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"Hey, Lumpy. Aren't you seeing this? Ed?" Eddy sees him and walks to see what's wrong, "Ed, what happen?" but Ed didn't respond, "Ed. What is it...?"

Eddy turns to Ed's direction and has the same look as Ed. Edd looks at his friends and walks to see what was wrong.

"Gentlemen, what's wrong?" Edd asked.

Ed points with his right hand shaking and Edd looks at where he is pointing. They all have the horrified look on them. They see a light sign that reads USG Ishimura.

"Oh... my... God!" Edd gasped.

"T-This is... This is the..." Eddy stuttered.

"...USG Ishimura." Ed finished.

These boys never thought it was real; but it was. The nightmare came true in the future. As soon as they look at the name of the ship, their lives will never be the same again...

Now, they shall explore the horrors and secrets of the USG Ishimura.

• "Speech"
• Signs: Know God, No Fear. No God, Know Fear
• Video Log/Transmission: *Hold him down!*
• Audio Log/Transmission: *Help me...*

Chapter 2: Board the USG Ishimura

The three boys still stood in shock on what they see; they gape at the ruins of the USG Ishimura. Not one of them could speak for a minute.

Edd brakes the silence, "This... This can't be right. H-How is this possible? T-There's no way this ship can actually exist. There's no possible way of this timeline to exist too."

"Well, believe it, Sock-head. We're in the future. There's no doubt about that." Eddy implied.

"I-I'm seeing it, but... I just don't believe it."

"So the machine really does work."

"Speaking of the machine..." Edd goes to check on the machine, he opens the hatch to the controls and smoke comes out of it along the smell of gravy, "Well, that's a mess." Edd coughs waving the smoke off, "Oh, great."

"What is it?" Eddy asked.

"The gears in the controls are shot. And from the looks of it, it could take a few hours clean up the gravy Ed spilled and it might take weeks to fix this."

"You mean, until this thing gets fixed... we're stuck here?!"

"It appears so. Unless we have proper tools, this could be fixed in a matter of days."

"Are you freaking kidding me? In case you haven't noticed: We're in the future, Sock-head!" yelled Eddy as the deck echoed, "I'm not sure if there's even anything that can help us get out of here."

"Okay, true. There might be different tools in this timeline, but maybe we can still use them to fix this."

"All right. We better be out of here as soon as we can. If not, I'm going to be super mad."

"Just look around, Eddy."

"Can't we just check the ship?"

"Um... I'm not sure."

"Come on, man. We got to head in there find the tools we need to fix the machine." he turns to Ed, "Hey, Lumpy."

Ed snaps out of his trance of the ship and turns to Eddy, "What?"

"Come help us find the tools in this thing."

Eddy goes inside the ship along with Ed; Edd tags along with them. They searched for every part of the ship for anything useful. Eddy searched all around the floors for tools while Ed sits at the main controls of the ship. He accidently touched one of the buttons displaying a video message, but it shows static first.

"What the? It's just static." Eddy said.

"Hang on, Eddy. Maybe there's something there that can help us." Edd proclaimed.

Edd was right. As soon the static fades away, it shows her face.

*Isaac. It's me. I wish I could talk to you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about everything. I wish I could just talk to someone... It's all falling apart here. I can't believe what's happening... It's strange... such a little thing...*

The video suddenly went to static again and the log ended.

"Such a little thing?" Edd questioned.

Eddy states, "Sounds like something bad happened here on the ship. And we're right in the middle of it."

Then a large alarm came from inside the Ishimura. It was loud enough for the Eds to hear through the Kellion.

"What was that?!" Eddy asked, scared.

"Hang on, Eddy. It's just a sound alarm going off." Edd answered, "From how the ship looks the inside, it's more likely that the alarms will activate in a malfunction."

"That's not a malfunction, Double D. That's a quarantine!" Ed said as he ran out of the Kellion.

"Ed! Wait, you big idiot!" Eddy shouted as he chased after him.

"Ed! Eddy! Wait!" Edd said, but something came to mind, "Oh! I forgot the machine."

Edd ran back to the machine and pushed the yellow button Ed mentioned from before. The machine turned to a little thick disk with the button on the top and he putted it in his sock. It's amazing that the button can still work, but the controls couldn't.

"Wait for me, gentlemen!" Edd shouted.

As he left, something started to creep among them. A creature with weapons of scythes as arms behind its back. It had the flesh of a human, but it was a monster. A monster of the unknown being that's not created from the God of Heaven, but from the Devil of Hell. Ironically, it was only in the depths of space. Who would've thought? Meanwhile, Ed is running to the Flight Lounge to get to where the screams were coming from.

"Let me in! Let me in!" Ed yelled.

"Ed!" Edd called, "You can't get inside the door like that. It's too advanced."

"There's no way we can get in." Eddy implied.

"Double D, you have to open this door quickly! Isaac and the others could be in danger!" Ed begged.

"Hang on, Ed. Let me see what I can do." Edd replied.

Edd examines the entrance and sees the blue-glowing sign that read, Open. He touches the lock and it starts to open.

"We're in." Edd implied.

The door opens and the Eds see the Flight Lounge was in a gory mess and is in quarantine as the lights flash. There was blood spreaded everywhere. Some of the severed body parts of arms and legs were all over the entire room, blood spreaded on the walls and floors. It was just like the game, but to the boys, it's more horrific. They looked in fright and fear of the gory scene.

"Oh... my...! Good lord!" Edd gasped in horror.

"What...? What happened here...?" Eddy inquired in horror.

"It-It's them. They did this..." Ed answered.

Then an eerie sound came upon the vents and alarmed them.

"What was that?" Eddy asked.

"It sounds like it came from the vents." Edd proclaimed.

Ed's eyes then widen at the comprehension, "Oh no...! We need to get of here now, guys! Come on, follow me!"

"Wait!" Edd and Eddy exclaimed to Ed.

The boys ran like hell away from the suspicious sound. But since the door was locked 'cause of the quarantine, they had nowhere to go. Ed had an idea. He smashes the window with his great strength and goes through it. Eddy and Edd went next and they go towards the open door. They pant heavily as they run; it was only a matter of time until "they" reach them.

"We have to hurry! We have to find a safe room to get away from them!" Ed said.

"What do you mean by 'them'?" Eddy inquired.

"Don't you remember, Eddy? Didn't you even see what happened to those guys? We could be like that if we don't avoid them."

Eddy was upset by that statement, knowing the reality of all this, 'Crap! So, this is like the game. If we somehow managed to bump into one or all of them, we're in deep trouble...'

The Eds made it into an elevator, but unfortunately, the elevator was already used and could not be used again.

"Oh, no! We're trapped!" Eddy proclaimed.

"No, we're not Eddy! We're going slide down the elevator ropes to reach the next floor." Ed stated.

"How the heck are we supposed to do that?!"

Ed then jumps on the cords and starts to slide down. Eddy and Edd sees how Ed does it easy.

"What's up with him?" Eddy asked, "This isn't his usual dumb self."

"I'm not sure either, Eddy. Since we arrived, he's changed a lot." Edd stated.

"Well, whatever it is, we don't have time for it. C'mon, we gotta follow Lumpy."

"Wait, I don't think this is safe."

"Do you want to get eaten by those things?"


"Then jump, Sock-head!" Eddy yelled as he slides down the cords.

Edd looks down, then looks back to see a shadow of a scythe-like blade coming towards them. He had no choice.

He jumps and yelled on the way down, "This is the worst idea ever!"

With Ed, as he slides down, he starts to slow down and steps down. He looks up to see Eddy and Edd yelling on the way down. Both Eds make it down and they have rope burn. Both of them tried to scream in pain, but Ed covered their mouths in order to not attract more of "them."

Eddy muffles, "What the heck, man?!"

Ed shushes him and he lies on his abdomen along with the other Eds. Through the small holes of the wall, they see a masked man walking around the room with a engineering tool in his hand. The Eds look in silence as the man breaks the door locks.

"Who's that guy?" Eddy whispered.

"Well, whoever he is, he's obviously one of the survivors." Edd stated.

Ed, however, knew who he was, 'Isaac...'

Then, when "Isaac" was at the door, he stopped and looked back at the elevator where the boys were hiding.

"Oh, no! He sees us!" Eddy whispered.

"Shh." Ed shushed him.

The masked man looks, but has no idea that the Eds were there. Then, screams come from the other side and he looks back in surprise. He goes to open it, but the door opened for him and it showed a grotesque creature eating a man alive. The masked man then had to kill the creature off him. He shoots many times and the thing dies. He moves on ahead as the Eds watch him leave.

"Okay, we can go down now." Ed implied.

Ed stands up and pulls the elevator ceiling off. He jumps down as the other Eds followed him. The boys were finally safe for now and they rest at the walls.

"Looks we're safe." Eddy proclaimed.

"Well, like Ed has said before; it's only a matter of time before they can show up." Edd stated.

"Yeah, that's true. Well, what should we do now?"

"Well, like how that man had that weapon in his hand. We should be able to find the weapon too."

"We do need something to help us." Ed stated.

The two Eds nodded to his statement and they rummage around the room in search of weapons that can aid them on their journey. Ed sees a footlocker and uses his arms to open it. Inside it, he finds a IM-822 Handheld Ore Cutter Line Gun at a large size; it was a bit heavy for him, but he managed to carry it.

With Eddy, he goes into a squared dorm where inside it was a bloody corpse. He almost puked at the sight of the body, but he handled it a bit. He then looked up the words above him and read, CUT OFF THE LIMBS. He was confused by that statement and moved along. He noticed on the table there was the same tool the masked man used before; this was the usual 211-V Plasma Cutter that was perfect for him.

For Edd, he finds in the corner a SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle that can shoot standard bullets and is useful against small enemies and swarms. Let's just hope he can handle it. The Eds regroup near Edd.

"So, Ed, how are these? Are they the right ones to help us?" Eddy asked.

"It should. What you have there is a Plasma Cutter. Double D has the Pulse Rifle and I got a Line Gun." Ed stated.

"That seems a bit heavy for you, Ed." Edd proclaimed.

"C'mon, Sock-head. It's Ed. How can it not be heavy for him?" Eddy implied.


"Let's just go before more of those things show up."

Moving near the door, it automatically opens for them and the Eds see the body of the man that died earlier. Edd and Eddy couldn't handle the sight of the corpse as Ed looked at the body like as if he went through it before.

"The poor soul..." Edd said, "It's a shame this happened to them..."

"Whatever it is that happened... This seems way too freaky for our us." Eddy replied.

Ed crouches near the body and covers his eyes in respect. He stands and moves forward. The other two Eds were confused but had to move on. Walking down the hall, they made their way to the next hall, leading to the Tram Control Room. After the door opened again, the Eds see there were two directions at left and right.

"Which way should we go?" Eddy asked.

"We need to head right." Ed answered.

Without hesitation, Edd and Eddy followed his answer and went right. But before they moved on, someone from the other side called for help.

"Wait! Don't leave!"

The Eds turned around to hear that cry for help.

"Who's there?" Eddy asked.

"Help me, please!" he cried

"That sounded like... a survivor." Edd proclaimed.

"Come on, we got to help him." Eddy implied.

Eddy and Edd go to the survivor as Ed slowly followed them. Both Eds see the man in a bloody mess all over his body behind the barricaded passage. The bloody man sees the lights coming from the weapons, but doesn't see the Eds yet.

"Oh, thank God you've came!" the man thanked.

"Don't worry, sir. We're here to help." Edd replied.

The light goes away and the man sees that this wasn't the rescue he was expecting at all.

"What the hell...? You're not the help! What the fuck do you kids think you're doing?!" the survivor shouted.

"Whoa, man! This hasn't been exactly a welcome trip for us either." Eddy implied.

"I don't care! You're not supposed to be in here! You shouldn't even carry those fucking tools anyway!"

"I'm sorry, sir, but I don't think you understand our situation." Edd replied, "Just calm down, let us help you get out of there and help you with your wounds."

"I don't give a fuck! I just don't want you guys to get— GAH!" the man was interrupted by the flesh-spear in his throat.

Eddy and Edd screamed in horror and looked in repulsion of the man's death. Ed, however, knew this was coming. As the already-dead man's throat was pierced, another flesh-like scythe stabs through his abdomen and splits him apart showing the blood and gore of the carcass spreading the red fluid all over the halls. When the creature was finished with its pray, it looked up to the boys. The Eds see the creature as a Slasher— a horrid being with human-tissue blades above its head, revolting skin with the wounds of blood on its corpse and a monstrous head straight from the indefinite nightmares of Hell. Eddy and Edd backed away from the being quick and went back to Ed.

"That... That thing splited that guy apart like nothing...! It-It's... just like the one from the game!" Eddy implied in fear.

"Yes, but only more horrid and revolting." Edd replied.

As Edd and Eddy looked at the monster with terror, the Slasher bursts through the barricade like it was nothing and stalks towards them. As for Ed, he still had a nonchalant look on his face. How is it that he has the confidence to do this? A bit out of character for him if you ask me.

"Get ready, guys..." Ed ordered with no fear.

"What?" both Edd and Eddy questioned.

What is up with their friend? They've never seen him like this before. Where in the hell is he getting all this encouragement from?

"I'm sorry, guys. But we need to get ready now. If we don't, that thing is going to tear us all apart!" Ed said.

Edd and Eddy hesitantly nodded. The creature slowly walked to them, giving them intimidation of fright. Eddy and Edd stepped back a bit, but Ed stopped them knowing they'll be all right with him by their side. The monster then screeched at them, showing it is getting ready to battle to the death. The Eds were unsettled at first, but they set their feet down, showing the strength in themselves and they did the same thing to the Slasher. The unholy mortal slowly crouched back and then it charges at them at an incredible speed. The Eds lifted up their weapons and...

"Fire!" Ed shouted.

Edd started shooting with the Pulse Rifle; he stumbles a bit because of the recoil but got back up using the force on his feet to keep still. He misses most of the time but hits the head and limbs. Nevertheless, it wasn't enough.

"Oh, no! I keep missing!" Edd shouted.

"Hold your fire, Sock-head! I got this ugly jerk!" Eddy said as he aimed.

Now, it was Eddy's turn to fire. He uses his Plasma Cutter to shoot at the limbs but keeps missing most of the time. The only things he keeps hitting was the head and body. Every time he missed or hit the wrong part, he cursed to himself.

"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn, I keep missing! What am I doing wrong?"

"The limbs, Eddy. You got to shoot the limbs!" Ed answered.

"That's what I'm doing, Lumpy!"

"But that's that thing, you have to take your aim before shooting."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yes, Eddy. Just take a deep breath, aim for any part the limb and fire."

"All right."

As the Slasher gets back up, Eddy prepares to aim at the creature's weakness. Eddy takes his time to shoot. Luckily, the monster takes his time to get ready again. At a slow motion, the Necromorph charges at them and Eddy prepares his weapon. Time slows down, heartbeats are racing inside them, the fiend raises his right blade, Eddy aims, and... He shoots his Plasma Cutter at the right time hitting the limb, cutting off its melee! The creature moved back a bit as well as the Eds.

"Yes, I got him!" Eddy cheered.

"Don't get too overconfident, Eddy." Ed implied, "It's not over yet."

"Huh?" Eddy notices the Necromorph is still standing, "You're right. You want the last blast, Lumpy?"

"It'll be my pleasure."

Ed positions up his Line Gun to shoot another part of the limbs, the legs.

'Okay, all I have to do is get the legs and we'll move on with this so we can get home as soon as possible.' Ed thought.

He was about to kill the alien beast, until he heard banging sounds coming from the ceiling vents.

'Oh, no! There's something up there...!'

"Get away from here!" Ed yelled.

The Eds responded by jumping back before the vents could land on them. The smoke cleared up and it shows two more Necromorphs showed up. One, a Slasher, and the other, a Leaper. The Leaper had no legs but had a sharp tail of a dagger that can kill you at any minute along with arms that can help itself leap at its prey and slaughter it. It looked similar to the Slasher though.

"Aw, crud! Another one of them!" Eddy shouted.

"Ed, what do we do?" Edd inquired.

"We kill them! You know what to do, aim for the limbs!" Ed answered as he pulled his Line Gun up at the already wounded monstrous being.

Edd had his Pulse Rifle at the Leaper's arms while Eddy had his Plasma Cutter at the Slasher. It seems to work against them, the Leaper and wounded Slasher were already taken care of, but the new Slasher was a problem for Eddy. He seemed to have run out of ammo.

"Crap, I'm out!" Eddy yelled.

"I got you, Eddy!" Ed was about to shoot but got caught on a life-or-death situation when another Leaper jumped him, "Damn it! Double-D, help him!"

"Okay!" Edd replied, "Hang on, Eddy!"

Edd was about to aid Eddy, but got hit by the Leaper's tail and got knocked out when he hit the wall.

"Double D!" Ed yelled.

"Oh, no... It's over... We're done... We're dead...! WE'RE FREAKING DEAD!" Eddy yelled his voice out as his last word before the Slasher could get him.

As the Eds were close to death, someone came to their help. The Necromorphs were killed in an instant by another Plasma Cutter. Ed finally got out of the battle against the Leaper as well as Eddy's adversary. Ed and Eddy looked up to see who saved them. They couldn't believe it— it was the same man who was fighting for his life through out this entire prospect.

"Jesus Christ! What the fuck are you kids even doing on this ship?! You're lucky I managed to make it on time to kill those ugly shits." implied the masked engineer named Isaac Clarke.

"No way... It's actually him...!" Eddy said speechless.

Ed has a smile on his face, "Ha-ha... It's you— Isaac Clarke...!"

The engineer tilts his head in curiosity, "Huh...? How do you know my name?"

The Eds are saved by Isaac! What's going to happen now? Will the Eds make it home?

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