Why couldn't things go right for her? Just for once in her miserable life she needed something to go right. But no, spring break was nearing it's end, although there was nothing fun about the break, save for the fact she didn't have to go to school. That was definitely a plus. But now, now things were going to be even worse than before.

Her school, Shikon High was merging over the break with Rumiko High, an all demons school. There was something on the news about it being a good step forward in inter-species relations, yada yada. But the real reason was simply due to lack of funding. Sure, all those demons could afford to keep the school running through their own monies, but they liked to use the excuse that it was all about progression. The less bitter part of her chimed in saying that progression was probably a factor.

Couldn't they take their progressiveness elsewhere? The acrimonious part of her griped.

She sighed and threw herself backwards on the bed, all the while thinking her life was surely about to end. Her mind wandered to all the human bullies that were already hard enough to deal with. She was sure that demon bullies were going to be worse, what with all their super senses. They could detect when they were hitting the right buttons, they could detect the smell of tears, the increase in your breathing or heart rate, it was like they were designed to be the ultimate bullies. But the worst part of it all, she thought, were her untrained miko powers. She could unknowingly burn a demon to a crisp, which she was positive wouldn't blow over very well with the whole human-demon relations thing.

Once again she sighed as she rose from her bed, and self-loathing, to glance into the mirror. She raked over the reason for her hesitance, more like down right objection, to return to school.

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