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Kellin smoothly let the hamburgers and French fries slide onto the

plate he had waiting at the side of the grill. After he checked on it

by turning it every which way, the lone hotdog joined the others. We

each grabbed the food we wanted and sat on the sand with hamburgers and

beer. After Kellin retrieved Copeland, the hotdog was sliced up and was

being fed to her piece by piece as she sat on her father's lap. Alex

and jack were doing the same thing, with Jack on Alex's lap, feeding

each other full hamburgers. Shaking our heads, we started to eat in

peace until Jakayla and Zack got into another fight about the food he

was eating.

"I want those fries." She said firmly, holding out her hand, waiting

for the golden sticks of deliciousness to be bestode upon her.

"No." Zach said firmly. He kept eating, and ignored her.

"If you don't give me them, we're through." she threaten.

"Then leave," he said calm as ever. This wasn't new. Jakayla always

threatened to break up with him over food or leave the band over

something as simple as a Twinkie.

She shrieked and stormed off, leaving a shocked Kellin and Vic in her

wake. We weren't phased. She'll be gone for an hour or so, then come

back and act like nothing was the matter. But she had a food addiction

and fries were her weakness. If anyone had them they were now her's.

Just like the first time we ever met her and she bullied Olivia.

"Gimmie yo' fries"

Ahh memories.

After we packed up after it had gotten darker a few hours later, we all

went back to the house and vegged. Kellin had been in the backyard

toying with something and Copeland for an hour. He had be sitting on

the grass when we went out to check on him after another 20 mins. And

granted, there wasn't much on TV.

The group found him with a slip and slid. Having laid Copeland on a

wake board, he was sliding her back and forth as she giggled.

"Hey, guys. Wanna slide on my slip and slide? I found it in the


Jack went to the other end and Kellin let Copeland go, sliding her

over to jack, who in turn caught her.

The little girl wanted to go for another hour an a half, before she was finally

tired enough to want to go in. Vic and Rian volunteered to clean up and wind up

the hose, while we all took our showers. Kellin brought Copeland into the inside

shower with the tub so he could wash the sand from her body. Jack was the first

into the outdoor shower that we all shared, one that was on the border of the

lawn and the pavement.

Cassadee, Alex, Olivia, Zack and myself formed a line outside the door, sitting

on the picnic table in that order when Jack began to sing, unaware that we were

outside, able to listen to every word he said.


what's this? A new body wash? Hmmmm... BIRTHDAY CAKE SCENTED! OH BOY!"

He wasn't aware how loud he was cause Vic and Rian had turned on the stereo in

the garage and were blaring it as loud as it went. We were fairly alone in the

Cape. The houses were pretty far apart so it wasn't really a concern about

noise. We didn't care how loud we got when we were on vacation, but we never

cared about the noise level anyways. That's why Cassadee and I got so many

migraines on that damned tour bus. Who am I kidding? We all love that bus, even

though it will never be the same home that Baltimore is, We all (With the

exception of Vic, Kellin and Copeland) were from there and missed it something

awful every time we went on tour.

The holidays were always the worst. Even though we had each other, you missed

your family and we would form an impromptu family every Christmas and

thanksgiving, if we weren't close enough to Baltimore that is. But this year, we

planned to go back to Maryland for Christmas and New Years, not starting a new

tour until March of the next year.

It also gave Jack sometime to see his family from Lebanon. They came to America

a few times a year but always missed seeing Jack because we weren't even close

to home.

After Jack exited the shower and everyone got a turn, the music was shut off and

the boys started to make dinner. As Jack was making a salad, the phone rang,

making us all jump. Vinny answered it after putting his vodka down.

"Hello?" He slurred slightly. Matt took the phone from him and guided Vinny away

from the cutlery before talking to the person on the other line. We had no clue

who it could be, as anyone we really wanted to talk to was either here or knew

we were on vacation and we didn't want to be bothered.

"Jack?" Matt's head poked around the corner where VInny was currently making

friends with the floor. "It's...," His voice failed him and he had to clear

his throat to get his voice to work again. " It's your mom."

Jack dropped his knife onto the counter and very nearly kicked Copeland in the

head as he ran to the phone in Matt's hand

"Hello? MOM!... It's been so long since we talked, I know... Yes, we're

all safe... No, I haven't almost drowned... Mom, I do wear my water

wings... Yeah, I'm still dating Olivia... Yes, it's a serious

relationship...I don't know mom. I hope we do someday, but with the

band... it's not a possibility mom... I understand ... I want to someday

but we can't right now... the band is what my future is mom...Alright,

I will..."

Jack left the room and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. Now

all we could hear was a muffled male voice that seemed to be arguing with the

woman on the other end. We all knew what they were fighting about too. Jack's

mom wanted Jack and Olivia to get married as soon as possible, but Jack was

right. With the band and all it's members in their prime, we could just drop

everything to get married. Alex and I had talked about it briefly, but no plans

and certainly no proposal was made. Just the mutual agreement that someday we

would get married.

Vic and Rian shook their heads when Alex opened the bathroom door and took the

phone from Jack.

"Hello? Jack's mom? How many days has it been since I've last held you in my

arms? Too many... Well, since you want everyone to be married... Will you

marry me?" Alex then laughed and handed the phone back to Jack.

"What was her answer?" asked Zach, still not concerned about Jakayla's

disappearance two hours ago.

"She said no" Alex pretended to sob before kissing my temple. " I love you, but

I also love Jack's mom."

I shoved his shoulder before accepting his kiss. I shook my head at Cassadee

before we all laughed.

We all finished eating around the same time, with Copeland falling asleep on

Kellin's shoulder. When Rian got up, he crashes into one of the bags that Kellin

had left in the dining room and swore softly.

"Kellin, what is this garbage?"

"What?" He set Copeland in her pink car and stood, stretching his back. "Oh, that. That's what we're doing tonight." He took a box out of the bag and opened it slowly. Inside the padded box was the DVD Hocus Pocus.

"Why do you have this in a padded box? These is ridiculous! You don't need a movie in a special box. That's why it's in the case and you haven't even taken the plastic off yet." Rian was just full of questions, we noticed.

"Why don't you keep your movies in a box you ordered special?"

I walked passed them both with the dirty dishes in my hand. "Cause I'm slightly more normally than all y'all."

Popping Hocus Pocus into the DVD player, we all snuggled together on the floor with our boyfriends and girlfriends. Since Vic and Kellin were alone, they cuddled together with Copeland between them. Alex and Jack were holding hands under the blanket they had as the movie played on the flat screen in front of us.

Suddenly Kellin got up. When he came back, he tossed a bag in front of us.

"Smores, anyone?"

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