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It was 6:45 when Jakayla jumped on each of our beds, ripping our covers off and smacking our faces with pillows.

"Get up!" She screeched. "We're going to the beach and we need to get a good spot!" She climbed off of us and began to gather her bathing suit and towel. Jakayla frolicked into the bathroom to change, and the rest of us followed suit, facing the wall to change into our suits. I put a pair of shorts over the bottoms before putting on my flip flops (Well, they were Alex's but he preferred to go barefoot when we were on vacation.)

When Jakayla came back, I asked, "Aren't the guys coming with us? We never leave without them."

Jakayla sighed. "No, Stephanie, we're having a girl's day on the beach. I already packed the wagon with drinks, snacks and towels so let's go."

We snuck past the boy's room and out the front door. There was the promised wagon, which Jakayla started to pull out on the street. Olivia, Cassadee and I followed her, trying not to laugh as we went down the road to the beach.

We reached the log that separated the beach and the neighborhood and with a minute struggle, we had it up and over the dune. In the next five minutes we had it on the beach, chairs set up and cooler in the sand at our feet. After we staked the flag, we got up and went to the small river that was across the public beach. Cassadee helped me over the rocks so I could stick my feet in the water with the other girls, holding my arm so I wouldn't fall. Normally, Alex would make sure I didn't fall, holding my waist till he was sure I was steady.

But Cassadee was just as good, just not my boyfriend. When we were all seated in a line, feet in the water, Olivia broke the silence by asking, "What do you think the guys are going to do when they find out we left?"

We all sat pondering the question silently, each imagining their own scenarios.

{Alex's POV}

We woke up at 9 o clock, with bodies spewed all over the room. Jack was next to me on the king sized mattress, cuddled into my side. I pushed him off and got up, stretching my arms above my head. Vinny was to my left and Matt, Rian and Zack were to my right. I left the room, being as quiet as possible so I wouldn't wake the girls or the sleeping guys. I made myself a mug of tea before lounging on the couch with it in my hands. It was early, about 7:30ish but normally Stephanie was up and she wasn't. It was to be expected though. I had been teaching her how to play pool till 3:30 in the morning, standing behind her, holding the cue and helping her aim. I sipped my tea carefully, smiling into it.

It wasn't long before Jack and Vinny came downstairs. Vinny poured himself a cup of coffee while Jack dumped an energy drink into a coffee cup, coming over to sit on the couch next to me. He chugged half of it in a sip, burping loudly, before placing it on the coffee table in front of us.

"Where's Steph?" Vinny asked, stirring his coffee with a plastic spoon. He sat on a bar stool in the breakfast nook looking over at me.

"Still sleeping, I think. She sometimes stays in bed for a while so she can wake up." I took another drink of my tea, feeling the heat run down my throat into my stomach.

I finished my drink before walking into the dining room, to where Matt left his bag. I went to pick it up and go and dump it on his head, when his laptop dropped out. I opened it up and logged in, surfing the Internet until 11 'o clock when all the guys were awake. I was starting to get worried about the girls. They never slept this long so I went up the stairs to check on them. When I knocked, there was no answer.

Opening the door, I peeked in the room, not wanting to wake the girls if they were still asleep. When my head made it around the wood door, I noticed right away that the beds were unmade and the room was empty. I felt my breathing quicken before I noticed the wide open windows which could only mean that the girls were kidnapped. I fell back against the doorframe, clutching the knob to keep myself upright before grabbing at my chest to feel my racing heart. I saw black spots clouding my vision then I felt the world turn upside-down. I tumbled down the stairs, head over ass before slamming into the wall below. I vaguely heard the guys shouting my name as I lay motionless on the floor, eyes closed. I could feel the hands of someone holding me up before the world went black.


When I came to, Jack had my upper body in his lap, shaking me lightly and calling my name. When I didn't open my eyes immediately, he slapped my face hard, while shouting my name. I sat up quickly, forehead slamming into Zack's. We both began to rub our foreheads to relieve the ache before Matt asked why I decided to dive down the stairwell.

"The girls," I gasped. "Gone, vanished, disappeared..."

Matt rolled his eyes before trudging up the stairs and examining the room. When he came back, he had Olivia's phone charger in his hands.

"They took their phones," he said happily. "I can track them and we can see where they are. Only problem is, the phones have to be on."

Rian and Jack had helped me to the couch by then and made me lie down. "Well, go track them!" I waved Matt away before collapsing on the arm rest. I was dizzy and my head really hurt since I had a head on collision with the dry wall. It cracked under the force of my head hitting it which would have been funny if it hadn't killed so much.

Matt pulled out his own laptop and launched software that he had been installing all week. He could been seen all over the house clicking away and typing in codes that came with the disk from Best Buy. Now, we knew what it was since he had refused to tell us.

With a few clicks of the track pad, Matt had the location of Olivia's cell, which, thankfully had been taken with them and turned on. Matt printed out the directions since he couldn't recognize where they were through memory. Jack and I probably could but I was still too dizzy to stand and Jack was too busy worrying about me. See, we were as close as brothers. When one of us got hurt, the other worried. I remember when Jack burned his hand on a tray of pizza rolls a few weeks back. I had helped him bandage the large shiny burn on his palm and then we cleaned up the spilled pizza rolls together. But he tried to help me now and in his way he was returning the favor, helping me as much as he could, even though there was not much he could do. I think that's why he was so concerned, flocking around me, plumping my pillows and propping me up slowly so I wouldn't get dizzy. Even though he had his faults and Jack could be a dumb ass at times, I mean, who grabs a hot tray right out of the oven? But even with all his faults, Jack still tries to take care of the ones he loved as much as possible. Like when Olivia had gotten sick on the road with the flu. We tried to keep her away from as many dirty germy stages as possible and Jack had walked around the bus with Lysol, spraying the bus before and after every single show so she could get better as fast as possible.

So, even though he wasn't the best, he was Jack and we didn't want him any other way. After a while, I could stand up normally and went over to the map that Matt held in his hand. After studying it for a bit, I declared,

"Boys, get your swim trunks! We're going to the beach!"

As usual, Jack began to scream and jump around; banging his fists on every hard surface he could reach. He loved the beach even though his mother used to make him wear these weird water wing things and a inner tube. He almost drowned at high tide every time we went to the beach before the band had been formed. Back in those days it had been just I, Stephanie, Olivia and Jack. The original members of All Time Low. The two girls and Jack had had a tree house in Jack's back yard with a flag waving above the roof that boldly said 'All Time Low'. Underneath it was the hustler symbol that we had today, just done with a more childlike hand. It made one think that Jack himself had drawn it. Then there was the American flag as well as the Lebanon flag fluttering proudly in the Baltimore breeze. Every time we hung out there, there was almost always peanut butter and Jack had his pizza rolls that his mom had made for him and us. As much orange soda as we could drink and oh so many ring dings was in the mini fridge that had been Stephanie's aunt's from college. It still worked well and kept the chocolate from melting.

We had put up all the posters we could find up on the wood walls. You could barely tell it was made of two by fours unless you looked very carefully.

Thumbtacks and tape held those posters up and we had vowed aloud and in our heads that we would be just like those gods on polished paper that we idolized so much. Jack and I had practiced every day in that house suspended in the trees and never once did we think we would be where we are today.

Shaking my head, I followed Vinny up the stairs to the bed room we all shared.

None of us had never seen each other naked and had no qualms about changing in front of each other. It was rather funny at times, though Jack's dick jokes did get a little old. Most of the time though, I didn't say anything about it. But sometimes I had to put my foot down and tell him. Though, I do admit, I was a little harsh at times.

Pulling on my black swim trunks, I dipped down to gaze under the bed in search for my flip flops before I remembered that Stephanie always borrowed them whenever we went on vacation. I smiled at the memory of the first time she ever stole them.


"Jack! Dude, did you take my flip flops again, man?" I stopped Jack in the hallway, my feet bare.

"Nah, man, I haven't seen them since you packed them when we left two days ago."

He shrugged, before starting to laugh. "Alex, I think I found them." Jack pointed at something behind me.

When I turned, I saw my girlfriend, Stephanie wearing my brown flip-flops that were three times bigger than her foot size. She was leaning on the counter eating from the bowl of popcorn, with her bathing suit on with Jakayla, Cassadee and Olivia around her. I came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder before crossing my arms and raising a single eyebrow. She smiled at me before placing the last piece of popcorn in her mouth and chewed carefully before swallowing.

"What's up?" she inquired, scratching her nose with her long nails that were painted a neon purple. I marveled for a moment at the fact that her makeup always seemed to match the swimsuit she was wearing.

"You're wearing my shoes." I said. "I'd like them back."

Stephanie shook her head before poking my nose with the pad of her finger.

"Nope." She said, popping them. But I was too fast and grabbed her before she could make it home free. She was her 'P'. The four girls then burst into laughter, walking away, trying to get out the door before I stopped them. I picked up my girlfriend, pulling her away from the door and the freedom that it held. She was smart though, and kept her toes pointed upwards, to keep the flip flops on her feet.

"Alex!" She shrieked. "Put me down!" Stephanie tried to kick back and hit my shin but in doing that, she lost one of the flip flops she had been trying so hard to keep on her feet. I dropped down and grasped it, before yanking the other out from under her.

"I need my own shoes, Love," he said silkily. I slipped them on my own feet before walking away, with a still laughing Jack in tow.


I blinked before getting up off my knees and taking off the large sweatshirt that I had donned that morning. Underneath was an old Warped Tour tee shirt from a few years back that was starting to rip and fray at the bottom from being washed so many times. I went down the stairs that I had previously fallen down and went out the door with the guys, retying my bandana that had come loose during my tumble. On the way down the road, Jack was darting out from bush to bush, humming the mission impossible theme song. Classic Jack, right? We were used to it, so we let him do it, all laughing as he lost his balance and fell on his ass into our neighbor's bushes. He didn't seem embarrassed by his blunder, but he stopped jumping around.

Vinny, the avid planner, forgot his sandals again, and was hopping around on the rock filled road, trying to avoid all the bigger rocks that could stab his baby sensitive feet. Jack and I had come here all the time in our childhood, so we were used to the rocky terrain.

Matt was the first on the dune and put a finger to his lips before laying flat on the dune in the tall grass. We all followed suit before diving into the waving grass beside him. It was coarse and poked your face, hurting you with its point side. Jack and Rian wouldn't stop wiggling on the sand making it rustle more than sea grass normally did. We all held our breathe as Cassadee looked around as though to find the source of the noise, but when she found none, she turned back around to rejoin the conversation. We all breathed a sigh of relief when we had yet to be caught.

{Stephanie's POV}

I noticed Cassadee looking around for something, but I thought nothing of it. If she was alarmed by something, she would have told us. I tuned back into what Olivia was saying about the guys.

"So, Jack was telling me last night, that Vinny has a bed to himself. We have the extra cots in our room, and they should have come get them instead of cramming themselves on those small mattresses." She took a sip of her beer before continuing. "All they had to do was ask for them and we would have given them up. We're not holding them hostage."

"Well," Jakayla threw in. "I think they like to be so close. Even though Zack and Rian don't have a bromance like Alex and Jack, they still have the 'Bro' part of it down. Same with Matt and Vinny. They're close, but again, not Jalex close. This band is mostly brothers, but Alex and Jack will forever be the odd ducks in the band"

While Olivia and I held patience for Jakayla on occasion, this was not one of those times. "What's that supposed to mean? Odd ducks? Jakayla, we've been over this, Jack and Alex are best friends. We know your theory." I snapped.

` Olivia obviously never heard the theory before. "What do you mean? What theory?"

"The one were Jakayla thinks that Jack and Alex are secretly gay and are only dating us as a cover story. Which we all know is bull shit because Jack and Alex have had girlfriends before us." I held up a hand as she went to talk again. "Enough Jakayla, enough. Please, stop."

Jakayla shut her mouth at the same moment Cassadee stood up and removed her tank top. She smiled at us before she started walking to the water. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going in the water. You three can stay there by yourselves or join me, it's up to you."

We all looked at her before taking off our own cover-ups. Sprinting to the water, Olivia and I grabbed Cassadee and tugged her to the water, pushing her into the high waves that attacked the shore.

Staying in the surf for a while, we thought nothing of the guys back at the house or what would happen if they found us….

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