I wish I was never alive, I kept saying in my head. I had already finished my training yet my father still says he needs to train me. My dad says I am special, but I feel that everyone else is better than me, and I have to prove that I won't give in to anyone. So yes, I have to earn, mainly Ash's at times, everyone's trust. Alice trusts me, and I thank her for that.

That night, before it was time for dinner, I saw my dad, thankfully he was alone, or so I thought. "Dad?" I called to him. "May I speak with you," I asked as I threw a glance at Ash, "alone?"

Ash seemed to finally get the message and left the room. It was now only Dominic and I. "Go ahead my son," he said gently.

"Dad, do you feel that I'm not able enough for this family?" I asked hesitantly.

His eyes widened. "You are special beyond anyone's comprehension, my son. You are the most special person in this family."

"I want to be like Ash or Alice, trusted, responsible, and respected. But at the same I don't," I replied and started to cry. "Dad?" he looked at me with infinite wisdom and respect, but that didn't answer my second question. "I keep having these dreams, and I feel like they are of the future. What do they mean? Who am I? What am I?" I asked him.

"I knew the day would come that I would have to tell you this. Spiritus, my son, you are destined for greatness and leadership," I stopped him short after two words and glared at him, thinking that this was a lie.

"I'm destined for greatness. How am I supposed to find greatness and leadership if I can't even earn trust or respect from anyone except you and Alice?"

"It is your destiny, my son. You were chosen millennia ago by Lord Sun and Ochidra, our holy dragon and protector. If I had the power and strength to give you what you wish, and then even you know I would try my all to do so. You are part of a prophecy that would save our race and planet Earth," he said angrily.

I noticed that now Jake had been eavesdropping and Ash, after hearing my father's yell, came to join in. I pretended I never noticed them.

"You were chosen by our god, Ochidra. He only asked me to raise the savior of our race," I stopped my father again.

"So he asked you? He asked you to raise the savior, and you think it's me, yeah right," I finished

"You have more power than anyone here, even me," my father said defiantly. This caught my attention and surprised me. "You just don't know how to use your full power yet. When you learn that, you will be at peace with everyone here. I'm sorry I never told you before. I thought you would like being a normal person like the others," he finished quietly.

"Did my mother know that?" I asked him by complete accident, my rage and anger growing uncontrollably.

I acted as if I just noticed the others here. "What's gotten into you today?" Ash asked in disappointment. I looked at him with anger and sadness burning in my eyes like cold ice. Alice caught my sadness and ignored my anger, but Jake did the opposite.

"I'm going outside," I finished coldly. As I walked outside, I flew upwards and landed gently on the roof. It was the only place I could be in peace. I lied down and looked at the stars, but nearly fell asleep. After a few minutes, a wave of sleep tided over me in a black wave.

In my dream I saw myself, and another girl. I walked out a little farther and knew that I could see them but they couldn't see me. The girl had hair almost like black silk. She had beautiful green eyes, like shining emeralds, and she even looked about my age as of now. I didn't understand until I heard a voice.

"To live alone is to die alone. To have one another is a battle that may have no end," a deep voice rasped. Then everything began to turn black and after the ground stopped spinning, a forest appeared. I began to feel suspicious that Jake was playing a trick on me by entering my dreams. But this was different. I thought my mind had been playing tricks on me next, because I saw a golden dragon. "Welcome young Spiritus," he rasped. His voice sounded full of wisdom, so I thought I should give my utmost respect, but him knowing my name; that brought back thoughts of Jake.

I slowly began to turn around and call through the dark and mysterious forest, "Jake! Where are you? This isn't funny!" I yelled angrily. I then looked back at the mysterious dragon as I saw a gleam of amusement in his golden eyes.

"Peace dear warrior. Your family is not here, and this is not an illusion. This is all real." I stood before him, and having this sudden feeling that this was one I should bow forth to.

"You'reā€¦Lord Ochidra," I gasped and quickly feel to one knee, "my sincerest apologies." This seemed to make his amusement burst forward and even though it felt like I was being mocked, I was standing before an almighty god for heaven's sake. It was an honor to meet him in person, or in the flesh, when so few have been permitted to even here.

He touched my head with one of his long whiskers and that same vision or dream appeared again. "The dream that I have sent you, is not a lie. It is telling you that you will find friendship, and even love," he rasped. "Go now. Your father must be waiting," he finished and vanished into thin air.

I woke up only to see Alice sitting beside me, probably waiting for me to wake up. I sat up and saw that it was almost dawn.

"How long have you been up here?" I asked.

"It's only since a couple hours ago. I walked in to your room to see if you were there, but I noticed your power rise for some odd reason, and next I fly up here to see you on the roof," she explained. "You must have been up here all night long. What made you come up here anyway?" she asked.

"Didn't you hear? I am even stronger than Dad," I said sadly. "And he never told me until just last night." She looked cautious for a minute, but then remembered how she just barely heard that. She scooted even closer toward me to try and comfort me from my somewhat terrifying secret.

"Then why are you upset? It's good to have two people that are extremely powerful now. Surely it must be a good thing," she said sympathetically. I stared at her in amazement. She always knew how to make me feel better. She began to float upward. "Come on. I made you breakfast since you didn't eat last night." I was about to fly down with her, but the way she spoke to me reminded me of my dream.

"Wait," I said quickly. I saw her turn around and have a puzzled look on her face. "I had this dream about a...girl. But then I heard a voice, an old voice, promising that I would find friends and other people who would understand who I am," I was cut short by a recognizable voice.

"Everyone in this family knows you can't get along with anyone. Everyone is either running away scared, or hating you."

"Enough!" Alice yelled furiously. I, not paying much attention to Alice, glared at Jake for his irrefutable comment.

I, however, remained silent. "I'm out of here," I said finally. I stopped in the air, frozen in fear and anger. "Alice. Get Dad and tell him Malice is coming and to gather everyone up and get as far from here as you all can. Tell him I said I would follow you all shortly," I said hesitantly. She could tell immediately that something, or someone, was coming, because my handsome sapphire blue eyes were replaced with eyes laced with red as blood. "Now I can get revenge for the family you have taken away from me," I whispered, half to myself. I slowly flew up, with my power rising even faster than ever. "Go, now!" I yelled as Malice came into view.

"Leaving so soon? I was hoping you would stay Dom. Leaving your son to do your-" he stopped as I grabbed him and hurled him to the ground as hard as I could.

"Go!" I screamed as everyone gathered and disappeared. Malice flipped me around and was now pinning me to the earth by my neck, with his knife drawn. He then slashed down and cut off my arm. I screamed in pain and agony as blood pooled out of my elbow down. Malice simply grinned and leaned down.

"It's a pity they left you for dead," he rasped with laughter. I was going to die by his blade, if I didn't die by blood loss first. I looked at my arms and legs to see that they were covered in an aura of golden energy. I concentrated all my power into a gold orb on my hand.

"My time will come, but not now," I gasped with blood dripping out of my mouth. I punched him and he was sent flying through the air. I soon warped away to follow my family.

"This battle is far from over, Spiritus Dragunoiv I promise you that," Malice said with pure rage.