A/N: This is an AU story where Tony is a small child and Shannon survived the accident but Kelly didn't. Also Shannon and Gibbs have a sixteen year old daughter Maggie Ann. Since Tony is a kid Kate is still alive and Senior Field Agent and Ziva and McGee are still Junior Agents. The last difference is Jimmy is Ducky's seventeen year old nephew him and Maggie are dating and attend Quantico High as juniors.

"WAAAAAAAH!" Four year old Tony DiNozzo screamed.

"SHUT-UP!" DiNozzo Senior yelled from the front seat.

"But my leg hwrts!" Tony cried.

"It wouldn't hurt if you had stopped being such a little jerk!" Senior yelled.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Tony cried again.

"Oh that is it! It is bad enough you made your nanny quit and now I have to drag you on my business trip. I can't handle your screaming anymore!" Senior yelled before pulling the car over.

He got out of the car, flung the back door open, pulled Tony out "YOU CAN STAY HERE! " he yelled, finally he threw Tony into the night. Tony lay on the ground for a while until the pain passed enough for him to stand up and walk. He was terrified he had no idea where he was.

"Why does he hate me so much?" Tony whimpered before he collapsed he tried to crawl up the stairs of the building he was near but all he did was knock over a trash can. Tony shuddered he was terrified of loud noises especially since if he made one his dad would beat him. Tony thought he was safe then a few minutes later a man walked down the stairs.

Jackson Gibbs was trying to sleep but, was having a hard time. He was excited because his son Leroy, daughter in law Shannon, and sixteen year old granddaughter Maggie were coming for the weekend. He hadn't seen them since Christmas. Suddenly he heard a loud crash outside his apartment. Fearing his store was being robbed he grabbed his cane and a flashlight and descended the back stairs. He was halfway down when he heard a small whimper. He shone the flashlight down the steps and saw a small boy no older than four cowering at the bottom. He moved as quickly as he could. He tried to approach the child but, the kid ran well tried to he took two steps before falling over and grabbing his leg. Jack got close and saw how much pain the poor child was in.

"Hey it's OK little guy I'm not going to hurt you." Jackson assured as he scooped Tony up.

"WAAAAAAH!" Tony cried clutching his leg.

Jackson realized the boy was afraid of the cane so he hung it on the railing and picked the child up. The boy panicked for a few seconds but, didn't really have the strength to fight much in fact the kid was asleep in his arms before they made it up the stairs. Once he got the kid upstairs. He shook him awake.

"Hey little guy it's OK I just want to know your name." Jackson assured.

"Tony DiNozzo Jr." Tony replied.

"Hi little Tony I'm Jackson but my friends call me Jack" Jackson replied he tried to ask Tony about why he was out so late but he was already asleep.

Jack sighed and went back to retrieve his cane.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs walked into his living room his wife Shannon and teenage daughter Maggie Ann were sitting on the couch. Maggie had her laptop propped up on her legs and Shannon was flipping channels.

"Hey you girls packed for tomorrow?" Gibbs asked.

"Yes Jethro I am packed and I emailed my patients, made sure I didn't have any appointments, and said if an emergency arose and it wasn't serious enough for the ER to go to my friend Stephanie Flynn." Shannon assured.

"Oh the one that has a crush on dad I swear Dianne Fornell, Director Sheppard before she died, half my friends, I hear Emily Fornell has a picture of you by her bed, and even little America Franks has a little crushie!" Maggie cried.

"Interesting now are you packed?" Gibbs asked.

"Yes daddy and send and my work for tomorrow and Spring Break homework is done!" Maggie replied.

"I still don't understand how you can do homework without using any paper." Gibbs replied rolling his eyes.

Gibbs looked at his family he wished his oldest daughter was still alive and part of this. It had been twenty one years since Shannon had become target of a drug dealer named Pedro Hernández and an attempt on her life had gotten Kelly killed. He had been overseas at the time. Not long after that he was injured overseas and spent two weeks in a coma. After that he joined NCIS in 1993. He never thought he'd be a daddy again but then just before Mike Franks retired Shannon found out she was pregnant with another child and seven months later Maggie Ann Gibbs was born six weeks premature. Thankfully she was OK. Shannon said she had her daddy's Marine fight in her. Now Maggie was sixteen and a junior in high school. His girls were so different from each other despite never meeting. Kelly was high energy but more girly she preferred math and tea parties she was a lot like Abby Scuito the Forensic Specialist at NCIS. Maggie on the other hand was a tomboy who preferred reading and rough housing she was a lot like his Junior Agents Ziva David and Kate Todd and was even dating Ducky's adopted nephew Jimmy. Now they were heading to Stillwater for Maggie's Spring Break to see Gibbs's dad Jackson and Shannon's mom Joan. Little did Gibbs know an event taking place in Stillwater at that very moment would change their lives forever?