It was late afternoon around four and Tony was enjoying his much deserved long awaited time off. Gibbs had released his agents almost two hours earlier than usual after they had finally closed an extremely trying case. Suddenly Tony's cellphone rang.

"Oh please not another case I am so tired! I just want to rest." Tony whined as he picked up his phone.

"You got DiNozzo." Tony answered.

"Oh good hi Tony." Jimmy replied on the other end.

"Hey Autopsy Gremlin what can I do for ya?" Tony asked.

"Tony I need to tell you something." Jimmy replied.

"OK what is it?" Tony asked.

"You remember how I left early last week to see the doctor?" Jimmy questioned.

"Yeah why?" Tony asked.

"Tony I…I have cancer." Jimmy replied.

Tony felt his knees go weak and his phone drop to the ground.

"Tony I told you first just because I trust you. How am Well Breena knows she has been taking me to the doctor and stuff but, how am I gonna tell Dr. Mallard. I mean the others won't be so hard but he'll take it hard. I wish I hadn't just told him I had to go about my diabetes." Jimmy rambled.

Tony choked out a sob

"Tony? Tony are you alright" Jimmy asked.

That's when Tony began to cry uncontrollably.

A/N: OK I know another depressing story. This is just the prologue other chapters will be longer. Now I need help with a couple aspects of the story. 1.) What kind of cancer should Jimmy have? 2.) I know that Jimmy is going to tell the team (Gibbs, McGee, Ziva, Abby, and Vance in the bullpen the nest day with Tony offering moral support but, how should Ducky find out Jimmy is sick? Jimmy telling him or Breena accidently telling him about it thinking he already knew?