"Ready for the last dance" Asked Raphael to her lending a hand at her direction. "Sure let's go" said her, then both left Notre damme by the hand running and once they were outside they started dancing toghether, but then he was gone. Marie then felt something inside her pocket, she didn't noticed before because she was more concerned about Raphael's farewell, then she took the mysterious thing in her pocket, it was a little packet which had a phrase written on it: "open at night" it said Marie was puzzled what was that supposed to mean?anyways she put it again on her pocket and left with her new-descobered-to-be mother.

Later that night

"Well let's see" Said Marie while she opened the packet, inside of it there was a card written by the two sides. She started reading: "Phantom R next theft" she said before turning the card, then she continued: " A Marie's kiss". Marie blushed and before she could even take her look out of the card she felt two soft lips against hers kissing her softly but passionate, then two arms took her waist pulling her closer to him, she while responding the kiss put her arms around his neck trying to deep their kiss. So before a few moments breathing became a real and BIG need so they got separated Raphael had a sweet smile on his face but even thought he was a little blushed while Marie was blushed as red as her thief's hair with her mouth still opened not believing it was true at all. He took his arms away from her, then he took a few steps back he winked at her and before jumping down her balcony he looked back at her and said:

"That was the greatest treasure I've ever theft"

This is the first fic I ever wrote in English so I hope you all like it by the way this is the first drable I ever done, it's had to me not to talk to much so this was a little complicated to do. I also made this fic because I thought Rhythm Thief reaaalllly needed it so I couldn't hold myself from doing this.

Hope you enjoyed.