~6 years later~

Merlin was dressed in his fine robes that Arthur had commissioned for him, talking to several men. They were court sorcerers from the other kingdoms in Albion asking Merlin for advice. It was Lummas and of course Arthur had thrown a feast to celebrate the beginning of the harvesting season. The holiday also coincided with their children's birthday so all of Camelot was paying tribute to their young prince and princess.

Merlin saw out of the corner of his eye a flash of dark hair and a streak of blonde. Suddenly his son appeared and ducked behind him.

"Dad. Ygraine's chasing me again."

Ygraine soon followed. She tossed the golden curls out of her face. "Dad. Will took my tiara!"

Merlin looked at her hair that had taken the hairdresser nearly an hour to finish. He saw a gilded comb, multiple pins and flowers, but no tiara.

Will narrowed his eyes. He had Merlin's darker hair, but Arthur's overall build and facial features. While Ygraine was blonde haired but had Merlin's fairer complexion, leaner figure, and high cheekbones.

Ygraine stomped her little slipper-ed foot. "Make him give it back!"

Merlin sighed. "Will, give your sister her tiara back. You know it's not a toy."

Will scowled. "She started it. She stole my dagger first."

"Fine. Ygraine, give Will back his dagger."

The twins reluctantly pulled out their stolen treasure. Will held it up over his head. "Bet you can't reach it!"

Ygraine jumped up and tried to reach for it while holding the dagger away with her free hand. "You jerk!"

Will stuck his tongue out. "Now give me my dagger."

"No." Ygraine used a bit of her magic to hold the knife high over her head.

"You witch! Then I'll burn your stupid crown." Will lit up a small flame in his other palm.

"You idiot, you can't burn metal."

"Can too."

"Can not."

"Then I'll break it."

"No!" Ygraine wailed. "Daddy, make him stop."

Merlin rolled his eyes. "All right guys, that's enough." He twitched both hands with a golden-eyed stare. Ygraine and Will were lifted up and set down on opposite sides of the hall. Will's dagger and Ygraine's tiara were lifted out of their sibling's hands and returned to the rightful owner.

Arthur came up behind him and wrapped his arms around Merlin's waist. "You're that bored that you felt the need to show off? Really Merlin?"

Merlin glared at his husband. "Well, your royal pratface, if you haven't noticed, the twins have been arguing all day. Was this what it was like with you and Morgana?"

Arthur glanced over at Will and Ygraine who were playing with Gwen and Lancelot's son, Tommy. "They look fine to me."

The twins seemed to notice they were being talked about. They looked up and ran over to their parents. "Father!" Ygraine launched herself into Arthur's arms.

"Hi Beautiful." He let got and hugged his son too. "Hey Will. You taking care of your sister?"

"Yes father," he said dutifully. "What's wrong with dad?"

Arthur looked over at where Merlin was spluttering indignantly. "Oh nothing more than usual."

"Why you…I ought to…"

Arthur gave him a rueful smile. "I have no idea what you could be referring to, Merlin. Will and Ygraine are behaving perfectly well."

"I can't believe them! They're good around you. Who carried them around the backend of nowhere for nine months? I did. Not you. Me. And now this…"

Arthur cut him off with a gentle kiss.

Merlin blinked. "What were we talking about again?"

Arthur laughed at him. "I love you, you crazy man."

Ygraine skipped out to Merlin and hugged his leg tightly. "Dance with me, daddy!"

Merlin got whisked off to waltz with his daughter while Arthur and Will laughed at him from the side. This must be what bliss felt like. He wished Uther could see him now, surrounded by his loving husband and two beautiful children. Magic had been restored and Albion lived in an age of peace. Uther's petty efforts had been nowhere near powerful enough to derail destiny. And so good triumphed over evil yet again.