She couldn't believe it! All this time being careful of not saying too much and THIS happens.

Raven felt so embarrassed and at the same time… so happy. Then she saw him.

All the pale girl could sense was confusion, but his eyes reflected… regret.

"Terra" was all she thought. She understood it, but it hurt her more than she could bear.

"I… I am sorry" The violet-haired girl apologized. "I guess I can't even control myself now. Please, please forget this"

"Raven" The green kid tried to interrupt, but she didn't notice.

"I won't let anything like this happen. We shouldn't let it get in our friendship" The girl continued saying, faster every time

"Raven could you…" The Doom patrol member tried again, but the girl just continued speaking. It was if they had changed places or something

"I know I made a huge mistake Beastboy, I know you still… care about Terra and this is so wrong" The Azarath's girl explained

"RAVEN, STOP IT!" The kid said and shook her arms. This time, he caught her attention.

Beastboy was about to start his speech, but Raven's eyes distracted him. They were staring at him, and seemed so… scared.

Then he understood; she once had her heart broke and damn he knew it was so not nice.

"Just tell me one thing. Did you… did you wanted to do it? Or was it just… mixed emotions?" The green boy inquired. There was no track of anger in his voice; on the contrary, it was softer than usual.

"I… I don't know. I… I guess a little bit of both" She admitted looking away

"So, when you said it was… me what made you lose control. Was this what you meant?" the youngest titan asked

The pale titan didn't know what to say, putting her feelings out in words was definitely not her thing, but he deserved an answer, and she couldn't let him think she was just playing.

"I think so. Lately I've been a mess. I don't know what's really going on. Perhaps it's true, perhaps it is just a strong feeling I can't handle. I mean, when I connected with you and I could feel your pain, it hurt more than anything, but the idea of you feeling this was what hurt the most" Raven replied

This surprised the kid. Others told him Raven found him, but he never felt her contact.

"I never knew you contacted me" He said

"It was just for a second, I… I don't know how it happened. I wasn't even trying to contact anymore, but I do was thinking about you. It was more like if you contacted me" The girl answered

"Well, I might be wrong, but as far as I can tell, I morph into animals, I don't contact people. That's your thing" The green kid joked

"I know. I told you, I'm a hell of a mess lately. Things just don't make sense" Raven said biting her lip.

"You know… I kinda like it.. you… you being a mess" Beastboy told her shyly

The dark girl didn't answer. This made her feel so… warm, almost too much. She just stared at the emerald eyes of his friend. She smiled.

"I think you are right. It's time for me to go out" the pale titan commented and started walking slowly.

"It took you way too long" the green boy said and held her hand. He hesitated at first, but hold it tightly right after it. Energy flew inside of him. He understood Raven, his mind was pretty messy right now, and still, he had never felt this good in a while.

Raven looked at their hands for a moment. "Did it mean that..?" She thought . An unfamiliar joy invaded her. It couldn't be

"…but Terra…" she started to said, atill looking at their hands together.

"Hey, Terra was very important to me, she'll always be. But she's made some choices and I… I must make some choices too. Besides, you are important to me too" Beastboy interrupted her

They both smile and said nothing.

Raven wondered how she could be so confused and still so sure about something at the same time.

They both started walking out, still holding hands. As the door opened the light hurt Raven's eyes.

As soon as they stepped outside, Starfire flew at them. She almost made them fall. They immediately dropped each other's hand.

"Oh Raven, I feel the most utter joy because of seeing you again! The alien exclaimed while she hugged an extremely uncomfortable Raven.

"Uhm, yeah, I'm glad of seeing you too Starfire" The pale titan commented

"I must thank you Beastboy for the talking with Raven, I am so glad you disobeyed Robin" The tamaran girl expressed.

"Rae! Wow you are paler than usual! We need to take you to the sun real fast!" The friendly voice of the half-robot titan said.

There was no anger, no fear. She'd been a fool this whole time.

"Thanks Cyborg, that's really encouraging" replied sarcastically

"I'm glad we get to see you again. I missed you, especially when someone needed to hit Beastboy" He answered and gave her a friendly hug.

She hugged him back softly. Boy, she missed them so much!

"This recalls for a celebration with the sharing of pizza and desserts such as the cream of ice!" the alien girl told excited

"So, Beastboy managed to get you out, didn't he?" The Titan's leader showed and said. He had an unusual smile in his face. His expression was somehow… victorious. Then Raven realized, she had seen that expression before. And somehow, it all suddenly made sense.

"You know! You knew since the beginning!" The pale girl claimed

"What?" Robin inquired

"You knew… why I couldn't control my powers, didn't you?! You knew why even before I did" She exclaimed. Beastboy just looked at her a little confused.

The masked boy just smiled. "Let's just say I've been through… similar stuff" He explained and glanced at the redhead who was floating next to him

"Why do I feel like I am missing a private joke?" Cyborg demanded

"It's really nothing" Raven muttered

"I think I heard something about pizza!" Beastboy commented.

"Yes, please!" Starfire said

And without further discussion, the five titans went out, feeling no worries for the first time in a while.

She couldn't say she woke up, because really, she had been having trouble sleeping.

Then she sensed it. It was this feeling of sadness she knew so well.

But now, she wouldn't wait in her room until it passed, it's been a while since that.

Instead she would just transport into the room of the kid that had become the most important person in the world for her. Not even knocking was necessary at this point

"I was wondering if you would come tonight" Beastboy said when she appeared. He was sitting in his bed, looking through his window.

"You should know by now, I always do" Raven replied and sat next to him

"Aren't I the luckiest person in the world?" The kid said as he held her hand. "You know, you don't have to do this. I am a big boy, can handle sadness one in a while"

"I know you are, but I like coming here" The pale titan replied.

"Then, you can come any time" the youngest titan commented

"I know that too" Raven answered. She offered the kid a shy smile and looked at him; their eyes met for a second, words were not needed to express their feelings.

They slowly got closer and closed they eyes.

They kissed tenderly, but this time, there was no fear, even when a few things flew across the room…

I guess that's all folks!

I really hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did

thanks for everything

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