Mew Mafa: Hey, I was asked, to write a poem about the Aliens from Tokyo Mew Mew. But this is really difficult for me,to write a poem in another language. I really tried. Sorry! T_T And I don´t really know, what Genre it is. It makes me sad, but in the same time, it is funny. Well I think: Humor/Drama. And: I have another - for a TMM Alien poem, but I have to work on it for a wile.

Anyways, I would be happy, if you review. I like critique. I don´t own Tokyo Mew Mew or any of its characters. ^-^ Thank you and please enjoy.

Note: Shortest poem EVER

Three Aliens come down on Earth

To save their World..


Grass Green hair,

Golden Eyes ,

A little crazy,

But better then other guys.


Little one,

Not that bad.

Don´t call him shorty,

Or he goes mad.


The scary genius,

without a blast.

But he gets mad,

Really fast.

Three Aliens were on Earth,

I hope they saved their World...