We made our way out of the tribe house and went down a tunnel labeled 'Vanilla'. From inside the tunnel, we watched the other mice scramble for the cheese, jumping over puddles of lava on what looked like a beach. The Shaman was doing nothing to help them, only jumping over the puddles and then conjuring cannons at those who didn't.

I rolled my eyes, annoyed with the Shaman. He was supposed to be helping the other mice, not sending them flying into the safety nets far below. (It was a good thing those were there, though, otherwise about ten mice would have been killed.)

I was so busy watching the mice and the mean Shaman that I barely noticed when three other mice came up behind me, until I felt Red prodding my shoulder.

"Rova. Rova. Rova. Rova."

I snapped out of my trance and turned to him, then saw Drazier and Jumpsparky beside him. Sorasuki was a little ways off, whispering to Italy. I couldn't catch what they said, so instead I smiled at Sparkles, (My nickname for Jumpsparky) and Green.

Green was already arguing with Red, something about...a fish? I wasn't quite sure. I smiled at Sparkles and was about to say 'Hey' when all the rest of the mice in the room flooded into the tunnel with us.

It looked like Red had managed to arrange for the entire tribe to be in this room. I could easily pick out Switchy, Silver, Jeg, Konata, Ryuzakiryu, and Rockrebel (Or Rocky, as she was more commonly called). I ran up to Rocky, reaching out a paw to ruffle her electric blue fur. She grew it out similiar to Red's, except that her bangs were spiky and the style fit her.

"I love what you did to your hair!" I exclaimed, envious.

"Thank you." she replied coolly, smiling.

"You and Red are rich," I sighed. "I could never afford to do my fur like that."

Rocky shrugged. "I saved up for a long time. If you'd stop spending all your cheese of sunglasses and rabbit ears, you'd probably be able to afford buying some fur dye."

I shrugged, but before I got to say anything else, the countdown started.

~Lalalala...A bit later~

I had been collecting for a while, and my back was starting to hurt from the cheese. God, this stuff was heavy when you had around forty chunks of it.

I must have gotten really into the cheese-gathering, though, because I only then noticed that Red was gone.

"Hey, Italy, have you seen Red?" I asked loudly, not being able to see Italy but convinced he was somewhere nearby.

"Italy's not here." Green said as he ran past me on his way back to the tunnels.

"Where did he-" I didn't get a chance to finish, because he was already out of sight.


"Reeeeeddd!" I shouted, shoving the tribe house door open. "Where are-"

I stopped dead in my tracks.

The tribe house was usually empty, and I would have thought that would be no different now. But I wasn't alone in the large room. Nope, not a chance.

There were two mice laying, asleep, on the red couch that sat by the door. One was half laying on the other, but the one underneath him didn't seem to mind. I recognized familiar white and light brown fur, and my eyes caught a top hat on the floor near the couch.

"What the hell!?" I screeched, and both of the mice jolted awake. Italy jumped away, fumbling as he landed on the floor and frantically searched for his glasses. Red sat seemingly frozen, on the couch, his cheeks and ears flaring bright red.

"Uh, R-Rova," Italy stuttered, having found his glasses and carefully put them back on. "It isn't what it looks like. See, Red wanted help counting his cheese, so I came over to help him, b-but he was already asleep on the cou-"

He fell silent as we both heared a shuffling noise. Glancing over Italy's shoulder, I saw Red going around the couch, gathering his things. He carefully placed his blue and white hat back on his head, then found his bow tie and fumbled, though eventually getting it tied right. All the while Italy and I simply watched, confused as to why Red was s quiet during this.

Red, after making sure he had everything, brushed past me on his way out of the tribe house. Italy's eyes had gone wide as he watched, and he quickly ran out after Red.

I blinked, watching as they both disappeared out of the house. I was confused, to say the least. Not only had it startled me, to see Italy so freaked out (for lack of a better word), but also upset me.

Hey, seeing the guy you were crushing on cuddling another dude would upset you, too, right?

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