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The Phantom Games

Chapter 20

Final Chapter

When a loved one dies, its alright to cry. Its alright to cry on someone's shoulder, and in the middle of nowhere. You can cry… you don't have to be strong. But Danny was doing the opposite. He would just tense up, seeing his father dead on the ground with his mother kneeling down while crying on his chest. He saw Jazz cry while Tucker held her in his arms. He saw Sam putting a comforting hand on his shoulder, telling him it was alright to cry. But all he did was just stand still, mesmerized by the dead body in front of him. He couldn't save him… he failed to save his father. And that's what made him snap.

Danny pushed Sam's hand off his shoulder and ran to his dad. He gently pushed his mom out of the way, and began to form CPR. Good thing he learned that back in 8th grade, but nothing was happening. He yelled and he screamed for his dad to wake up, but nothing was happening. Tucker and Sam would try to pull him back, but he would just push them away. His eyes turned into a piercing green, and his knuckles turned white as milk from clutching them too hard.

Sam and Tucker were worried for their friend. They never saw him this mad before. Maddie and the other adults were worried too. What was wrong with Danny? Was he alright? What will happen to him? They watched as Danny loosened his fists, and his eyes appearing back to normal. He slammed his forehead onto his father's stomach while tears slid down his face. His father was gone… Gone.

Sam kneeled next to him and put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Danny looked up with his bloodshot eyes. He then hugged her tight while she told him that everything was going to be alright, and to let it all out. Danny obeyed and cried harder, making Sam rub his back more, assuring that everything was going to be okay from now on.

After a few more minutes of crying and sobbing, they all walked out of the room in silence. They walked into the dark hallway, trying to find the main exit area. Soon, they finally did. They saw the light of the door calling their names. They ran as fast as they could towards it, and found themselves in the daylight. They looked and they searched for any vehicles they could use to get home.

It was just then that Vlad's limo was seen. It was obvious that this whole "Game" was underground, behind Vlad's Mansion. They rushed to it and hopped inside while Jeremy drove. Danny took a window seat with Sam by his side. She held his hand to comfort him, and he took it with pleasure. Jazz sat on the other window seat while Tucker wrapped an arm around her, and she laid her head on his chest. Maddie, Pamela, and Angela sat across from the kids, all huddled up to comfort each other.

Jeremy just drove, keeping his eyes on the never-ending road. He regretted all the mean things he had said to Jack. He regretted it so badly. If only he could go back in time, and stop Jack from dying. But he can't. Its destiny now, and you can never change what destiny has done.

As they all drove home in silence, a ghost was watching their every move. The ghost wanted revenge on them for killing his friend. It always gets what it wants. And right now, it wants revenge. It wants to kill Danny Phantom. And to kill Danny Phantom it wants, to kill Danny Phantom it will get.

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