Why couldn't things go right for me? Just for once in miserable life. I mean you would think, for a 16 year old girl, spring break would be a fantastic time. There's no school, you get to hang out with friends whenever you want, it should be paradise.

But here I am worrying about going back to Shikon High. Why? You may ask. Well during spring break Shikon High and Rumiko High merged into Takashi High. Nothing to worry about you say? Well Rumiko High was an all demon school. Yeah so now you see where I'm coming from.

So I have my reasons for being nervous.

1). I am a miko. In case you haven't heard mikos and demons don't really get along.

2). I have a hard enough of a time dealing with the human bullies. Demons = more trouble.

Oh I haven't told you why I get bullied. I'm getting a little ahead of myself.