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I Promise

"Tommorow is my sister's birthday."

Opening one eye Naruto peered at the girl below him, "Really."

"Yes, I really want to get her something special."

"Like what?"

Katniss shrugged, "I honestly don't know." she turned her gaze up towards the blonde shinobi, "But I'll think of something and... thank you again for coming out with me."

Naruto shrugged, giving her his trademark foxy grin, "It's no problem, it's not like I have anything better to do."


"Katniss." she feels someone shaking her. "Katniss we need to move!"

"N-Naruto." she whispers groggily.

"Katniss." he urges again, "They're here!"

It doesn't take Katniss a second, even with her half asleep mind, to realize who's 'here'. Even without chakra she could hear them stomping through the forest like they owned the damn place.

The Careers.

Instantly Katniss is on her feet, wincing as the sudden weight sent pain going down her left leg; but without missing a beat she grabs her bow, and slings her arrows across her shoulder. Naruto throws her the orange backpack, the other one was already swung on his shoulder, his sword strapped across his back.

"Do we run?" Naruto asks calmly, and Katniss shakes her head.

"No," she sighs, "They'll catch us eventually, let them come."

And they do.

Marvel, Glimmer, and the girl from 4 appear from behind a large tree in front of the duo, smirking victoriously. They are crouched low, approaching them both with hungry expressions.

"We got'em Cato!" Glimmer calls loudly, making Naruto resist an eyeroll.

They left their guard so open, Naruto could take them all on with his eyes closed, and legs taped together before they knew what hit them… Idiots. With a grunt of annoyance he crosses his arms over his broad chest.

He'd be damned before he died because of them, his pride as a shinobi just didn't allow it.

Not a moment after this thought, Cato and Clove burst through the trees. They both grin widely at the sight of the duo, already reaching for thier weapons. Next to the blonde Katniss tightens her grip on her bow, as the Carreers slowly descend upon them. Naruto simply picking at his ear in his facade of boredom.

"Well, well, well," Cato says haughtily. "If it isn't the star-crossed lovers from District 12."

"Well, well, well," Naruto mocks, "If it isn't Clown-face." He then pretends to look over him. "But then again all that cover up did make you look better…"

Cato's ears along with his face turn red in anger (and embarrasement). He takes a threatening step forward, and Naruto simply reaches for his sword, halting him mid-way.

"Now let's not make this ugly." The blonde says calmly, his lips upturned into a lazy smile.

At his smile the Girl from 4 and Glimmer both blush, looking at the blonde with darkened eyes. From beside the ninja Katniss stiffens, her eyes flashing murderously at their glances, as she resists the urge to bare her teeth.

Naruto was hers.

But as it seems the blonde didn't miss the all to familiar looks either as he sends his signature foxy smile Glimmer's way. "Now what's a pretty girl like you doing following orders from a guy like this?"

Glimmer's eyes harden not even taking the time to blush at Naruto's comment, "No one's giving me orders." She growls.

"Really?" Katniss asks sarcastically deciding to step in. "Then why didn't you kill us when you were the one who found us first? I bet you waited for Cato because he told you to, follower."

Glimmer's green eyes blazed, "Be quiet, I'l—"

She's cut off when Cato slaps her, "Shut up." He snarls, turning his attention back to the "Volunteers". "I thought I made it clear that I'd kill her."

Naruto steps forward now, his eyes were no longer there cerulean blue… they were now chips of sky blue ice. "You won't touch her." He says quietly.

Cato's attention immediately goes to Naruto, his hands fist in anger. Naruto looks back at the Career with an expressionless face. Their blue eyes stay locked onto each other, the tension so high, and hatred so strong, it could almost be seen passing between the two.

Cato chuckles menacingly tightening the grip on his sword. "I'll cut you down to size right now, Lover Boy."

"Again, Lover Boy?" Naruto sighs, "Seriously?"

Katniss ignores Naruto's comment her arrow now aimed right at Cato. "If you do I'll kill you now." She says lowly.

Cato glances at her, finally breaking his staring contest with Naruto, but only now to begin one with Katniss.

This time his wild blue eyes lock with barely controlled gray.



"Oh, this is ridiculous!" Clove shouts breaking the tense silence, sending her knives flying straight toward the Girl on Fire.

Raising his sword Naruto sends the knives clattering to the floor, not a moment to soon either, as Cato leaps towards him his own sword gleaming dangerously..

He gets into a fighting stance. "Run Katniss!"

"Wha—No I won't—"

He pushes her, blocking another knife, "RUN!" he looks at her straight in the eye. "I promise I'll stay alive." Cato's sword clashes into his, sparks skittering past his cheeks, "Now go!"


Another clang echoed through the woods as the ninja parried away his blonde counter-parts lunge.


With a final glance, she does, Clove's knife orginally aimed for her heart, grazes past her cheek, as the blonde sent one of his knives to deflect it. With a shove Naruto also sends Cato falling back, the Career's sword flying into the bushes.

Cato glares at him heatedly, a sneer set on his face, "Ahh how sweet, you finish saying your goodbyes to Lover Girl?"

Naruto dead pans, "Seriously what's with you and 'Lovers?' You jealous cause you never had one?"

The Career snarls pulling out another sword, Naruto smirks.

"With that face I can see why."

Cato lets out a roar before he charges, his face once again turning pink with rage.

Now fighting against five non-shinobi enemies was an easy task for Naruto, but fighting without showing too much of his superior skill was a lot harder…

And with that thought he ducked under Cato's oncoming sword, lifting his foot to smash against the Careers face. He smirked at the satisfying crunch, before back flipping away from the incoming knives.

"Konoha Senpū (Tree Leaf Whirlwind)." He muttered sending the rest of Clove's projectiles flying in all directions, using his momentum from the kick he leaps at the shocked Glimmer, back-handing her across the face.

He didn't need to kill them… he just needed to give them some scars to remember him by.

He is snapped out of that thought when the girl from District 4 thrusts her spear at him—the blade looking way too deadly for his liking. He quickly side steps, and before he could raise his sword to parry the spear, a sickening sound his heard.

Blood is coughed on his jacket, and the canon sounds.

Glimmer had been stabbed in his place.

She was behind him, recovering from his bitch slap, and from the way her dagger was held he could guess she was aiming to kill him…

The girl from District 4 looks absolutely horrified as she stares at the fallen District 1 tribute.

"I-I d-didn't mean." She stutters. "I wasn't—"

She is silenced by Marvel's spear. The fallen girl's District partner was trembling; his eyes were filled with non-restrained rage. As the girl's canon sounds he turns to the blonde.

"I'll kill you!" he screams, raising another spear, "For Glimmer."

Naruto settles his sword on his shoulder; barely able to contain his curiosity. He always thought the Careers weren't that close, but before Marvel could charge the sound of bees were heard, stopping the surviving Tributes.

The four of them looked at each other warily.

Clove opens her mouth, "What was—"

And then the Tracker jackers swarmed through the stream.

Immediately at the sight of them Naruto takes off into a run, in his earlier years he had run into a couple of them… and even he did not recover from the venom for two days or so.

He ducks under branches, and pushes through the endless trees, a few of the altered wasp still on his tail. He reaches to unsheathe his sword, but one of them catches his hand and he curses.

Ignoring the pain he successfully slices the remainder of them in half, he could feel his left hand pulsing as the poison enters his system.

He breathes in deeply, his vision fogging slightly. The fox could only do so much; even Naruto had to admit to be impressed by some of the Capitols poisons… this one in particular.

He staggers slightly to the left, shaking his head to rid himself of the dizziness. Through the trees he was able make out a helicopter… a helicopter meant to carry away the dead tributes…



With a final glance, Katniss does. She felt a small sting as a knife grazes against her cheek, thudding into the tree behind her.

She then breaks out into a run.

Please be safe.

She bites her lip, continuing through the forest.

Katniss was never one for following orders, but whenever the whiskered blonde raises his voice louder than his normal tone it either meant; one, he was excited, or two, he was giving an order meant to be followed. Even she couldn't ignore the pleading and authority in his tone.

And even though it felt wrong leaving him behind she knew he could take care of himself… after all he had also been looking out for her for all these years.

She stops at a tree a couple of meters or so from the fighting area, her senses high on alert for any footsteps, or sudden noises.

And then the worst possible thing happened…

A canon sounds.


Eyes widening the Girl on Fire allowed her hands to set into fists.


She shakes her head.

NO NO NO NO. She repeats, pure anguish filling her chest. He promised…


Automatically she reaches for her bow, her arrow already cocked and at ready, even when upset her hunter instincts always took over.


She looks up, and there's Rue. The young girl points to something above her head, and Katniss follows her finger… which is pointing to a nest… and not just any nest, a Tracker jacker nest.

But what was she… Oh.

Katniss raised an eyebrow at the young girl, who smiled back mischievously. For such a young girl she already had such a bright mind… Katniss gazes between her and the jackers, trying to judge a safe distance between the two of them. If Naruto had died… she knew he would've wanted her to live.

Taking a deep breath Katniss drew her bow, biting her lip as she aimed. She could almost feel the blonde beside her now, guiding her hands... then exhaling loudly she released the arrow.

The said silver projectile made a soft whiz, through the still air, before slamming into the treebranch, the nest knocking over in the process…

And then all hell broke loose.

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