"Hikachi sent me a text," Mami announced to her twin sister, Ami. "He said that he and Hikarin want to see us again at the park. Wanna go?"
"Of course I do. I really wanted to see Hikarin again," Ami admitted.

"Then let's go!" both twins cheered at once. Laughing, they linked arms and skipped out the door.

"We're going to the park, Nii-chan!" Ami called. She stopped by the room where Producer was partying with the idols. He was currently engaged in smothering Makoto in hugs.


"PRODUCER! That's creepy! Let me go already!"

"Nii-chan has a chip fetish," Ami whispered to her sister.

"Yeah, yeah! I know!" Mami snatched Ami's arm and started running again. They had almost reached the park when someone covered their eyes.

"Guess who," two voices chorused.

"George Washington?" Mami asked.

"Er, no…"

"Ricchan!" Ami chimed.

"Definitely not…"


"And Hikarin?"

"Bingo!" the voices exclaimed. The two stepped out in front of Ami and Mami, uncovering their eyes.

"So you came?" Hikaru asked.

"No, we stayed home," Ami said nonchalantly. "Duh…"

"Right, sorry," Hikaru laughed. "So, wanna go for a walk?"

"Sounds good!" Ami cheered. She linked arms with Hikari and they skipped off. Hikaru held his hand out to Mami. She took it. Blushing slightly, Mami walked with Hikaru after their younger twins.

"So, Mami-chan…you guys are 13, right?" Hikaru asked. "Hikari and I are 14, so you two are a year younger."

"That's true," Mami commented.

"What's your favorite food?" Hikari was asking Ami up ahead. "Let's start with that."

"Pudding! And cookies, and cake, and…" Ami trailed off and giggled. "All that sweet stuff."

"And favorite color?"

"Yellow!" both Ami and Mami shouted. Hikaru laughed.

"What about you two?" Mami asked.

"My favorite food is curry ramen, but Hikaru likes miso ramen more," Hikari answered.

"And our favorite color is blue," Hikaru added. "There's the place. Hikari, go get the picnic basket."

"Got it!" Hikari ran behind one of the trees and emerged a second later with a small wicker basket. "Do you guys happen to like takoyaki?"

"Of course!" Ami and Mami exclaimed.

"Good, because that's what we're eating."

"Yay!" Ami cheered. Mami settled beside Hikaru and waited for Hikari to finish doling out the allotted lunches. When he'd finished, Hikari found a spot next to Ami and started to eat.

"So Hikarin, what's your favorite animal?" Ami asked out of curiosity.

"Walrus," Hikari announced.

"I like giraffes," Hikaru added.

"Monkey!" Ami and Mami cried at once.

"Monkeys are adorable!" Hikari shouted.

"I like giraffes..." Hikaru repeated quietly.

"Giraffes are cute," Mami agreed. "But monkeys are the best!"

"No way! Walruses are way funnier than monkeys!" Hikari retorted.

"Are not!"

"Are too!"

"Are not!"

"Oh yeah?" Laughing, Hikari grabbed a sweet bun out of the basket and threw it at Ami, hitting her square in the chest.

"Oh, you're going to regret doing that!" Ami insisted, grabbing a takoyaki and flinging it at Hikari. Hikaru grabbed the takoyaki out of the air and threw it at Mami. Mami moved aside, picked up her bottle of fruit juice, and dumped it on Hikaru. Hikaru stood and flung a sweet bun at Mami, and for the rest of the time, the pairs of twins flung things back and forth in a massive food fight. Ami and Mami walked away dirty, laughing, and wishing for the day when they would be able to see the two again.