Chapter 8: Three More Deaths and a Suspect.

Shawn and Gus walked back into the apartment, their conversation quickly forgotten when they found Henry, Julies and Lassiter sitting down in the lounge with Chief Vick, McNab and Detective Glover. Shawn gave his dad a quick glance and saw the worry on Henry's face.

"What's happened?" Shawn asked as he looked around at the worried faces before him.

"We had a few men watching the shed where the first two were holding your daughter. The one that had called up turned up and when we explained what we found there, he ran into the building. Two officers followed him in, and just after they entered the shed exploded. We're pretty sure there was a bomb set up and the bomber was watching us from somewhere nearby. Unfortunately we haven't yet found any evidence of where they were watching from," Detective Glover explained.

Lassiter walked over to Shawn who was just standing there staring at them. He placed a hand on Shawn's cheek and slowly turned Shawn's face towards him. "Are you ok Shawn?" Lassiter asked once he was sure that Shawn was looking at him.

"Yes," Shawn said shaking his head. Yes, I'm fine. Did we know the officers?"

"Yes, they were Smith and Trent," Chief Vick informed him.

"Oh, Officer Trent's wife just had a baby, didn't she?"

"Yes, Shawn, she did." This time it was Juliet who answered, and as Gus pulled her into a hug, Juliet let go of the tears she was holding back.

"Where was the shed?"

"Shawn you shouldn't..."

"Lassie, darling, I need to do this, so please. Where was the shed?"

"It was at the edge of town, by the old abandoned quarry, why?"

"Do you want to tell them, Lassie, or do you want me to?" Shawn said as he looked straight into Lassiter's eyes.

Lassiter let a sigh and closed his eyes. In a low voice he answered Shawn's question. "I'll tell them. If it's where we think it is, my ex-wife just lives up the road from there."

"About how far away from the site do you think?"

"If you stood on top of the shed, you can see straight into her back yard. So that is about one and a half, maybe two miles away."

"You know that this information will put your ex-wife at the top of the list of suspects, don't you, Detective?" Chief Vick stated.

"Yes, Chief, I do."

"She's your only suspect. I saw it in a vision, we will find the evidences that she took Shules, but we are not going to find Shules. We won't find her for a few years to come." Shawn then made Lassiter look at him. "Some, some people have Shules now and in the vision, Shules is safe. But the best thing is, Carlton, is that she is alive and one day, we will have her back, I promise."

"Shawn..." Lassiter looked deep into Shawn's eyes; he could see that Shawn truly believed in what he was saying. "Ok, Shawn, we do it your way. We do it your way." Lassiter then turned around and gave Detective Glover Victoria's number.

Detective Glover, Chief Vick and McNab said their goodbyes and then left. As McNab left his whispered something to Lassiter, who nodded his response. They all stood there looking at the door close behind those who were leaving. Just as the door clicked in place Henry broke the silence.

"Right, who wants breakfast and this time, Shawn, don't distract me, ok."

"Yes, Dad, I'm going to go for a shower anyway. But before I leave, Lassie, what did McNab say to you?"

"He said he would keep us posted." Lassiter said with a sad smile.

"Want to join me in the shower?" Shawn said seductively.

"Sure, why not, Shawn, you lead the way." The couple walked out of the room leaving the others in the lounge.

Henry and Gus walked into the kitchen while Juliet sat down at the kitchen table. Both men worked in silence while they prepared the food. Just as they were finishing off putting the food onto plates, Gus could no longer keep back his questions.

"Mr. Spencer; did you and Shawn have one of your dreams last night?"

Henry paused what he was doing and gave Gus a sideways glance. Sizing up that he was Shawn's best friend and that from what he knew, Shawn never kept anything from Gus; he guessed that Shawn also told him about the dreams. Returning back to the job at hand he answered Gus' question. "Yes, we did, Gus."

"And what Shawn said about Shules, was it right, that Lassiter's ex took her and that we won't see Shules for years?"

"Yes, Gus, it was all true and Shules will be a teenager before we find her. But we will find her, Gus, we will find her."

"Well I know it's not nice to say this, but I hope Victoria Lassiter rots in jail."

"I just hope she gives us an idea where to start looking. Shules said that Aunty Victoria knows where she is."

"Wow, Shawn gets his psychic abilities from you, Mr. Spencer?"

"The ones you see, Juliet, are from his mother. Mine only come in the form of a dream. Now, you are the mother of my grandchild, Juliet. So it is Henry from now on please."

"Yes Mr...I mean Henry," Juliet said with a little laugh.

"And the same to you too, Gus, it's well over due for you to be calling me Henry."

"Yes sir, I mean, Mr. Spencer, I, I," Gus said stumbling over his words. "Yes, Henry." Gus finally got out. Gus then turned a bright red as his wife and Henry busted into laughter.

Meanwhile in the shower, Lassiter slowly washed Shawn's back. He was worried by the way Shawn was acting and couldn't help wonder if Shawn had cracked under the pressure.

"Lassie, darling?"

"Yes, Shawn."

"What's wrong?"

"What do you mean?"

Shawn turned to look at his husband, he could see the worry deep in Lassiter's eyes and this in turn made Shawn worried.

"You don't need to worry. Where ever Shules is, she is safe and one day she will be home with us again."

"Shawn...," Lassiter sighed. "Do you really believe that?"

"Yes, Carlton, I do and so should you. I know you don't believe I'm a psychic and yes, most of what I do isn't real. But this vision I had last night, was real. Right now I need you to believe in our love and just hold onto us."

"I want to, Shawn, I really want to. But, what if, I'm not supposed to be happy. I've told you what happens when I think everything is going good for me. What makes you think this time it will be any different?"

"Because, Lassie, we have each other and we make our own happiness. Now, how about we go and get some of that food my dad is cooking."

"Ok, Shawn, I trust you and I'm starving. Let's get dressed and go eat."


"Yes, Shawn, what..." When Lassiter turned back around Shawn pulled him into a kiss. They stayed there until Gus' voice came through the door.

"Food's ready."

"We're coming, Gus."

"I hope not." And they listened as Gus walked away laughing.

Shawn just gave Lassiter a dirty smile and then jumped out of the way as he turned the hot water off. He then, grabbed his towel and bolted into the bedroom. Behind him, he could hear Lassiter cursing his name.

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