll be careful. Just please, I need to go save my dad." Danny promised.

"Promise?" she asked. Danny nodded.

"Promise." She then released his arm, and Danny turned intangible and flew to his dad. When he finally got there, he turned visible again, and looked at his bleeding chest.

"Dad… stay with me. Come on Dad, please." Danny pleaded. It was just then that a light bulb turned on in his head. He saw an emergency room down the hall. Ha, oh Vlad, such an idiot.

Danny once again, turned intangible and flew through the door, hoping that without him, the others were okay.

And of course, they weren't.

When he got back from the emergency room, his heart pounded with worry. He only been gone for literally a minute and the place was almost torn down. The walls were covered with black burned scratches, the screen was black with a hole in it, and the cage was dented. The others weren't seen, and that what frightened him. He could see Vlad grinning while searching the area. Lucky for Danny, he was invisible at the moment. He then went over to Jack who was still lying on the floor with the aid kit in hand, and silently patched him up.

Somehow in someway, Vlad did not see this. He was to busy finding the others and where they have hidden. Danny prayed he doesn't, nor him and his dad.

Danny smiled as he finished patching his dad up. Jack fluttered his eyes open and looked at Danny who was putting the equipment back in the aid kit.

"D-Danny?" Jack stuttered. He looked at him.

"Hi, Dad. We have to go." Danny said. He grabbed his dad off the floor with his super strength and carried him in bridal-style. He turned then both intangible and flew up in the air. He then saw a closet. His conscience told him something. It told him the others were in there, and he listened. He phased through the door and found them clutching their knees with frightened faces. He turned visible and landed him and his dad on the ground.

"Jack!" Maddie cried.

"Dad!" Jazz exclaimed. They ran to him, and hugged him. He gently hugged back. After that, Jazz and Maddie hugged Danny.

"Danny!" They cried in unison. Danny hugged them both back. Soon, they pulled apart.

"Thank you," Maddie whispered. Danny nodded that said, "No problem". Sam then stood up, and hugged Danny tightly.

"I thought you were hurt… I-I thought…" Sam stuttered. Tears formed in her eyes, but she dared not to let them slide down her cheek. Danny hugged her tighter.

"Its okay… I'm here, I'm fine. Everything will be alright, okay? We're going to defeat Vlad. I promise." Danny comforted. He suddenly didn't believe his own words. Vlad had become… strong. He became smarter at his moves, Danny could tell. He wasn't sure if he could defeat him now. Vlad's too powerful. Might be more powerful than Pariah, or… Dark Dan.

Danny mentally shuddered at that thought of him, but shook it away. There was no time to think of the past. No time to think of what might happen in the future. All he can think about now, is the present.

He pulled away from Sam and looked at everyone. Angela and Tucker were clutching each other, followed by Jazz, Maddie, and Jack. And Sam just went over to her mother and father and hugged them. Danny sighed.

"We need a new plan," Danny started. "we need all of us together to defeat Vlad. He's too powerful now to fight alone. I need your guys help. ONLY if you promise to be careful." He was mostly looking at Sam at the last statement. Her cheeks became a light red, making Danny give her a half smile. But then became serious as he looked at the people around him.

"We promise." Jazz replied. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Okay… good. Now the plan is for me and dad to distract him. But dad, if you're too weak to-" Jack cut him off.

"I'm alright. Whenever there's an enemy on the loose, I'm here to defeat it. Especially if it attacks my family." Jack stated. Danny smiled.

"Good. Now as what I was saying, you guys need to be back up. If I'm hurt, Tucker and Sam could cover for me. If Dad's hurt, Mr. Manson and Mom could cover up for him. Jazz and Mrs. Manson, you two can be the ones to patch us up if either one of us are hurt, okay?" Danny instructed. They all nodded. They all got their weapons that they had with them since they got there. Danny charged his ghost ray and his eyes narrowed to the door.

"Let's do this."

DUN, DUN, DUN! Okay, okay, before you start ranting on and on about how not realistic this was, I have something to say.

I know Jack wouldn't automatically wake up when he finally gets patched up, and he wouldn't be able to fight because he's weak, but to me, Jack's strong. If you just look deeper into him, you could see the person he really is inside. Because even an idiot (like Jack xD) has a side where they're tough and actually smart. Because to Jack, if someone messes with his family, they have to go through him first ;)

And some of you might think, "Why is there an emergency room, and how did Vlad not know about it?" I'm not telling you. You'll find out later… ;)

So what's gonna happen? Will they defeat Vlad, or is he too powerful to beat like Danny said? Find out in Chapter 19! :D