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To say Tsuyoshi was surprised when his sons brought home a friend would be an understatement.

Now, the man knew that both his boys were rather popular at school, but that didn't mean he didn't worry about them. Just because someone was popular, it didn't mean that they had a lot of true friends. In fact, it often meant that they didn't have very many true friends at all, and if it had only been Takeshi, he really would have been much more worried. The fact that his sons at least had each other allayed his worries quite a bit.

Nevertheless, the day they actually brought someone else home was a very happy day for him. The fact that the boy was so very obviously a delinquent didn't dampen the Yamamoto patriarch's happiness in the least, and neither did the knowledge that the boy was from the mafia. It was completely obvious just how much the other boy absolutely adored his younger son, Tsunayoshi, and by extension, Takeshi as well, so he couldn't be all bad.

By the time a week had passed, the other boy's, Hayato's, near-worship attitude towards Takeshi had waned, and the two found themselves in a love/hate relationship that fit both their personalities rather better than what it was like before, and Tsuyoshi took it as a sign that they had grown closer. Hayato's near-worship attitude towards Tsuna didn't wane at all, though; in fact, it seemed to get even stronger.

In the silveret's eyes, it seemed, Tsuna could do no wrong, and even if it was slightly worrying, it showed how much he cared for Tsuna. Hayato and Takeshi may have gotten closer, but Hayato had been close to Tsuna from the very beginning.

By the time two weeks had passed, Tsuyoshi was surprised to find that he didn't have only two boys anymore; he had four.

One was little five-year-old Lambo, who had arrived at their home not very long after Tsuna and Takeshi had befriended Hayato; the little cow-obsessed child had been thoroughly starved of all the love and attention a child his age needed, and it had called out to the parental instincts in both Tsuyoshi and Nana, who had decided to take him in.

And the other was none other than Hayato.

Tsuyoshi didn't really know when he'd stopped thinking of the silveret as his sons' friend and started thinking of him as one of his boys. It had probably been sometime between Hayato becoming a regular at their dinner table, and learning about his tragic family situation, which went a long way to explaining his prickly exterior, and his extremely low self esteem.

The situation finally became cemented about two and a half weeks after Hayato had transferred to Nami-chuu.

Lambo had decided that he had wanted to help his new mama and papa, so he'd been clearing the customers' plates when they were done, bringing them back to the kitchen one or two at a time.

Takarada-san, Tsuna's karate teacher (Takeshi had quit when he'd discovered his love of baseball), had been watching the hardworking young boy, and let out a fond chuckle when Lambo returned to him, a wide smile on his flushed face, after he'd successfully cleared his dishes.

"Good job, Lambo-kun," praised the man, giving the smiling boy a pat on the head, and handing him a three hundred yen tip.

Lambo threw his arms around the man in a grateful hug, and Takarada-san just laughed; not surprisingly, all of the TakeSushi regulars had taken to Lambo just like they had with Tsuna so many years ago.

Not registering the bell above the door ring as another customer entered the store, Takarada-san looked up at Tsuyoshi, who was behind the counter, and said, "You know, I really envy you sometimes, Tsuyoshi-san. You have such wonderful boys."

Tsuyoshi's eyes flickered to the door for a brief second to see who had entered, before turning his gaze back to Takarada with a smile. "Yes, all four of them are such great kids, I honestly don't know what I'd do without them."

"Mm," hummed Takarada-san in agreement.

Before their conversation could go on any longer, Tsuna, Takeshi, and Hayato approached the counter, the former two with huge grins on their faces, while the latter had a dazed expression on his.

"Tadaima!" called Tsuna and Takeshi to their father at the same time as Hayato said, "Ojamashimasu."

Tsuyoshi gave the boy an exasperated look before saying to all three of them, "Okaeri."

Tsuna, Takeshi, and Hayato immediately put some aprons on and got to work helping their father take orders and work the register, seeing as they couldn't do any of the cooking.

When Hayato had seen that his two friends regularly helped out around their family restaurant, he had been immediate in his offer to help as well, and although he had been rather clumsy at first, he hadn't given up, and soon, he was yet another helpful hand and also, surprisingly enough, a favourite with the regulars, just like Tsuyoshi's other boys. Hayato got along rather well with the customers since, apparently, they rather approved of his moxie.

For the next few hours, the conversation with Takarada-san was forgotten, but at one point, when Tsuyoshi and Hayato found themselves alone in the kitchen while Tsuna and Takeshi were out front, tending to the customers, Hayato brought it up.

"Um, Yamamoto-san?"

"Hm?" asked Tsuyoshi, not looking up from the sashimi boat he was preparing.

"Earlier, when you said all four of your boys were great, did you mean…?"

"I meant Lambo and you, of course," replied the man nonchalantly, not looking up as he gave Hayato a chance to compose himself, since the boy's face was probably bright as a tomato by now.

"M-me?" asked Hayato in a disbelieving voice.

"That's right. You spend so much time over here that you're practically part of the family," said Tsuyoshi. Stopping in his work, he looked up to see that Hayato was looking down at his feet, fidgeting shyly.

"Look at me, Hayato," Tsuyoshi said, and the silveret's head snapped up, green eyes meeting brown. "I know you haven't had a very positive family experience in your life so far, but if you're okay with it, my wife and I are more than willing to welcome you into our family. We can't legally adopt you, because we'd need your father's consent, but we can welcome you into our home and act as parental figures to you."

Hayato's eyes widened when he heard this, and all he could do was stutter out one word in reply, "W-why…?"

Tsuyoshi smiled kindly at him, saying, "Because you're a wonderful boy whom we'd love to have live with us and to be able to call our own…and because our sons absolutely adore you."

After a lot of stuttering and fidgeting and shy looks, Hayato finally agreed.

Before Tsuyoshi could officially welcome Hayato into the family, though, Tsuna and Takeshi burst in, shouting in unison, "Welcome to the family Hayato!"

The boys were all at school except for Lambo when it happened.

Tsuyoshi was chatting idly with some of his customers since it was rather slow at the moment, and his wife was upstairs, resting, as she'd been rather busy lately, and had been given the day off.

When the bell over the door rang, Tsuyoshi politely excused himself from his current conversation to tend to the customer that had just entered.

The customer was a familiar-looking middle-aged man with pale blond hair and brown eyes, his expression set into a stern frown.

As he approached the counter, Tsuyoshi was proven right when the man asked, "Are you Yamamoto Tsuyoshi?"

"That's right."

"I'm Sawada Iemitsu."

And at those words, Tsuyoshi's insides grew cold; no wonder he looked so familiar; this man standing in front of him was the one person on this earth that he truly, truly hated.

Letting out a slow breath, Tsuyoshi turned to Takarada-san, who was just finishing up his meal and was currently the only customer, and said, "I'm very sorry, Takarada-san, but on your way out, I would appreciate it very much if you could put up the 'closed' sign."

"Of course," smiled the man as he got up to leave, putting the money for food on the counter and shooting a fierce glare at Iemitsu, obviously having realized just who the man was.

Once the door had closed behind Takarada-san, Tsuyoshi began clearing away the dishes, and Iemitsu just watched him silently for a few moments before saying, "I'm here to see my son."

Tsuyoshi had to fight back the rage that rose up in him at the word 'son,' and struggled to keep his face calm, asking, "And what makes you think your son would be here?"

His eyes furrowed in confusion, Iemitsu said, "I've been told that Tsunayoshi lives here with you?"

"Yes," replied Tsuyoshi, his face still a mask of calm, "My son, Tsunayoshi does live here, but what does that have to do with your son?"

The response was immediate.

Iemitsu slammed his fist onto the counter, standing up with rage clear on his face. "Now you listen here," he growled, "I don't care what kind of petty grudge you hold against me, but don't you dare bring Tsuna into it! No matter who Nana decides to marry, the fact that Tsuna is my son won't change, and I won't have you turning him against me!"

"And that's where your wrong," replied Tsuyoshi, his eyes full of rage, "Tsuna was never your son! You may have helped conceive him, but that does not make you his father! If you really cared for him, you would have come straight over once your ex-wife proposed a divorce! You should have fought for custody over him! You should have visited him at least once a year! But you didn't! And I'd be willing to bet a lot of money that the only reason you're here is to coddle him and try and get into his good books because you know he's going to be your superior sometime in the future!"

"You don't understand what you're talking about," growled Iemitsu, "I wanted to fight for Tsuna! I wanted to visit him every chance I got! But I couldn't! My job-"

"Your job is what?" interrupted Tsuyoshi, "Is more important than your own son?"

"It's too dangerous for me to involve him in it! All these years, I stayed away from him to keep him safe and it was slowly killing me inside, but I did it because I love him!"

"Don't give me that!" hissed Tsuyoshi. "You didn't stay away because you loved him, but because you were too weak to fight for him, because you thought of your Famiglia as more important than your family."

And before Iemitsu could fire off a retort, the bell over the entrance rang, heard clearly in the moment of silence between the two mean.

As Iemitsu and Tsuyoshi both looked to see it had entered, and Tsuyoshi saw that it was his three boys.

"Tadaima!" called the three of them in unison, though Hayato did still seem a little shy about saying it, even a week after he'd come to live with them.

"Otou-san, you never told us that you were closing the restaurant early today!" Takeshi told his father, not really noticing the man that he'd been talking to.

"Well, I didn't know I'd be closing it early either," said Tsuyoshi with a wry smile as he got out from behind the counter to greet his boys, giving them all a hug and a peck on the forehead.

"Eh? An unexpected guest?" asked Tsuna, looking over at Iemitsu, who was still sitting in his place, staring at Tsuna with an odd expression on his face.

His expression tight, Tsuyoshi smiled, saying, "That's right. Boys, I'd like you to say hello to Sawada Iemitsu-san."

And immediately, the tension in the air upped a bit.

Takeshi and Hayato's expressions turned into frowns, and they moved closer to Tsuna, but said brunet just kept smiling.

"Ohayou, Sawada-san!" said Tsuna, bowing politely. "I feel so honoured that the External Advisor has actually come to visit me in person! I hope I can live up to yours and the Vongola Nono's expectations, Sawada-san!"

A small frown on his face, Iemitsu said, "Tsuna I-"

"Please refrain from calling me so familiarly, Sawada-san," said Tsuna in reply, that smile still on his face. "I don't know you well enough to appreciate being called without an honorific, Sawada-san."

After that, Tsuna turned to his father, who was visibly holding back an amused smile, and said, "I'm sorry, otou-san, but I have to go upstairs now and do my homework."

"Of course," replied Tsuyoshi, still holding back a smile.

And with that, Tsuna bowed once more in Iemitsu's direction, saying, "Goodbye, Sawada-san," before turning and heading upstairs to his room, his thoroughly amused brothers following closely behind him.

And all Iemitsu could do was stare dumbly at the door, not really comprehending what had just happened.

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