She couldn't believe it had happened again. She had to left the team in the middle of the battle. It was starting to be dangerous.

In every mission they had been lately, she had lost control, but nothing like this time. Before today few things were exploding around her, but that was what she did anyways, so no one noticed it. This time was different, it was Plasmus who exploded. She didn't killed him, but she could.

What scared her the most was that she didn't knew why she was losing control this way. She could tell when she was mad or sad, even a little bit too happy, but now she couldn't realize what was wrong with her.

Raven started to meditate, this way she could remember more clearly the mission, and maybe, see what caused her to act that way.


Robin told them there was some trouble. Something about an idiot waking Plasmus up.

She was frustrated, before that she was reading an extremely interesting book, but that was definitely no reason to lose control.

When they arrived, Plasmus was destroying everything around, people were freaking out. She couldn't understand why wouldn't they just leave calmly, that way everything would be much easier, she made a barrier to protect some civilians who were running in the wrong way.

The fight was going on as usual, Starfire was throwing Plasmus some of her starbolts. Cyborg was using his entire arsenal against the monster. Robin was placing traps all over the place and commanding the rest of the team. And Beastboy was, well, basically turning into big animals to attack Plasmus.

She started to move some cars, trying to help Robin to stop the creature, but it was strong, they needed to control him fast or it would turn pretty messy.

That was what she hated the most about fighting Plasmus, she knew he was unaware of what he was doing, but things would always be dirty.

Raven was thinking about that when Beastboy yelled "Guys I have an idea"

He turned into a small bird and flew straight to Plasmus.

What the hell is he doing? She thought losing concentration from her moving cars job. The rest of the team was seemed to be thinking the same. They were all staring at the monster.

Finally a green bird flew out, all covered in that nasty stuff. He turned into a human again and starting running towards her, really fast!

"Raven, open that trailer's door and close it when it's time"

Without really understanding the second part of the instruction, Raven opened the door as BeastBoy turned again into a bird and fly inside.

Plasmus was following him all the time, and got inside too.

Was it the right time? She thought, but then Beastboy would be trapped inside.

She was still thinking what to do when a bird flew out. She immediately closed the door.

Has it work? Raven had to admit she was impressed, Beastboy's plan was really good. Plans were usually Robin's thing, sometimes Cygorg's, but Beastboy almost never came with an idea this fast, at least not a good idea.

All the titans were looking cautiously the trailer, approaching slowly to it, not knowing how to react now.

"Is the Plasmus defeated?" Starfire Asked. "I'm not sure" Answered Robin in a low voice. That's when the trailer's door flew away and Plasmus came out furious.

"Duuuuuude, my plan was awesome! Couldn't you stick to it?" complained Beastboy.

Raven sighted, it was too good to be true.

Plasmus attacked the green kid fast, without giving him time of transforming into anything. Starfire yelled at him.

And that was when it happened. Plasmus was covered with black energy and exploded. Raven was shocked. She wasn't even planning to attack Plasmus at the moment, everyone was way too close. Then how had it happened?

A sleepy teenager was lying on the floor.

"Well done Raven! You could have done that before, you know? That would have save us a lot of time" Said Beasboy in a humorous tone.

"I agree with the kid, this was impressive Raven" told Cyborg, a little bit surprised

"I have to go to the tower, see you there" She said wanting to leave as soon as possible

Everyone was looking confused at here, everyone except Robin. He had a suspicious smile in his face. He looked at her like telling her with his eyes that he knew something.

"Alright, we'll take him to prison. See ya" That was all he said.


"There was nothing" She said out loud, frustrated. She was not in danger, not even her friends, at least no more danger than usual. But there had to be something.

She had to interrupt her thoughts, the others had arrived. Soon they would be knocking her door trying to know what had happened before

As she expected someone was knocking her door some minutes after. Starfire was knocking her door, to be more accurate.

"Dear friend I would like to know if everything is ok" asked she with her joyful, but still worried, voice.

"I'm fine Star, it's just that… something came up. Please tell the others that there is nothing wrong" Answered the violet-haired girl.

She hoped that would be enough for others to leave her alone for a while, but she knew that was probably not going to happen.

First fanFic... I hope I don't suck (: and... i think it is a bit long, sorry about that!