Okay so as weird as this sounds, I thought this up randomly about 10 minutes ago, since my birthday is in less than two months, and it happens to fall in the month of my favorite holiday I decided to make this. I am accepting OC's, however they will not be first come first serve, I will choose about 10 that fit the descriptions I have in mind. Anyways! Here we go!

Marianne approached the door cautiously, she had been wandering the woods for days and this was the first possible sign of life she had found. She gazed upon the old door, white paint chipping in various places to show the rotting wood underneath. Her crimson eyes sparkled with fear and curiosity.

Carefully, oh so carefully, she grabbed the rusted door knob and turned it, the squeak it made was loud enough to wake the dead. Her heart thumped furiously in her ears, she held her heavy breath and pushed the rickety door open.

She could see nothing but darkness, as her eyes adjusted she made out along hallway to one side and a set of stairs on the other. She stepped inside, not even daring to breath, her tennis shoes screeched against the dusty hardwood floor, making her flinch.

Once she was inside the door slammed behind her, the sound of the lock falling into place made her fear grow anew. Marianne sniffled slightly, willing herself to not cry, slowly, she felt her way down the hallway, looking for any type of light.

A scream rang through the house; Marianne backed against a wall and slid to the floor, drawing her knees close to her chest. It took everything she had not to hyperventilate as the screams turned to a malicious laugh; the sound reverberated off the walls.

Everywhere…the laughs were coming from all around her, she was surrounded, and she was powerless to stop it. Tears streamed from her eyes as she heard footsteps approaching her, the person somehow spotted her and knelt in front of her.

"P-please…don't hurt me…"

The person laughed, then grabbed her hand and hauled her up. "Hurt you? I don't know why you think I would do that…you however seem to be lost…I'm Ike, and you are?"

She took a deep breath, wiping the tears from her cheeks, "Marianne…"

Ike laughed, "Well Marianne…welcome to the remains of the Smash Mansion, you're trapped here along with the rest of us, make yourself at home, once you're here there is no escaping."

Yup and that's all so far! So I really do want at least 10 OC's I will make exceptions if I want to, also in this version, there will be no weapons! One OC per person please, unless I give you permission otherwise, anyways, here's the form.




Night-time wear:

Every day clothes: (No armor please!)

Crush: (If you want to wait later until all the OC's are submitted you may)

Room-mate: (Doesn't have to be a smasher, I have final say :P)

Preferred Partner: (like for splitting up or something, doesn't have to be a smasher)


Anything else I should know: