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"Daniel, you're getting a little too paranoid," Kate explained to the college professor who sat rubbing his forehead in frustration, "These cases have taken you off of your routine and making things a little too intense on your brain..." The FBI agent had been trying to negotiate with him for the past forty-five minutes, and been getting her arguments shot down too.

"I swear Kate, I'm going to be fine!" Daniel sighed as she gave him an unsure look, "I've still got Lewiki to help keep me on track, too."

"You just don't get it..." she sighed, "I've noticed that your hallucinations have become more intense and distracting, Daniel. I had to confront the chief about this, and he says that you have to take a leave for a while."

"Other options?" he asked simply.

"Take your pills Daniel, they could really help you!" she ordered in a demanding tone.

"Or, they could harm me. They distract me, Kate, you of all people should know that very well!" he said to her, his voice growing louder by the second.

"Then I advise you to take the break that the chief is offering you, otherwise you have to control your condition or else you're in some deep shit!" she snapped at him, soon tightly shutting her mouth as soon as she knew what she had done.

Daniel hung his head and let out a sigh of defeat. "You're going to find someone to replace me while I'm gone right?" he expected her to be nodding. "You and I both know that they're going to be nothing like me." he explained without looking up at Kate. "I bet it's probably going to be a clean cut guy who's super serious and snooty, and his intellect won't even come close to mine. Hell, I bet he won't be able to crack his first case, but if he does it will take three times the amount of time I need to solve one! And-"

He was cut off from his rant about being replaced during his absence when he felt a small hand on his shoulder. Daniel looked up into Kate's soft, caring eyes.

"You'd be surprised by who we got to take your place..." she said with a smile as she turned around to dig into her purse to open up a brown file. "Her name is Crystal Evans. She's a seventeen-year-old highschool graduate, turning eighteen in four months. Hair color red with blonde and black highlights and shadows. Bright green eyes. Pale freckled skin. A few scars from 'incidents'." Kate handed Daniel a few pictures of the teenage girl and he looked through smiling pictures of her.

"Told you they'd be clean and super snooty..." he grumbled just loud enough for his friend to hear.

"She's actually the same as you, Daniel, and I certainly wouldn't label you as snooty. Bet Lewiki would agree..." she scoffed at him.

"Explain." Daniel said to her, raising a brow.

"Crystal's a paranoid schizophrenic, just like you Daniel." Kate put the news a little lightly as she noticed his hands stop shifting the pictures and his head whip up, his face showing mixed emotions about the subject. "I know you're going to ask, but no, I don't know anything about her condition, but I suppose you could ask her yourself, if she agrees too..."

Daniel rolled his eyes at her last comment. He looked down to look at the last picture in the pile and his eyes widened at the sight of it.

"Ya, she's not that clean either..." Kate trailed her words a bit.

"Prison?" Daniel thought aloud, "Maybe she stole something, or even lashed out at someone..." he pondered.

"Heh, try murder." She scoffed, shock and worry quickly filled his face and he put down the mug shot along with all the other picture of his replacement.

Kate gathered up the photos, sliding them back into the file. "The judge agreed to let her go free of charges if she serves us for six months." she explained.

"I-I still don't see how you could still let her in here when she's a killer." Daniel said frantically as he started collecting his things, he wanted to be out of here before the girl arrived.

"Well it was pretty graphic...but she turned herself in, well-, sorta." Daniel sent her a questioning look. "She came willingly I guess..." Kate said with a shrug.

The man continued dashing around the room and shoving a few papers into his leather bag. Kate came over to him and slid the file into his bag. "Her file contains all of her records, and information we have dug up." she explained, "There's also some video in there from her trial and stuff."

Daniel gave her a nod before holding his leather bag to his chest and walking as fast as he could out the door. At the end of the hallway was the entrance to the parking lot. I'm going to make it..!

Just as he made a mad dash for the door, it swung open and he slammed into someone. They both came crashing down to the floor, Daniel landing overtop of them on he hands and knees. His eyes widened in shock as the man noticed he was staring at the woman's cleavage through her black rock band t-shirt. A slight blush lit his cheeks, but soon paled as he looked up at the girl's face.

"Good afternoon, Dr. Daniel Pierce, Crystal Evans." the red-head said kindly. "Now could you please get your face out of my boobs and we can both be on our merry way..."

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