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Crystal was glad that she came to the FBI building as early as she could, because soon after she made it into her room and looked out the window she noticed Cassandra had arrived.

"You took long enough..." the girl groaned at the psychologist as she walked into the room. The blonde set down her purse and then turned to face Crystal, giving her a strange look.

"You're still in your clothes from yesterday, Crystal?" Dammit, why hadn't she changed as soon as she got back!

"I guess it was my fault, since I forgot to tell you where I had put a fresh set of clothing for you." Saved by excuses.

"So, I guess you're feeling better since last nights dinner?" Crystal implied to the woman, "I suppose it helped when Lewiki took you home."

"Oh yes, he was a big help. Remind me to go thank him later today," Cassandra said, "By the way, how did you get back, because I know Dr. Pierce wouldn't drive you her-"

"I walked." Crystal's answer sounded a little more rushed than he had hoped, "and Daniel walked with me."

Cassandra realized that for the first time the girl referred to Dr. Pierce by his first name. "Well I guess I'll take you with me to see them later this evening."

With that Cassandra shut the door as she left and Crystal quickly ran over to lock it. She slid her back down the door and let out a sigh. See Daniel again, after what happened last night? Never. Too much for her to get worked up over and that would mean hell for everyone else within a fifteen foot radius of her.

Crystal slapped her palm to her forehead, "Face it, Crystal, you were going to have to see him again anyway. Why not have someone forcibly help you?" she said to herself, every word being true.

The girl stood up, quickly getting dressed in the new clothes and walking out of her room into the main FBI room. It was buzzing with activity as the agents went about their business. Crystal was soon hit with a realization that she was surrounded by people who worked specifically for the government. What have you gotten yourself into Crystal? she asked herself internally.

A smaller woman with long black hair approached her and the girl tensed, though the fact that she toward over the other woman was slightly comforting. She gave Crystal a warm smile.

"Welcome to your first day as an FBI agent," she greeted, "I'm Agent Kate Moretti and you'll be taking Daniel's place as my partner for the next few months." Nothing new there... Crystal internally rolled her eyes.

Kate walked over to her desk and pulled up a file, quickly getting up and motioning for the teen to sit down.

"...And this is the briefing for your first case."

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