Survival of the Fittest

A lot of splashing, jumping, squealing and laughing later, and the children returned to the adults.

"Smores?" Freya asked her mum, seeing bags of marshmallows and chocolate biscuits being produced from the hut.

"What are smores?" Jezebel asked.

The whole group of children began to call out explanations, until Tracy shouted out above them.

"Shh! As you can see, they're quite popular with us. They're biscuits with toasted marshmallows in the middle of them- like a sandwich!"

"Oh, thanks!"

The children settled round a bonfire, and stuck marshmallows onto forks. They held them over the fire cautiously- other than Hattie, who had a long metal stick so she didn't have to get too close. The adults watched them with mild interest, trusting the older ones- except from Hannah, who was mildly insane, to keep the younger ones safe.

Sam looked over to them, imagining burns patients with their skin melting off them.

"Are they safe?"

"Yeah, we can see them from here." Tracy replied, calmly.

"What if they burn themselves?"

"We're all nurses," Tracy replied, "and besides, most of them are sensible!" she raised her voice so the children could hear.

"I'm not!" Hannah called back.

"Well, we know you're not!"

"I am!" Freya called.

"No, you're just boring." Hannah replied, making everyone laugh.

Many toasted marshmallows later, including the children making them for the adults, and it was dark. Louise, Natalie, Hayley and Zac had gone home.

"Right then, you lot- we'd better be getting back to the tents." Tracy smiled.

"You're camping too? I thought you lived here!" Jezebel said to Freya.

"Yeah, we do! But it's our school holiday- in fact, it's everyone's. But your home schooled, so you wouldn't know. Mum, Dad, Leyla and I all went camping- but dad went off fishing. Hannah came to stay with us in our tent, and Jane, Sammy and Hattie are staying with their mum in a tent near ours."

"Wow! We might see each other!"

"We should!" Hannah replied, grinning at Freya.

"Yeah, why not?" Freya replied, "That'd be great! Mum, what're we doing tomorrow?"

"Uh, nothing really. Why?" Tracy replied.

Freya turned to Jezebel.

"How long you here for?"

"How long?" Jezebel turned to Sam.

"All week if you like?"

"Ooh, could we stay?"

"Yeah, but we wouldn't go anywhere else!" Sam replied.


"Wait, you've got a whole week to go wherever you want?" Hannah asked.


"Why don't you come with us then? We're going to somewhere around Devon or Cornwall tomorrow!"

"This was just a stop so we could have a mini holiday with Janice's family. You're more than welcome!" Tracy offered.

Sam looked at Jezebel.

"Do you mind if we go chat about it?"

Everyone shook their heads, and Sam and Jezebel headed down to the sea, letting it wash over their feet.


"What do you think?" Sam asked.

"I don't know- I mean, I'd love them to be on holiday with us, but I'm not sure about Devon and Cornwall."

"They're nice places," Sam replied, "And I like that group. We don't have to stay with them all the time if you don't want to!"

Jezebel thought for a bit. "Yeah, maybe we could- if you want to."

"I think I might actually prefer the idea to travelling alone!"

"You know what, me too!" Jezebel laughed. The two went to head back over to the group, but couldn't. Freya, Hannah, Leyla, Jane and Sammy had been listening.

"You're coming!"

They all started bouncing around manically, other than Sammy and Jane, who looked upset.

"What's up?" Freya asked them.

"We're not coming…"

"We'll see about that!" Freya said.

"Yeah," Hannah agreed, "Let's go and be all… persuasive-y."

"Yeah!" Shouted the children, as if it was a chant. Jezebel pulled Sam down the slope by her hand.


When they reached the tents, they realised they were all next to each other.

"Right, we'd better get this lot into bed."

"Yeah, right!" Leyla laughed.

"Yes, right. Now get into your tents, you lot."

The children grumbled and clambered through the rustling tarpaulin of their various tents.

"We'd better be off," Sam smiled, turning Jezebel round.

The truth was, she didn't want to go. She was happy exactly where she was, chatting to everyone, but she didn't know whether she was welcome or not.

"You don't have to go, Sam." Janice called.

"Yeah- I mean, the kids won't sleep for ages, not if the quantity of Mountain Dew I saw in the girl's bags is anything to go by. They'll all go be kids in one of the tents!"

Sure enough, Janice's kids ran into Tracy's tent, just as two men turned up at their pitch.


"Sam, this is my husband, Andy." Tracy nodded.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Sam."

"Ah, hello- Tracy text me to tell you we had another travelling companion. Then I met Tom here at the entrance, he said he was looking for you?"

Tom appeared smiling.

"Tom!" Sam grinned, wrapping her arms around him. Jezebel heard this and clambered from the tent with eager anticipation.

"Hey, Sam, hey Jez- I thought I'd come down and surprize you!"


And so, the party sat around their tents, the adults drinking alcohol, the children drinking so many caffeine drinks they went hyper, chatting and laughing. Sam looked around herself. What was it Zoe said about her being lonely?


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