EO 6

AK: Okay, the story doesn't stop with 5… I haven't had Brute properly beat up yet. Nor has Butch done enough groveling.


When Butch started kissing her again, Buttercup nearly melted like an ice cream cone in a sauna. It felt so good to kiss him; to touch him. She would have fainted like Bubbles did at the sight of designer shoes on sale.

All too soon, he pulled back, breaking her euphoric haze. "Why?" she rasped, feeling a little self-conscious. Romance was not her thing. Neither was logic.

Butch pulled in a deep breath. "I love the changes, you know that right?" he blurted out. Then, he looked repentant. "S**t, I didn't say that right. I mean, I love what you've become- No that's wrong too!" He released her to pace a while away, muttering more lines of love but ultimately dismissing them.

"Don't you mean, I love you for you, and nothing else?" BC whispered, hope rising like the perfect wave in her heart.

"Yeah… I do love you, BC—and all I want is another chance." He looked so pleading, so desperate…

"No…" BC murmured.

Butch's face fell faster than a shot down airplane. "No?"

"I can't give you what you already have, Evergreen. You know, you've owned my heart since you threw a trailer after I beat you in dodge-ball when we were eight." BC smiled wryly. "I thought it was cute."

Butch reddened. "I still think you cheated. But, I'm okay with that. As long as you love me," he added.

BC groaned in mock frustration. "You turned you into Bieber?" she demanded.

Butch caught on quick and started belting out Baby at the top of his lungs. BC laughed and wrapped her arms around his torso. "Let's get back into the party, Butch. And tell my sisters the inevitable news."

"Take a rain check, toots." Brute's voice snidely informed them. "You're about to take a pain train to the streets of Maine."


Butch saw the tackle happen, but just as soon as Brute had toppled her, BC had used Brute's momentum to catapult her into a bush.

"Chick, you've got some nerve…" BC growled, losing all sweet playfulness of a few seconds ago and becoming a badass. His badass, he corrected.

She crouched low to the ground, eyes stalking Brute. Suddenly, Brute lunged and clawed at BC's face. BC protected and landed a solid hook to Brute's jaw. An audible crack sounded as Brute's neck went skyrocketing, taking the rest of her body with it.

"That barely-" Brute panted over the bloody mouth she now sported. "Hurt!"

"Then, I'll make this a quick victory, Brutus." She vanished from in front out of Butch, and reappeared behind Brute. She delivered a perfect roundhouse kick and a nice uppercut. Brute then did what all girls did when fighting—at least to Butch's knowledge—she pulled BC's hair.

"OW!" BC grit her teeth and flipped with the force, disentangling herself and disorienting Brute.

"Wha-" Brute met the knuckles of BC's fist, and fell back with the blunt strength of it, unconscious.

"Sleep tight, Brutus. I'll send the garbage man to pick you up on trash day." BC panted hard.


"Is there anything hotter than you in a bikini?" Butch asked later. They were alone in his room. His brothers were still out: Bubbles and Boomer having grabbed some things and left for 'studying', while Brick had bluntly stated he was going to go Blossom's and that BC had to stay here hint, hint.

"Mmm, you covered in chocolate?" BC murmured, slowly tracing circles into his chest.

"Nope, we finished the chocolate syrup, Neon. I was thinking you… Naked… Covered in emeralds…" he imagined.

"Then I wouldn't be naked." BC nitpicked.

"Shut up, this is my fantasy." Butch frowned. "Maybe you should keep your bikini on in it, so I can peel it off of you…"

"You're a perv!"

"But you love me for it." Butch pointed out. "And I couldn't ask for more."

"You can be romantic." BC gasped in mock-awe.

"'Cause you're my bab-y, bab-y, oh!" Butch crooned.

BC slapped him on the chest. "Way to ruin the mood, Casanova."

"Who needs a mood when I've got you here, on top of me…" She frowned at his deterrent. "C'mon, BC…"

"You know, you have to be the craziest guy I've dated yet. But I love you, so I guess that makes me crazy too."

"Let's be crazy together." Butch kissed the tip of her nose. "One question though?"

"Yeah?" BC mumbled.

"What's this about other guys?" he demanded.

BC rolled his eyes. "Yep, you're the jealous type."

"I guess I just need my Neon green to bring it out of me. You are my Emerald Obsession…"


AK: The End. Yay!