Kagome could hear the faint sounds of a car leaving; she knew then that she was all alone. Her tears fell uncontrollably. She didn't even bother to hide her loud sobbing, it's not like anyone could hear her anyway. As she brought her head up she noticed a small box sitting next to the door. Wiping her tear stained face, she scooted over to the box opening in it. Her face lit with mild happiness, considering her position, to find a drink and a bit of food. Her stomach growled, reminding her how hungry she really was. Without a second thought she dug into the food and chugged the canteen of water.


"Yes he's left. You can find her at the abandoned house he owns on the edge of town." The woman ended the call only to send another, "I found her she on the outskirts of town in an old empty house you better hurry." Her voice had urgency to it, fake insistence. When that call was ended as well, she sat and waited for the shit storm that was about to happen. It wasn't like she enjoyed what she was doing but it was necessary. With a sigh, she jumped up into a tree, masking her scent from the approaching audience.


"Hmm…I guess she wasn't so useless after all." Kagura purred, exceptionally happy with her plan. Naraku thought he could keep that filthy human hidden from her, but oh how mistaken he had been. Not that she cared what he did with the girl; she just wanted a couple of moments with the human, show her that no one gets in Kagura's way.

A wicked grin spread across her face, "Yes, I will make that despicable girl pay."


Sesshomaru had gotten the call he had been waiting for, the one telling him where his mate was.

He had been furious when she had disappeared from a church full of demons, without a trace. The anger he felt soon gave way to worry as he got scent of the tea she had been drinking. The tea was drugged, meaning she hadn't willing left him. That had soothed his beast to a point.

His father had formed a search party for his favorite daughter in law with red rimmed eyes. It seemed Kagome had captured his father's heart and loyalty as well as his brothers. He couldn't help but take a moment to be proud of his missing mate, she was so…her. Pulling everyone into her life with her loving light that darker souls basked in, it was what initially drew him in.

Sesshomaru dug his keys from his pocket and hurried to the car parked outside his home, all the while pulling his phone from the other pocket, dialing his father to let him know the news.

"Father, she's outside of town in an old house. I'm on my way to go get her."

"Alright son, bring her back safe." His father replied, sounding relived and tired.

"Why don't you go home and get some rest father."

Toga scoffed, "It not like I've been searching for days on end, it's only been eight hours. I'm not that old you know."

"Hn. Fine." With that Sesshomaru hung up.

It took him a half hour to pull up to the house; he noticed there was a red convertible already occupying the driveway.

That's odd; it looks like something Kagura would…

His eyes bled completely red, using his demon speed he race into the house to find Kagome tied up and Kagura slicing his mates soft flesh.

All reason was lost as he shot forward, claiming Kagura's heart from her chest. Kagome screamed in surprise.

Kagura's body turned, looking the man she claimed to love directly in his beast ridden eyes. She fell to the floor with a solid thud, her dead red eyes resting on the heart lying next to her.

Sesshomaru, after deeming Kagura no longer a threat, turned to face his mate. Tears streamed down her face, mixing with blood from the open wounds Kagura had inflicted.

His eyes resumed their golden color, checking over Kagome for any life threatening injuries.

With gentleness, Sesshomaru removed the bindings from Kagome's hands, catching her before she fell to the dirty floor.

"It's ok Kagome. I'll get you home." He promised. She nodded, burying her face into his chest. Sesshomaru lifted her up, one arm hooked under her knees, the other wrapped around her back and under her arm. Taking a minute, he pulled her closer to his body, savoring in her smell, giving a reminder to his beast that she was in fact real.

Walking out of the house, he made his way to his car, opening the passenger side door and slid her into the seat. She whimpered slightly at the loss of contact. A low rumble sounded in his chest, soothing her fear.

Again no one noticed the woman perched in the tree only feet away from them. She watched as the dog demon got into the car and drove off. For the third time that day she pulled out her phone, dialing a number for a man she despised.

"So Akira has it all been taken care of?" he purred evilly into the phone. She grimaced at his happy tone, "Yes, Sesshomaru did exactly what you thought he would."

"Good, did Kagome get her care package?" he asked.

Akira sprinted into the room, dodging the lifeless body, which Kagome had been held in, noticing the empty box on the couch.

"Yes, it's all gone." She affirmed.

He laughed, "Wonderful, so she won't remember a thing before Kagura got there."

"Why did you want him to find Kagura?" she had been undeniably curious.

"She was an annoyance that needed taken care of. So how did it feel to betray that girl?" She could hear the smirk in his voice, it annoyed her.

Akira didn't want to speak any longer with the vile creature, "We had a deal." She hissed, trying to get him to focus.

"Yes, yes, your precious tree is now safely back in your forest. Your cooperation has been greatly appreciated." He replied silkily.

"Yeah well please don't need me again, I won't be so 'cooperative' next time." She bit back.

"Yes well I cannot make any promises. Good bye Akira."

"Good riddance Naraku." She hung up.

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