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Don't Let Go

He had been alive for a long time… too long.

He had defeated one of the earth's greatest enemies and bested him... but his victory did not come without a price.

The price of immortality.

Some would call it a curse, and some a blessing... but for him it was a constant reminder of all his mistakes.

He had seen all his comrades, all his enemies, and all his various lovers die…

He had been through war, a terrible war.

A war in which he could not stop, as the enemy was many.

He had watched the Capital rise, and the Hunger Games start.

He had watched everything knowing he could do absolutely nothing.


Naruto stared into the mirror his expression the one of indifference. He wore a white button up shirt, black pants, and firm boots. His necklace—the gift from Tsunade—was tucked beneath his collar.

Why was he dressed lacking his trademark orange?

The answer today was a special day!

It was his supposed "last" reaping ever.

Naruto could only chuckle grimly at the thought, so far he had been through all 74 reaping's, and has never been chosen for any of them. As always the odds were ever in his damn favor.

Of course when he became too old, he changed his District, as well as his name—since his appearance could never be said to less or more than 13 or 18. He often henged, or used Genjutsu on his hair, facial structure, and blood in order to keep in hiding.

And as a result of his constant running, he now occupied District 12, the wonderful coal mining district.

Hesitantly, Naruto sent his reflection one last final look before heading out the door, wincing as his eyes adjusted to the light. And as he did everyday he cast his sad gaze over the part of town he inhabited, a familiar sick feeling entering his stomach.

Even though he lived in the richer part of the District it was still a pathetic sight, as children and adults walked slowly to the place of death sentence—as they called the reapings in Twelve.

Slowly he followed suite, trailing behind watching as the young children shook in fear as their parents gave them comforting hugs. Longing overwhelmed him as he looked on, what he would give to be touched like that again…

Naruto scowled shaking away the thought, pushing past them in rage, and guilt. He once again slowed when the Peace Keepers came into his line of vision. With a calming breath he crept in line for his blood to be taken, his eyes unknowingly searching for her.

For Katniss Everdeen.

The relationship between him and the Everdeen girl was... an odd one. They couldn't be considered friend or even enemies, since they didn't see each other often enough. They weren't acquaintances as they saw too much of each other for that. What they had was… perhaps... a mutual understanding.

It had all started when Naruto went to the bakery.

The baker's wife—a cruel woman in Naruto's opinion—had interrupted his trading with her husband saying something about a damn Seam brat. This—of course—enraged the henged thirteen year old Naruto, as he was once less fortunate, so he quickly finished his trade before storming out the door; but not before casting the baker a sympathetic glance as he tried to calm his wife.

Upon exiting the building he had to slightly squint to see, as it was raining lightly outside. His cerulean eyes drifted to a hundled bundle in the street.

And that's when their gazes met.

She was starving, her body was too thin, and her bones looking to fragile. But the worst thing about her was the look in her eyes... The look of loneliness, and desperation, which had succeeded in covering the overwhelming strength…

When Naruto had looked at the girl, he only saw himself…

So he did what the villagers in Konaha—except for a selective few—never did for him.

He helped her.

That was the day he vowed to help her.

That was the day of their first meeting.


Naruto blinked himself out of his daze, as he strode forward his palm face up. He resisted the urge to flinch in disgust when the Peace Keeper took his hand, before pricking it, drawing blood.

The Peace Keeper nodded, placing his arm down, "Next."

Immediately the blonde set off wanting to be as far away from those people as he could. They all disgusted him… well except for Darius, but that was only because the young man was untainted by the Capitol ways…

He carefully slipped through the rest of the children heading for the section for eighteen year old boys, nodding in greeting when he passed a couple of his "friends." A grimace slowly made its way on his face when he saw a couple of the first-yearlings (for the reaping) clutch onto their siblings like a life line.

He could only imagine what was going through their head at the moment.

Naruto waited impatiently till the clock stroke two, and Mayor Undersee, began his repetitive speech.

In Naruto's very humble opinion the man should just straight out say "the Capitol is great, don't rebel, or you die," because that sums up the whole damn almost hour long speech in two seconds... But Snow likes speeches about the Capitol or himself to be dramatic.

A smirk appears over Naruto's face as he applaused politely with the crowd, Haymitch Abernathy has just made his spectacular appearance.

In truth besides him being a hopeless drunk, Naruto liked Haymitch, as he could understand the man. He himself had resorted to drinking; only stopping because he began to see hallucinations of all his fallen comrades.

Of course that didn't mean he didn't drink occasionally…

His smirk only grew wider when the mayor tried to regain composure by introducing Effie Trinket, the only person so far that has annoyed Naruto without him truly getting to know them. He didn't neccesarily hate her, but he disliked the fact that the woman was only a tad too optimistic about sending children to their death. His smirk only grew wider when the said woman was trying to wrestle Haymitch off of her, and thus the blonde's respect for the man grew ten fold.

She smiles, her hair falling slightly out of place. "Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Naruto had to hold back a sneer.

She then rattled on about the honor of being able to fight for your district, and how amazing the hunger Games are. She smiles enthusiastically even though everyone knows she wants to be moved to a better District.

Finally after what seemed like hours it's time for the drawing.

The woman says as she always does, "Ladies first!" and crosses to the glass ball with the girls' names.

Naruto stiffened as her hand delicately picks up a slip, inwardly snarling as she dramatically opens it before clearing her throat.

Luckily it's not Katniss.

It's worse.

"Primrose Everdeen."

It's almost in slow motion how the next event's play out.

Katniss' sister—Prim walks slowly towards the stage, her eyes wide with unshed tears. She tries to tuck in her shirt, which is sticking out from the back. Naruto grits his teeth as he knows what comes next.


No Katniss.



"I volunteer!" he watches as she pushes Prim behind her, "I volunteer as tribute."

He watches as Prim sobs, tightening her grip around Katniss' waist.

He watches as the young man—Gale—pull her off of Katniss as she screams.

He watches as Katniss introduces herself.

He watches as everyone holds out their hand, three fingers raised in an old gesture of good bye.

He watches as Haymitch saves Katniss from an emotional breakdown.

He watches as Effie, once again makes it to another glass bowl, her hand just as dramatically picking out a slip.

She breathes, "Peeta Mellark."

And now Naruto doesn't just watch.

"I volunteer!" he yells his voice deep and powerful. "I volunteer."

He ignores all the surprised stares that go his way, as he makes his way towards the stage. The crowd slowly parts for him, he sees the Mellark boy shoot him a questioning look, and he meets his eye nodding. He then raises his head to meet Katniss' gaze.

Gray and blue lock and stay there, never wavering.

"I believe we have another volunteer!" Effie says completely giddy. "What's your name young man?"

"Naruto Uzumaki." The blonde answered, he could see the sadness in Katniss' eyes.

Effie then babbles on about who knows what, very aware of Naruto's and Katniss' staring contest.

"And now you two," Effie said turning to them both uneasily, "Shake hands."

Naruto slowly offers his, and Katniss slowly accepts.

The anthem plays and their gazes don't diminish.

Naruto gives her hand a squeeze, and much to his surprise she squeezes back…

And even when the anthem stops... they don't let go.

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