Author's Note:

Hey There Everyone,

Just a quick note about me and what's going on with my site and these fics. I am getting my act together and have motivation again finally. Over the last year I have changed my profession and it takes tons of work and energy to get into something new. I am back at a place in my life now where I have the time, ambition, and motivation to do work on the fics and my site once more. Expect to see changes and updates within the next few months.

As a status report…

Nightmare is finished. I have just to finish typing out the last two chapters and to post those. I am planning to write the next to last chapter for posting tonight, the last chapter for posting on Friday afternoon, and then the Epilogue [if I decide it needs one] on Saturday to post the same day. This fic is the first in a trilogy, expect to see the second in this series maybe mid-April, but know the entire second fic is finished and writing on it has begun. Friends and Lovers is finished. I have that one in my notebook and will get to typing it in over the end weeks of this month. It is a stand-alone fic and will not have a sequel. Finding Humanity is still on the drawing board. I have two more chapters that need final editing before post but I am not sure how many total chapters this will have. For now I am hoping to have a good portion of it finished by the end of February, if not the entire fic. This one if tricky because it could also lead into a longer series of fics, and I need to decide if that's what I want it to do or not before I write too much more. Blue Eyes and Broken Wings, Beyond Tomorrow, and the Untitled Amnesia Fic are on hold. Blue Eyes will be back on my desk by the summer but I need to figure out the rest of that one before I write too much more. X-overs are tricky in my opinion. Beyond Tomorrow is a relaxation fic so I may post sporadic chapters to that one now and again, when I feel like putting out fluff. The Untitled Amnesia Fic [exclusive first chapters only, mail me if you want it] is also a relaxation fic and the chapters will come out when I need a break from the big guns. This one is finished though, the concept that is, so it might show up more often in random posts than these other two. Cast of the Stone and End of Eternity are on indefinite hold. These two are my babies and at this point I don't feel my writing ability is up to par to work on them. I need the practice of the other fics before I dive into these two [and the first in this trilogy].

I am sorry for not getting back to people in a timely manner these last few months. I saved all the mails that ever came to me though, so if you sent me something last summer and I finally get back to you like tomorrow, again I apologize to you for the wait.

So, finally, thank you all for your patience and for being super awesome people, and for pestering me to stay on the ball and not let the site and my fics slip out of mind.