Elle's training started as soon as she got there. There were introductions and a cup of coffee and then she was sent in to judge her first case. She had a supervising Judge named Elizabeth Donaley in there with her.

"All rise. Court is now in season. The honorable judge Elle Woods presiding and the honorable judge Elizabeth Donaley supervising."
Elle racked her brain trying to remember what to say or do next.

"Please be seated," she said.
Everyone sat down.

"Your honor this is the case of Barkerson vs. the state of Boston."
She had already been briefed on the case. It was a trial by judge."

"Alright," Elle said, "Mr. Glass you may call your first witness."

"I call to the stand Zoe Barkerson."
Zoe came up to the stand.

"Ms. Barkerson," the bailiff said, "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you?"

"I do," Zoe replied.

"Please take your seat," Elle instructed.
Zoe sat down.

"Now Ms. Barkerson what is your relationship with the victim?"

"He has been bullying my daughter ever since she got to school. After nearly a year of it I had enough and took matters into my own hands."

"I see. So why did you decide to let your daughter take the fall?"

"Well she was eight. I figured that she would be let out easy. One day in lockup was what the officers told me and then she would just have anger counseling. Her mother was sick-"

"Her mother?"

"Yes. Kate and I are a couple. Emma is Kate's daughter biologically but she's as much my daughter as Kate's."

"Where is Kate?"

"Kate went home to be with her Father in heaven-"

Elle banged her gavel.

"ORDER," she demanded, "Bailiff please have this woman removed from the courtroom until it is her time to speak."
The bailiff did as he was instructed to do.

"Do you understand why what you did was wrong," Mr. Glass asked.

"I did what I thought was right," Zoe said, "I wasn't thinking."

"No further questions your honor."

"Ms. Caseason you may proceed with your crossover questioning."

"Ms. Barkerson," Ms. Caseason began, "Your um... wife had been sick for how long before she passed away?"

"She had MS. She was sick for 6 months before she went home to heaven."

"Would you say it was a stressful time for you?"

"Of course it was a stressful time for me. My child was being bullied all the time. My wife was dying. Was it a stressful time for me? Wouldn't it be a stressful time for you?"

"Yes it would be. So you did what you thought was the only thing you could do right? After all you had bills to pay. You had a family to care for including a dying wife. You did what any person might have done in your shoes."

"OBJECTION! Leading!"

"Sustained?" Elle said.

"Are you asking them or telling them," judge Donaley questioned.

"Sustained," Elle said with more confidence.

"Ms. Caseason," her lawyer said, "You are very big when it comes to honesty are you not?"

"Yes. I believe it is important to tell the truth all the time."

"So maybe you also felt like spending a night in lock-up would get Emma to remember how important it is to tell the truth?"

"OBJECTION your honor."

"Sustained," Elle said.

"Withdrawn," the lawyer replied, "Mrs. Caseason, recently you found something out about your daughter. What was it you found out about her?"

"She has MS also. There's a treatment that will make her better but we cannot even afford it," Zo said tears rolling down her eyes, "It's going to be hard to get it for her but I will do anything I have to in order to get her better."
Elle thought about that for a minute. She had a good idea.

"Has the jury reached a verdict," Elle asked.

"Your honor we find the defendant guilty of the lesser charge."

"Ms. Caseason you will please rise," Elle said.
Zo stood up.

"I believe that you did what you did with the best intention at heart. As you have been only convicted of the lesser charge and keeping the interest of Emma in mind I sentence you to 6 months probation and 130 hours of community service. In addition I am going to give you several blank checks. Use it to pay for Emma's treatment and the last one to take a trip with Emma to Disney World."
When Emma was being questioned she said that she always heard Disney world was fun and she wanted to go sometime.

"Are you serious your honor!"

"Yes," Elle said, "It is so ordered."