Chapter 2: Captivated

Myst groaned as his eyes flickered open, looking around at the wooden walls, he then noticed Ikura's still unconscious body. He attempted to move his arm's, but chains were restricting him up against the wall, he shook his arm's viciously to attempt to rip the chain's away, no luck came of it. "Ikura..!" Myst whispered to Ikura, hearing him groan, he once again whispered his name. "Ugh...Myst?" Ikura questioned, his eyes beginning to focus on the figure at the other side of the large crate. "Yeah, it's me, focus." Myst replied.

"What happened?" Ikura asked Myst, still attempting to figure out where they are.

"Last I can remember we were knocked unconscious by a bunch of attacker's, now here we are..." Myst replied

"Well...Whatever happened we need to get out of here." Ikura mentioned to Myst

"I know that..." Myst replied, rolling his eyes as he once again shook on the chains "Blast it all! They won't come loose!" Myst shouted, Ikura inspecting the chains.

"And that's because they're dragon scaled chains." Ikura mentioned as Myst stopped shaking.

"This always tends to happen to us..." Myst chuckled.

"Well, to be honest, you've got a bounty on your head for over 50,00 golden ingots and we just killed a few guard's at Murasa in our escape..." Ikura replied.

"I guess you're right there Ikura...Well, you always come up with the plans, what have you got?" Myst seemed to put pressure on Ikura, as he always does.

"Well...since it falls to me again...try and pull your leg up to your waist and push that dagger from it's sheathe, it's only a soft material so you should be able to break through it..." Ikura planned, a grin upon his face. Myst did as he said, pushing the dagger through it's sheathe, the kick making it slide into the middle of the floor. Myst then kicked the dagger's hilt to flip it, then kicking it again to get it up to his face, he grabbed the blade in his teeth as it came toward him, then standing up, his arm's still bound up against the wall. With the dagger in his mouth, Myst attempted a jump backward onto the wall, he succeeded in this, his head now looking at the floor, he reached down with his mouth and placed the dagger end in the lock, twisting it with his teeth and tounge, second's later, the lock flicked, the chains dropping from his wrist and falling to hang from where they are attached to the wall. Grabbing the dagger in his free hand, Myst worked on the other lock, the clicking happening again. Myst sighed of relief as he grabbed his wrist's, shaking his hand's back to feeling, them being numb, he walked over to Ikura, then fell, the box being lowered from the back of the cart they were being transported on. "Shh stay quiet..." Ikura whispered to Myst, his eyes on the lock of the crate entrance.

"This is our chance to escape..." He worked quickly on Ikura's lock's, then got back to where his chains were, pretending his hand's were in them still... Ikura winced as the sunlight was set upon his eyes, the crate swinging open. A man with a scarf wrapped around his lower face walked in, his long white hair flowing behind him.