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So this is a small drabble about her telling Klaus about her human past

"Come on Caroline, live a little," Klaus said smirking at me.

I shook my head.

" Caroline you know you want too," he continued.

I sighed and took the bottle of tequila out of Klaus's hand and took a swig...

2hours later...

"And when i was little i always had this massive crush on Matt and i wanted him to take me to the seventh grade, but ofcause he asked Elena, Elena this, Elena that, it's all anyones ever on about, like did you know i tried to go with Stefan, untill he we chose Elena, for fuck sake i ended up with Damon and even he chose Elena and then you had Tatia, whose like Elena,even you chose Elena, I mean i love Stefan and Elena, Oh my god! STELENA im going to call them Stelena from now and everybody always chose Elena, But everythings not about Elena, you know," I said feeling abit dizzy. Klaus just looked at me with complete admiration.

"But there was some happy times, like when i was younger and my dad was still with us and every sunday we went to the park and saved the slide till last, i always thought i was a big girl going down that slide,"i said grinning at the memory.

"And did you know untill i was fourteen i slept with a brown teddy bear that smelt like chocolate called Cocoa, I loved that teddy bear!" she said grinning and she could slowly feel her energy coming back.

I quickly stood up and pulled Klaus up with me,"Come on Klaus we need to dance... on tables," I said grinning.

Running upto the big dining table.