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Ezra POV

For the first time in my life, I wake up and don't want to move. Being part of an underground quasi-militant faction, meant a lot of sleeping on concrete floors, surrounded by men. The prison, while slightly more comfortable, giving me a bed, still was horrible. And I hated every moment of being in that white, plastic room.

The bed the Strongholds had given me was positively luxurious. I could get used to the bed, if nothing else. When she said "get settled into your new bed" I didn't even imagine the plush island they were to give me.

I force my eyes open, in the dark of the early winter morning I peer at the blinking digital clock. Only seven. Time for some medicine.

I crawl my way out of the warmth and into the cold open room, padding to the dresser, I picked up the syringe case they'd put in my pocket. I opened it up and uncorked the lid on one of the tiny vials of green liquid and screwed into the syringe pen. I squeeze out a small amount to remove bubbles.

I turn from the dresser to the vanity across from it, lifting my chin, I slide the needle into my neck and empty the syringe into where I knew my carotid artery laid, and get an instant jolt. The steroid spreads through my body instantly like a match in a river of gasoline.

Replacing the syringe in the case and putting the empty vial in a sterile packet, I look in the mirror once more. My hair had grown long in the prison, and underneath I knew there were dreadlocks forming for lack of a hairbrush. I should find someone to lock the rest for me. I think briefly. My hair had always been thick and hard to handle. With the steroid in my blood my eyes looked awake, alert, and like I hadn't been asleep just minutes before. I veins were visibly pumping with the juice and I felt on top of the world.

I have a mirror. I have a bed. And I have woken up without a single goddamn armed man in the building. I think this could be good. And for the first time in a long time, I watch my face split into a complete smile, teeth and all.


Josie POV

We heard Ezra get up about the same time Steve and I did. Early morning paperwork was the worst part of being a Real Estate agent, lots of offers, lots of banks, and lots of young couples who don't understand finances. And it all had to be done fast and whenever we have time, because the NSC could call us whenever they like.

I hop up and dress quickly, intent on making a lush breakfast for the newest member of the family. As I leave the bedroom I hear Steve's sluggish ass rolling itself out of the bed. His arms are strong, but with the willpower of a gnat. I giggle to myself, thinking of when I met the lazy ass in high school for the first time.

Will struts his way downstairs at 7:45 as I finish with the pancakes, followed lazily by Ezra a few moments later, looking far more awake than my own son. The steroid.

I smile at the two of them as Will takes a seat at the table, waiting to be served. Ezra, instead of following suit picks a plate up off the table and comes to me in the kitchen.

"Good morning!" I grin at her and smile. "Help yourself, hot pancakes are in the oven keeping warm. And help yourself out of the frying pan too!"

"Thank you." She says, and looks me directly in the eye. There's an excitement behind them, like holding a dog back after throwing its favorite toy for it. Behind her eyes there is power and energy that has had no outlet for over a year since her incarceration.

I open the oven and she darts her hand in, grabbing up two pancakes and loads the rest of her plate with bacon. "Thank you for making this."

"Mom always makes breakfast for us in the morning!" Will pipes. Still sitting patiently. Ezra's head shot around at him.

"Then why don't you come get some instead of sitting there like a puppy that can't do anything for itself." She says calmly, training her gaze directly on Will's, leaving Will and I stunned.


Will POV

Her words caught me off guard. How dare she say something like that about me, I can do whatever I need on my own. My mother gives me a pointed look from behind Ezra, giving me something else to look at other than her eyes. Her eyes weigh heavy on my own as she barely blinks.

My mom tilts her head at me, beckoning me to get up and get some food. I swallow my pride and do so.

"You're right. Thanks for breakfast mom." I turn to Ezra, who's eyes were turned instead toward the table now where she was headed "I promise I'm not totally useless." I try to smile, she only turns toward me briefly.

Layla shows up only five minutes later and grabs herself an apple and gives me a kiss on the cheek. Planting herself down next to me in her radiancy.

"Good morning! Brrr, it's so cold out!" Layla gives a little shiver and directs the comment at Ezra, who looks up from her food for the first time since sitting down. A lazy grin comes to her face this time.

"Yeah, if it's as cold outside as it was in my room this morning, I don't doubt it, I'm just glad I'm not sleeping in it anymore." There doesn't seem to be any sarcasm in her voice, so Layla smiles back.

"So are you starting school today?"

"I actually was thinking I was going for new clothes today, with Josie." She looks over at my mom, who had taken a seat with her own breakfast next to Ezra, across from me. My mom nods, her mouth full of pancake, and Ezra half-smiles again.

"Oh okay, so what do you do?" Layla asks.

"Do?" Ezra raises her eyebrow.

"Like, what's your power, if you're going to sky high you must have one!"

"It's not really powers. This… stuff… I've taken since I was really small makes be better at stuff. The doctors at the prison said it has made my hyperkinetic over time, and they think that I'll stay that way even if I stop taking it. It also makes me stong, powers up my metabolism, and makes me just a little more super than human." Layla cocks her head and pipes up.

"Sounds like a power to me!"

"I suppose" Ezra shrugs "The doctors say it's not really a superpower because its triggered by the drug, and isn't neutralized by your power thingies in the prison, it's purely scientific, they told me that genetically I'm a genius or something and my genes are strong to begin with, because the drug doesn't kill me, from my father I guess."

Layla looks at me and smiles, seeming satisfied before smiling back at Ezra.

I finish up my breakfast by 8:20 and deposit my plate in the sink. My mother snaps at me and I move it to the dishwasher.

Layla and I leave my mother and Ezra together in the kitchen and head out to school.



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