Evergreen Obsession

Butch's POV:
I frowned as I watched Buttercup play basketball. Why does she torture me like this? She jumped to dunk the ball, and her baggy green t-shirt rose up. I saw a hint of her sports bra. It was evergreen.
"Butch!" my girlfriend, Brute, snapped.
I whirled around to look at her. "What?"
"I asked if you wanted to chill at the lake on Saturday. You know, before we…" She leaned closer and shuttered her eyes. She pursed her lips and I cringed. Ever since Buttercup had returned from the exchange program in Cherry Oaks, I'd been a little antsy around her and Brute.
At the very last minute, a green basketball flew in between Brute and I. "Sorry!" BC called, jogging over.
"You better be, you green eyed-"
BC halted, hands up. "Hey, I didn't do anything, lip-stick-zilla. Mitch is the one with bad aim. It bounced off the rim and headed straight for you love birds. Bite his head off."
With that, she retrieved the ball and ran back over to the nine assembled male teens.
That was another thing that that had changed about her. Since her return, she hadn't once picked a fight with Brute, or me. She didn't retort any wisecracks, threaten to choke Brute until she was flatter than water, or even bother to point out to Brute that she wore more make-up than a department store could sell.
Oh, sure, she and Brute still fought when Brute and her sisters decided to terrorize the city. Just, it was never personal.
Even her relationship with me had changed. We were teammates, friends… She no longer did girlfriend-like things though. Like hanging out at the movies during couple-for-free Friday night.
She meticulously stayed free of my relationship with Brute, and to be really truthful? It irked the hell out of me! I was her fucking best guy friend. Now she was closer to even Mike Believe than me; fagot benchwarmer…
I had to find an explanation. Instantly, a plan formed in my head.
Butch disentangled himself from Brute and stood. Slapping a grin on his face, he headed straight for his brother, Brick's, girlfriend Blossom, who was conveniently Buttercup's sister.
She sensed me, and sent me a tight smile. Butch plopped down beside her. "Hey, babe, what's with-"
"Don't call my girl 'babe', retard." Brick appeared, carrying some iced coffee drink from Starbucks.
"Brick…" she said in a warning tone. "You call me 'babe'."
"I'm your boyfriend." Brick explained simply. And then they got into a heated dispute that ended with them making out passionately, frappes forgotten.
"F***!" Butch growled, getting up. Dead end there, he thought. Then he spotted Bubbles, who was happily chatting with Rodin Schneider. When Robin saw him approach, she winced, hurriedly excused herself and cut out like Brute was on her tail. Which would have been a reality if she'd caught him talking to her, he thought bemusedly, hence the bailing.
A very confused Bubbles turned to face him. "Hey, Butch…"
"Hey, vanilla, what's the scoop on BC's attitude adjustment?"
At his inquiry, she paled, almost matching her white shirt. "Oh… That…"
Bingo, he silently sneered, I hit pay sh**. "What's with her? Lately, she's been acting way Zen."
"Then her lessons with Kai are paying off- Oops!" Bubbles covered her mouth.
Butch pressed on, intent on squeezing the juice out of his other brother, Boomer's, girlfriend. "Who's Zen?" He didn't realize he'd become inches from her face.
"Hey, Little Miss Blue B****!" Brute yelled flying over.
Sh**, Butch groaned inwardly. "Babe, its not what you think."
"I think this b**** needs to stick with one f***ing boy toy. And I'm gonna show her why." Brute moved to punch, only to be blocked by BC, who countered with two fingers, restraining Brute.
"Don't mess with my sister." She flicked Brute's fist, which sent her stumbling back a few feet. "Just because he was talking to her doesn't mean she wants him." With that, BC walked off, Bubbles close to her side.
"That's it?!" Brute screeched. "The toughest fighter, Buttercup, is just going to give up?!"
BC stopped and, without turning back, she bit out, "I've got more fight than you could ever handle, Brutus. Don't mess with me." And then, she stalked off, Bubbles on her tail.
Butch immediately turned to Brutus- Brute. "I was asking her something!" he ground out.
"So you just happened to be all up in her face to do it?" Brute retorted.
"Actually, yes! And you ruined it. She was about to crack. So close…" Butch groaned.
"What was so important you couldn't ask me; you had to ask a Powerpuff, and not your own girlfriend?" Brute demanded
Butch turned away. "You wouldn't understand…"
AK: Here is the fanfic as promised. A little late, sorry. And Butch is with Brute, for now. Don't worry, you'll see why BC's all Zenned out, and who Kai is.