"Code blue ICU bed 21! Code blue ICU bed 21!" A monotone voice called over the intercom.

Gibbs's head shot up from the newspaper he was reading. When he heard that his gut had been telling him something bad was going to happen all day. That's why DiNozzo's strange behavior had disturbed him so much instead Jimmy Palmer who had been battling leukemia was in critical condition at Georgetown hospital. Gibbs was never really close with the boy but, Ducky loved him the way he loved DiNozzo and that kid was too young. Gibbs swears he saw his face on one of Kelly's class pictures. Now a code was being called meaning somebody had crashed meaning they were dead and Gibbs prayed it wasn't Palmer.

"Say Duck what bed is Palmer in?" Gibbs asked.

"21 Wh… NO! OH GOD NO!" Ducky cried.

"Duck come on relax. He'll be OK." Gibbs said trying to calm his friend.

It was too late Ducky was already kicking and punching at the air and screaming at the top of his lungs using words Gibbs was shocked the gentle old man even knew along with cursing God and begging for it to be him instead. Gibbs ran over to the door and flung it open accidently knocking over a catatonic Tony in the process.

"WE NEED SOME HELP IN HERE!" Gibbs yelled knowing that reviving Jimmy was top priority but, still also knowing that Ducky needed help ASAP too.

Gibbs watched in terror as the doctors yelled and shocked Jimmy with the paddles. His heart breaking for Breena who was watching from as close as the doctors would allow as they tried to bring Jimmy back. He couldn't even look away because if he looked down he saw Tony in shock and if he looked back he saw Ducky flipping out. When they finally got Jimmy back a couple of the nurses ran over. One attended to Tony while the other went to check on Ducky. She realized she was going to need help and paged for assistance it took two large male doctors and the nurse to hold Ducky down and another to inject him with the sedative. Gibbs watched with fear in his heart as both Ducky and Tony were loaded onto gurneys and moved to another part of the hospital for observation.

McGee arrived an hour after the incident. As he rounded the corridor he passed a nurse going off duty.

"Visiting hours are over or are you staying overnight in the waiting room?" She asked.

"Oh no I'm just dropping some things off for some friends who are." McGee explained.

"Consider yourself lucky then been a crazy night here. A man coded and then a middle age man went catatonic when he heard the news and an older man had to be sedated." She replied.

"Oh God" McGee whispered offering the nurse a sympathetic look.

McGee turned and entered the ICU waiting room. His heart skipped a beat when he didn't see Ducky he wasn't so worried about Gibbs and Tony since only two visitors could stay in the ICU overnight and that would likely be Breena and Ducky. Unless Jimmy's mom arrived then Ducky would check into a nearby hotel. He surveyed the room further and found Breena curled into a ball in one of the recliners covered by an ancient hospital blanket. He walked over and tapped her on the shoulder until she woke up.

'McGee?" Breena asked wearily turning rolling over revealing her red puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks.

"How's it going?" McGee asked instantly realizing how stupid that sounded.

"Oh McGee Jimmy died!" Breena cried.

All the blood drained from McGee's face "No" he whispered.

"Oh they revived him but he was dead for like five minutes." Breena sobbed.

"Oh God I am so sorry but, he will be OK you'll see." McGee tried to assure her.

"He hasn't regained consciousness yet." Breena replied.

"He will. Now here I brought these for you and bought you some non-perishables." McGee said handing her the supplies he had purchased.

"Thanks" Breena said pulling them into her arms.

"I got some for Ducky too where is he?" McGee asked.

"They had to sedate him after Jimmy coded and then Tony went catatonic." Breena explained.

"Oh no are they OK?" McGee asked.

"I don't know I just want to stay here and be near Jimmy." Breena whimpered.

"Alright are you OK alone?" McGee asked.

"Yes just go." Breena assured.

McGee left the ICU and headed to the main desk where he asked about Ducky and Tony. He was told they were in the same room. He walked in and found Gibbs sitting between Ducky and Tony looking distraught.

Gibbs was sitting in the hospital room between Ducky and Tony both men were asleep. Tony would wake up any time and provided he checked out OK would be released promptly to spend the rest of the night with Gibbs. Ducky however was sedated and likely wouldn't wake up until morning. He had really scared Gibbs it had taken him almost an hour to get his heart rate down after being sedated. Suddenly McGee arrived at the door.

"Hey Boss" McGee whispered.

"McGee" Gibbs greeted.

"I spoke to Breena." McGee replied.

"Oh how is Jimmy?" Gibbs asked

"They revived him." McGee replied.

"Did he crash again?" Gibbs asked concerned.

"No I didn't know if you knew or not. Anyway he is still unconscious." McGee explained.

"Is he responsive?" Gibbs asked.

"I don't know that's all I could get out of Breena." McGee explained. "Now what's the deal with them?" he asked gesturing at Ducky and Tony.

"Tony was in shock but has stabilized and should wake up any time now when he does I will take him home with me. Ducky was hysterical and is under a pretty heavy sedation he won't be awake til morning and after almost an hour his heart rate just went down a few minutes ago so he may be kept for a while." Gibbs explained.

"Oh God I hope they are OK. I will pray for all three anyway I am going to go to go home actually I think I am going to stay with the girls. I want to tell them in person and I want to be with them just in case." McGee explained.

"Good idea McGee oh and McGee church sleep over rules boys in girls separate beds and if possible separate rooms." Gibbs called after McGee.

Gibbs sank back into his chair and sighed it was going to be a long night. A few minutes later Tony woke up.

"Nice to see you awake DiNozzo." Gibbs greeted

"Boss?" Tony asked in a groggy tone.

"Yes Tony?" Gibbs asked.

"What happened? Is Jimmy OK?" Gibbs asked.

"Jimmy was legally dead for several minutes and you went into shock when they made the code announcement." Gibbs explained.

"Why is Ducky here?" Tony asked.

"He had the opposite reaction as you and required sedation." Gibbs explained.

"Will Ducky and Jimmy be OK?" Tony asked concerned.

"I hope so Tony I hope so." Gibbs replied.

Around four am Gibbs woke up for his early morning jog and found Tony in the basement absent mindedly sanding on the boat.

"You're lucky Vance said he wanted you to stay home today DiNozzo." Gibbs said.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Tony asked.

"Tell you what DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked.

"That Jimmy still hasn't woken up!" Tony exclaimed.

"How did you know that?" Gibbs asked.

"I called McGee to ask him if Abby and Ziva were OK and he said Jimmy was still unconscious!" Tony cried.

"I'm sorry Tony you had been in shock I was worried it would be too much for you." Gibbs explained.

"I would have been fine am I really off today?" Tony asked.

"Yes now I want you to take it easy but I also want you to do me a favor." Gibbs said.

"Sure anything Boss?" Tony asked.

"Be with Ducky when he wakes up and maybe check in on Jimmy." Gibbs replied.

"On it Boss." Tony replied.

Tony did as he was told and made sure to be at Georgetown as soon as visiting hours began. Ducky woke up about fifteen minutes later.

"Anthony how is Mr. Palmer?" Ducky asked.

"Not good he still hasn't woken up." Tony explained.

"Why am I in a bed?" Ducky asked.

"You had to be sedated." Tony explained.

He stayed with Ducky a bit longer before going off to check on Jimmy. He arrived at the ICU and found Breena sipping coffee next to an older woman both seemed extremely distraught and tired and like their lives depended on each drop of coffee they drank.

"Hi Tony this is Eunice Jimmy's mom." Breena said.

"Hi Eunice I am Tony I work with Jimmy." Tony greeted.

"Hello nice to meet you Tony." Eunice replied.

"How is he?" Tony asked.

"My baby might be dying." Eunice said sadly.

"He'll be OK. He has to be." Tony assured placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Thank you I can see why my Jimmy speaks so highly of you." Eunice replied.

"He's a good guy." Tony replied.

"Would you like to see him?" Breena asked.

"Like after you guys cause they gave me the day off." Tony explained,

"No now we need to wake up a bit more." Breena replied.

Tony nodded and went off to see his friend. Much to Tony's sadness Jimmy was still unconscious. Then three minutes into Tony's five minute visit. Jimmy had a massive seizure. Tony was just standing by Jimmy's bed holding his hand begging him to wake up. When suddenly he started to twitch at first Tony thought he was waking up then his eyes rolled in the back of his head, the twitching became violent, and his machines started buzzing. The seizure caused Jimmy to crash again and this time they were one shock away from giving up when Jimmy's heart finally started to beat unfortunately his eyes remained closed.

Completely shaken Tony went back to be with Ducky until he was released. Ducky wanted to go to NCIS and Tony didn't want to be alone. So Tony agreed to drive him. Upon arrival Ducky went upstairs to speak with Vance and Tony went to the bullpen but wound up being sent to an elevator conference with Gibbs.

"I thought I told you to take it easy!" Gibbs ordered.

"Jimmy had a seizure in front of me and coded again!" Tony cried.

"Oh God Tony." Gibbs whispered.

"I'm so scared Boss." Tony sobbed.

"It'll be OK DiNozzo." Gibbs assured.

"No it won't Boss. I lied to Breena to protect her! Jimmy is dying I just know it!" Tony sobbed.

A/N: The next chapter will have Ducky/Jimmy friendship and Tiva and McAbby.