"Leftover Chinese food?," will responded, shoving a fork full of lo mien her way.

She cross her arms, still with a smile on her face. "Chinese food is going to fix this?"

"No, but we could eat, drink wine, and hit up a joint, thus ending this conversation."

Again, she didn't respond. She just looked into his blue eyes.

He sighed. "120 days."


"120 days. That is how many days you cheated on me," he said matter-of-factly. "120 days of you going back and forth between our beds. 120 for me to look back on and second guess every single moment we spent together, and wonder if you had just been with him, or would have rather been with him, or were faking your happiness with me. 120 days worth looking back on as to what I did wrong and what he was giving you that I wasn't or couldn't" he said, getting louder with each sentence.

Mac's eyes were wide, watering up. Quietly, "I wasn't with him every day for 120 days."

"Oh, well, then that makes everything better. I will just move on and only think of what happened for 119 days. Solving the world one day at a time." He rounded the kitchen and filled more wine.

Mac wiped a tear away from her cheek. "You did nothing wrong. I was terrified of being so close to someone. I was more scared of how well things were going with us than I ever was when I was overseas. Brian, he was just…."

Will jumped in. "Easy? Mindless? Better in bed?"

"Yes!" She exclaimed, happy he finally understood. "Wait, except the bed part."

"For a woman as smart as you are, that is the dumbest rationale I have ever heard for why you would cheat on me. I was too good to you that you needed someone to treat you like shit so you could feel safe?"

"In my defense, I never said I was smart when it came to relationships." She was doing that thing she does where she quietly defends herself when she knows it is right but that he won't agree.

"That is the understatement of the last 6 years."

"Fill me up. I have an idea," Mac said as she handed him her wine glass and started rummaging around her bag. Will did as she said and had a smirk on his face at her rushing around trying to set something up with her laptop. She looked at him with a big smile on her face as her laptop screen was on his TV.

"If this is a music video you made to pictures of us…"

She threw a pillow at him. "And if it was a secretly taped sex tape?" He smirked. "THAT should have been you opening line when you first saw me."

A worried look crossed her face. "We don't have one of those, do we? Because if TMI gets…"

"Relax, Mac. Unless you secretly made one, I sure didn't. No good newsman would document something he didn't want anyone to see", he assured in his elitist media journalist voice.

"Ok. Don't interrupt me until I finish," she ordered, holding his gaze. He gave a slight nod and she continued.

"I've hurt you. I know that. I now also know a little bit about what you have been thinking about the last four years. Whether you choose to believe me or not, me cheating on you has hurt me more. I am the one who ruined our lives. I am the one who tore your heart out, and ripped mine to shreds. You couldn't have done anything about it. I could have never done it, and I can't take it back, and I can't think of anything to do to make you look at me the way you used to or feel anything other than resentment towards me. So instead of me trying any grand romantic gestures or giving you a speech about how great we can still be, I am going to show you this. Maybe it can erase another day in your head." She watched him ease onto the couch before she hit play. She then tentatively sat next to him-not close enough to be touching, but close enough to be touched.

The screen filled with a chaotic picture of dirt, guns and men. The audio was a lot of shouting between men and a lower voice of Mackenzie asking the soldiers questions about what was going. They told her to stay low and out of the way. Of course, she didn't listen. She ordered her crew to stay low but follow her. A worried Jim briefly crossed the screen. The shot showed a group of what Will recognized immediately to be a religious protest.

"Turn it off," Will said in a level tone to Mackenzie.

She didn't move.

The video continued. "This is Mackenzie McHale reporting from the center of a Shiite protest. My sources say it is because…"

That is all she got out before a group of the protestors noticed the camera crew and headed towards them. The soldiers subdued as many as they could, but since the Shiite's were not using deadly force, they did not return fire. Mackenzie didn't stop her report and even tried to question one of the protestors in his native tongue. The soldier was too late in getting to her to cover her. She was stabbed in her side, right in the center of her rib cage.

"Turn. It. Off.," Will said, now angry at her.

"Mac, Mac, look at me," the solider ordered. She looked directly into his eyes. "Jim, where's Jim and the rest of my crew?"

"Jesus, Mac, you've been stabbed. They are fine. They are just behind us with the rest of the guys," the solider chastised.

"Listen to me Mac. You are losing a lot of blood. I don't think it hit any internal organs. Joe ran to the HumV to get his supplies. Hang in there, you are fine."

Mac looked into his eyes. "Is this the moment where I am supposed to give you that letter everyone writes to their loved ones, telling them how special they are etcetera?", she asked as she was about to pass out. "Because I don't have one of those," she said with a slight smile.

"No. You are going to be fine. You are just losing a lot of blood. Happens all the time. You are going to pass out soon, but will wake up and be just fine. Do you hear me?"

"Will. Back left pocket. McAvoy," were her last words before her eyes closed and her body went limp. The rest of the scene was as chaotic as the protest. The medic arrived and put a compress on her stomach and an IV in her arm. One of the solider carried her limp body away, and the screen went black.